Hammer with Collated Nail Dispenser - Michael Young patent pending

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theShOcKeR1989 : Tactical hammer, not California compliant...


azmtkdzv : Man you should've tried kickstarter

michaelyoung4190 : Thanks all for checking out my video! Didn’t actually intend for this to be viewed by more than a few people, I sent it as an unlisted link to a potential buyer. (So basically, excuse how long and boring it is) -- I spent 6 years trying to get this to work! When I finally got it to what I felt was a manufacturable and durable form, I got a provisional patent (paid a lawyer $1200 to walk me through writing it myself) and then I sent it to all the major tool companies in the US. There was major interest from two of the big ones, I got a big offer to purchase the IP from one, but then the person I was working with left the company right before signing, their department was purchased and downsized, and after a year of slow discussion they retracted their offer. A provisional patent gives you 1 year to show an idea essentially before you need to pay for a whole patent, around 13k (not including international). At the end of the year I decided I didn't want to invest the 13k or 6k (estimate) to make a metal prototype and really try for it all over again. I’m a race car and product designer by trade, so I am in the practice of creating new things and letting many of them go : ) Maybe this will come back given its recent popularity, but the video has only existed in my portfolio up until now. Here’s to more ideas and future inventions for us all! My portfolio: www.coroflot.com/michaelyoung

JamesJamesly : I've been a carpenter my whole life and I love this idea. The only problem I have with it is that the nails that come in a collated pack are much softer and bend way easier than a "hand banger". Driving a single pneumatic nail into a harder-than-average piece of wood will simply not work in most conditions. I think if there is a way to address this issue then I see this hammer becoming standard on framing crews. However I think the nature of pneumatic nail guns demands that the nails be supple to resist jamming. I'm certainly no engineer and would appreciate other opinions on the subject. I am happy to finally see some innovation in the construction field! Excellent work!

Pheonix2022 : Seems like mostly positive comments but I have to ask the people who don't see a use for this: Why would I, as someone who works in construction, buy a hammer that couldn't do this once it's released? As long as it proves to be durable and easy to operate its just a hammer with an added useful feature. Obviously it isn't a nail gun...but neither is your current hammer...so those comments are pointless. Hope to see more as R&D continues.

GrandMental : This would be great for people who don't own a nail gun and compressor. Or don't feel comfortable using one. Very cool, I would by this for every friend I have!

Xean Thomas : China is going to steal this idea and sell it 10 dollars cheaper.

master caution : Cool video dude. I think that hammer is super cool. People love to criticize. I'm sure if you're smart enough to create this, you don't need to be told that that your invention isn't going to replace hammers, nail guns, and sliced bread. Keep creating and if this helps one person out then that's great. If it helps a 1000 people out, then maybe you can keep creating even better stuff. If it helps 1,000,000 people out then you can say I told you so, but that's not really as important. Edit: Also it could be even more useful in other fields. I've done some shoe making for example. At different points you have to hammer tacks through leather into a wooden or plastic foot form. While doing this you have to hold the leather tight with pliers. This means you wish you had a third hand to hold the tack. Obviously most shoes are made by machines and these days just glued together, but the point is people lack imagination. Just because they built a bird house once without this doesn't mean nobody on Earth should have the opportunity to give this a try. Lots of inventions are discovered when somebody was trying to make something else entirely!

Nathan Austen : My new goal in life is to figure out how to build a time machine, to go back in time, and invent this... that is how good it is.

Ice Smile : Молоток прям парниша =)

kyoko703 : I can't believe I just sat through the whole video. :-D I am not in the construction business but still found your video fascinating.

Rich Jones : This guy is a treasure.

Jesse McLaughlin : Been a framer 13 years and I like this. The fact that it can remain loaded and used as a regular hammer is important. Will it take the 2 3/8” nails also? If so that’s ideal.

Michael Crumpton : That looks like a really well thought out design. I feel your pain. I spent 7 years developing a corrugated plastic folding kayak and tried shopping it around to traditional skin and frame folding kayak companies like Folbot. None of them could see the value, and were afraid it would cheapen their brand. In preparation for manufacturing the boat myself I got a provisional patent and finally spent $10k getting a patent attorney to apply for a full patent, only to find that the guys behind the Oru kayak submitted and received their patent 2 months earlier. I could've redesigned the kayak to circumvent the patent conflict, but I was too demoralized. BTW Folbot is out of business.

Fell Man : This is so cool and I can think of two things that make this better than a nail gun: 1. It doesn't require any power therefore the only thing you need to use this tool, is you. 2. It's safer than a nail gun. You don't have to worry about shooting nails into yourself with this thing. I think this hammer should be a weapon in a zombie game. I mean imagine hitting a zombie or hostile survivor with this thing and seeing a nail get driven into them each time! That would be sweet! It's basically a melee weapon with ammo! That's really cool! So anyways yeah it's a good hammer since it's nice not having to align those nails yourself and risk striking your hand even if you have protective gloves. I'd buy one if I could!

Garrett Ottaway : Like the set and seat concept

kezzaman : Damn Tom Cruise gets younger by the day

bmorefan5220 : Where does this stand? I think I know someone that could help make a titanium prototype for less than 6k. Certainly needs some durability testing to ensure all of the pieces can withstand constant hammering. If the product does what it seems to, this would be an easy product to launch.

Isaac Oliver : I have made my living as a carpenter for over the last 20 years. I would buy this as long as the price came in under what a nail gun cost. I realize this dose not replace the nail gun, but is a great option for when your on a roof or in tight places.

Silvio Massaro : great work great idea well done

Michael Dzwilewski : I'd recommend a Patton you have a really great idea here. I've done concreat my whol life and we still use wood foarms which need to be nailed togeather. I'd recommend makeing it useable with single nails stacked on top of each other. But it's ur invention and it's a pretty good one at that.

Darryl Doxtator : This hammer would be great for tacking in sheeting on a 12/12 roof then going back and nailing it off especially on a windy day when it's hard to handle a sheet of plywood in one hand and a nailer in the other or when you have to reach as you can only reach so far with a heavy nail gun all in all I'd buy one just to have on certain occasions. The only thing that would be an issue is nail strip are weaker and have to be hit perfect or they bend very easy so for someone inexperienced it could be a problem but for a pro not an issue. Great product.... I hope the head and button on the side are going to be titanium or they might not hold up.

CafeClavosyPalos : Awesome idea!!! I like ONE!!! and if you make one blue, one red, maybe I will need more than one!!! this could be fashionable!!!! Coleccionable!!! it could be a very good gift! :)

Tony Bernal : Very cool invention, you are a mad man! I own a construction company in North Alabama and would love to buy only one type of nails, not only easier but also they are cheaper. I believe that usally to sell something... specially a tool, you should find some one who has used it and abused it professionally. By having a pro show your product you get more credibility, I could tell on your video that you haven't swang a hammer on a beautiful 100° day(it's awful) your hammer would make that day go faster and easier. Btw, a nail coil hammer is very needed also, the only product out there requires special (made by them) expensive nails. Hope to see your hammer(s) at our local Home Depot one day.

Scott M : Think of all the thumbs this will save!

Twister051 : Michael - Your hammer is waaaaay cool. I sincerely admire your drive and grit to get your idea down the road as far as you did. Anyone can have an idea pop into their mind but only 1 out of a thousand actually do something with that idea, so KUDOS to you! I am sorry to hear that the company with the offer backed out at the last minute. It sounds to me like they purposely strung you along and then backed out right before the 1-yr provisional patent deadline expired so they could swoop in as soon as the 1-yr limit expired and steal your idea. Keep working at it would be my advice. As a fellow Christian I will say if the Lord really did inspire you to see it through this far then why not trust him? Keep going! At the very least, the not-so-handy-handy-man is the guy you need to sell to. I'd buy one just because it's so friggin' cool! Good luck!

Troy Brumley : Genius. Great job.

mike losinger : It's friggen fantastic! I am a Pilebuck, and this would be so very helpful to people in my trade. We are often in very high spots tied off with safety harnesses and on a very small ledge or whatever. This would be so very useful, I and so many others would pay up to $200 for it...it would have to be a 28oz hammer though, anything less is for pansies. 😉

essinem4130 : It's pretty obvious a LOT of thought and labor went into the design of this thing. Sorry to hear the deal you were working fell apart. Tool companies, especially as of late, seem to be pretty cut-throat and quick to re-brand or completely dissolve established tools as more and more companies merge into the 3-4 conglomerates. This hammer is really cool. As others have said, there is no way it would survive in the hands of a production framer who hand nails a lot, and as just a general purpose hammer I would be constantly worrying about damaging it by using it improperly as I do with my framing hammers. Was just busting up some concrete today to remove a rotten fence post and it was caked in sticky red clay and chunks of concrete. It's an all steel Estwing and man is it beat up. All that said, if this were a real thing with a titanium head and nice wood or carbon fiber (if you're going to go all out, might as well go over the top as well) I would probably buy one just to have a really awesome piece of engineering and conversation piece. It looks like it takes 28 or 30 Deg. clipped head or offset full round nails? I find the more generic brands (Grip-Rite mainly as that's what is available around here) have a tendency to bend quite easily even if you are striking the head square on, could be the offset head causing it, I can't say for certain. I have much better luck hammering in Paslode branded nails for whatever reason so if this thing would accept those it would certainly be a plus.

NTH THN : Very cool engineering actually! :O

Matt Easom II : This looks really good. Very well done! My JCB framing hammer had a magnetic top to hold single nails in place to allow one handed setting of the nail but I find myself rarely using this feature. Setting the nail with a second hand is so much more accurate than using the magnet but i guess it's just practice. Maybe throw a laser sight on it 😅

Jim McHooten : I guess I don't see the point of this... I use a framing gun and if that didn't get the head set, I use a framing hammer to get it set. Don't really need an over priced hammer to hand drive collated nails that will drive through my framing gun 100+ times faster. Cool idea, but almost 70 years too late.

Robert Regalado : Would have loved a hammer like this back when I worked scaffolding. Anything that speeds up building the deck and getting to the next site. Even though I've gotten away from that, I'd still buy a hammer like this.

Choo Choo Rooter Bean : I got to agree it is a nice hammer and a hell of an ideal But saying that I will be more than happy to challenge you to a small race I guarantee I can drive 16 cc nails faster than you and that hammer Kinda like a good ole John Henry bet Let’s do this

Ty Max : I would buy one in a heartbeat, it looks great for framing roof trusses or doing bracing, those places where time is of the essence and you cant grab a gun. 10/10 would purchase

[Maij] [Kaij] : Love the idea, beautiful engineering, would really like to own one of these and try it out. However, I will break this thing. Any framer or even any handyman, any person who uses a hammer and nails for a living will destroy this hammer. Please prove me wrong. I would love to see a crew of framers equipped with your hammer destroy another crew with manual hammers custom building walls, please. Honestly, I really do enjoy seeing these designs come out, but seriously, I WILL BREAK THIS TOY

MBN NetworkTV : You have to produce this hammer. I'm a framer myself and I would love to have a hammer like that!!

Mac Strange : Awesome idea and design!

Alexander Paulsen : I would definitely get final product in the hand of a carpenter on the job site and get some feedback. There are alot of small parts inside something that will be used and abused. And I think you mentioned it, but carpenters are not going to want to compromise anything.

MineStrongth : Ok, so pros prolly won't really need or want this, but there are plenty of DIYers who would certainly buy one. I'm curious to see how it would hold up under actual stresses. Would the nail strips stay together and in proper place? And someone else mentioned the lower stiffness of such nails possibly being an issue. Great idea, hope it works out for ya.

matt campbell : Make themmm mann i neeeed this lmao. Stiletos are nice but limitedd to on nail at a timee If this could have the durability of a stileto( titanium), with this added function. That would sell faster than hot cakes my crew would take 5 in a heartbeat!

Jason Wydra : dont need it, but i"ll buy one! :D

Skookum Bitingfish : I wish the best for you! If I could, I would invest in this. I'm a construction worker though. Lol

jimi taylor : I love what you're doing man keep going you have a bright future ahead of you whenever I was younger me and my buddy had an idea similar to this and even made some prototypes keep going man

Rhys Viking : Hi Michael, I learnt to use a hammer at the age of 5 years old. By the time I was 10 years old I was using a 28 oz estwing framing hammer to knock in 4 and 6 inch nails. So you could say that I know what it means to hit nails into wood. Today many people are obsessed with plasload nail guns, I'm sure you know the system of gas and battery, because the belief is that they are quicker than a hammer. But don't be fooled. These power nail guns are big, awkward, heavy, unreliable and break very easily. No good when you are climbing about on a roof. It's only quicker for people who can't use a hammer to knock in nails. Using a hammer well and properly takes skill and lots of experience. Out of every 100 strikes I'd say less than 5 should miss for anyone to say they can use a hammer well. So take it from me, your invention in the hands of someone like me would be an extremely effective tool and I would buy one tomorrow! I'd also like to mention that a nail hammered into wood is a lot stronger than one fired into wood. My advice would be to make a video showing what a really skilled carpenter and hammer user can do with your invention. Then, people won't want power nail guns anymore! Keep up the good work. Well done indeed.

TheCryptKeeper : Just saw this on the freeze list channel!

Brikkwall : Well this is obviously not going to be in the tool kit of just any carpenter. We're still struggling to make a normal hammer that lasts longer than Charlie Sheen's sobriety. But I see a lot of potential for specialist crews where the conditions are odd.

Andrew Andrus : I would love to be a field tester of that hammer... in boces and on the week ends I'd put it through hell which is a good way to see if it'll hold up or not and tests durability and functionality

TONY : I would love to see a video toe nailing putting nails on a angle . Look good going setting nail straight down . I do a lot of framing by hand or nail gun w compressor . If you send me a video or put out a video on setting them nails on a angle. Price is right I’ll order 4 of them for my crew. But it cannot cost more then a air framing gun . And they don’t cost that much . Stores Homedepot n Lowe’s guns are cheap but they get you on the nails 3”big box $80 bucks but I just picked up a husky air framing nailer for $88.00 and Milwaukee air framing gun for $250. The dewalt was $199. I got the Milwaukee for a few bucks more because dewalt was a little heavy. Milwaukee was lighter . I got the 88 dallors one as a back up . Potercable was $128.00 if the price is right on this hammer I would definitely buy a couple . Anything not to carry compressors to job sight . Great tool I would love to see more videos in action actually framing 2x4s walls with it . I see that I’m sold . Send me 6 of them . Good luck