Driving a Dodge Demon For the First Time
Driving a Dodge Demon For the First Time RegularCars

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Joselo Aero : Next review: Kia stinger as he just told

Vonwafenburg : ‘drives highest hp production car’ ‘half floors it once’ “Put it in eco mode”

The Domitable Traveler : World's fastest bathtub

Alexis : That looks like a properly exciting means of turning liquid dinosaurs into torque, noise, and endorphins.

Sudarson Nantha : That is one maniacal laugh you've got there, mate.

Alex M : I've watched all your videos. It appears that you sound more like Beavis and Butthead with increased horsepower. HP increase, IQ decrease great video as always.

Acc0rd79 : Come down to Central FL, you can take the GTR out:) I emailed ya!

Judson Graham : "which way leads to the pet cemetary?"

Samuel Holman : Got a calc test tomorrow. Feel like trash and can't sleep. RCR it is

Matthew Bailey : Kia Stinger?? I bet it’s gonna be a good one

Shiny_Gliscor : Aww Mr. R. giggling gives life. 😊

mister fiero : That engine sounds amazing with all that whine

Jeb : Both sleeves up. Or both sleeves down. Having one up and down like you do you belong in a PT Cruiser.

Bob Saget : in true american car form, peep all the M A L E P A T T E R N BA L D E A G L E S

Monster Man2016 : “The highest horsepower anything.” Yep...Car speaks for itself. 😎👍🏼💯

Larry Harris : It has an ECO mode... suck it, Prius drivers!!!

Matthew Bailey : Dodge Challenger Srt Demon, “CAUSE ‘MERICA!!”


markkanetaker : ive never been early to a vid b4 pretty exciting

derp derp : Yes the car im gonna buy .. on a loan hahahaha

Dr_Mafoony : I always wonder why I continue stay up so late on nights when I shouldn't, but then I see that thumbnail from your channel...

zo1dberg : Perfect car for cruisin' around Charlottesville.

Forrest Ward : The Marlboro reds must come with the purchase of one these.

Hercules Rockefeller : Corvette still makes a manual and its only about 50hp less.. just sayn

iliovecaRS : pooooooooornnn

kjchicago1 : I'll bet this Dodge Demon SRT can go from 0-60

derp derp : The stinger is cuminng


Magic Nomadic : because the perfect addition to any pack of cowboy killing reds is HP

ANCIENT_VADRR : 01 Durango has the same stereo buttons

амиџа а : I have a test today, 2 tests in fact, but instead of studying, im watching a guy driving an FCA product

Destroyed007 : The car for dealing with highway on-ramp signal cheaters, IMO

chbrules : ZR1 Corvette = 755HP

O'Neal Hart : This is amazing. I haven’t watched it but I’m very sure.

Midnight Mechanic : Torque converters and valve bodies can take the brunt of torque more than a manual clutch can, since the hydraulic transmission fluid absorbs all the shock. With a trans brake, neutral dumping is actually encouraged, since the clutches are separated until the button is released, then the 1st gear clutch pack engages. Much smoother engagement of torque, instead of the instant shock that a performance clutch is gonna send through the drivetrain, causing massive uncontrollable wheelspin, and a potential to break something expensive. If you don't break anything, you will at least be replacing clutches frequently, while a torque converter would only need replaced if it blows out, which since it's rated for stuff like this, rarely happens.

upgradedBACON : These things are nuts. Truly a mad car, that you can buy! Well done Dodge. Making the best Muscle cars available today.

brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap : Did he just say FOOT E-BRAKE? UUGGHHH WHY IS THIS REAL LIFE??!!

SuperTinyTomato : Come to Norway and drive my Volvo 240!

ethan winchester : I have a 1984 dodge shelby rampage

Svenski8924 : Hey @RCR, TheStraightPipes just gave you guys a shoutout in the 2018 Fit review!

Lachlan Cook : I thought you were talking about the Stinger when you said "That one over there does something."

Triceracops : Tight.

KeepOnJeepinOn : The air conditioning got warm for a second because the Demon diverts the AC under boost to help cool the charge air

mgabrysSF : You gotta try the 2019 Corvette ZR1 next - at 200 mph plus.

N.A.H Connection : you have to make review on camaro ZL1 🙏🙏

Phillip Hand : Rt.61-The Coalcracker Expressway

AD1 : A street car named DEMON

thejompi : So its bad at cornering? Since Mr. regular is having troubles with the back roads and prefers to just drive it on the highways.

gibson : 2:01 LMAO THAT LAUGH