Dr. Amun, Dr. Amsu & Coach Gessie Talk #KillThePill, Birth Control & HerBalance Hormone Stabilizer
The Breakfast Club Morning Show allows these supplement salesmen to masquerade as activists in an almost half hour segment giving a very one sided fear mongering segment on vaccines and contraception

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Aaron Irons : Who came here to see 21 Savage pops?😂🤣

Denise F : Sooo this man Dr. Amsu is 21 Savage father? Wow 😂😂

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Miss Spirituality : Interesting hearing a guy say “ cramps are a minor thing”. It’s not a minor thing. Some woman or girls can’t function because their cramps are so bad.

Ce C : The way these men are referring to cramps, as if it's just some little thing. Endometriosis pain is debilitating. Some woman can't go to work or even get out of bed during their cycle. Their tone is offensive and dismissive.

Sky Robin : I'm not taking anything that changes my body and how it functions. I've been seeing a lot of negatives for birth control and I'm glad I never put that crap in my body.

where u wanna be : I'd trust them alot more if they weren't trying to sell something.

bien Benita : I have pcos and started drinking cyst tea which has all the ingredients that are in their medicine. I am also a pharmacy tech so I understand the medical side of medication. They are not saying to never ever take the pill but the pill is being overly prescribed for minor problems and can cause severe life-altering adverse effects on patients. I love the breakfast club took time to address this problem

Auragirl86 : People diminishing this information because it was delivered primarily by men are small minded. Facts are facts, doesn’t matter the messenger.

Tamieka Augusta : Can these comments be made by real account holders with a real photo attached?! You look like y'all are reps for the pharmaceutical companies sprinkling in these comments to create doubt basically trying to keep us *in these UNHEALTHY holding patterns of being "on the pill"* so that you pharmaceutical companies can KEEP MAKING MONEY all the way from the *doctors office to funeral home* pipeline in "OUR COMMUNITIES". 🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒😒

Alisha Jones : 75% of blackk women really? Where are these stats done

SUGA SLIM : 10yrs ago I use to cramp so bad in high school,to the point I would vomit every time my cycle came on so I went to the dr...I'm so fortunate to have had an OBGYN that didn't recommend the pill, instead she told me to exercise more, drink hot tea, use the on the go heating pad and take probiotics,eat well and cut out all those damn hot fries and hot sausage, pickled eggs and sodas....long story short it really helped, I only need an advil every so often when TOM comes to visit now lol

Kaya P : I appreciate the concern but there are sooo many things that you named that are absolutely false. Such as the pill being a reason you get ovarian cysts. I got ovarian cyst without taking any form of medicine and it is IN FACT the birth control pill that shrunk the cysts bringing me back to health. You have no facts to stand behind these claims. I’m good love, enjoy.

Effervescent1111 : Im sure they got facts and I can do my own research for verification but this interview irritated me. 10:35 DJ envy ask them two times what are the alternatives? No specific answers was given 12:20 they talk about tracking ovulation schedules. I personally have an app. How many people let alone teens realistically do that?! Typically that is for women who are trying to conceive. Some people can’t even remember when their last period started and ended 13:10 chemicals in condoms that are worst.. then what the hell are we suppose to use then? To protect ourself from disease or pregnancy 16:00 They said their are certain herbs and healthier option but didn’t name ONE 17:40 birth control was created to reduce the black population and was tested on minorities. I am pretty sure that probably is true. However What is the alternatives when you can’t afford surgeries ? Having 5 kids when you are making minimum wages is not a GOAL 19:56 immunizations and vaccines are dangerous. Fine, Tell that to the mother who lives in a third world country where their child are at risk for some serious diseases

RioHasAGuitar : Some of this is really bad advice. The ovulation method and pulling out is going to get a lot of people in danger of pregnancy or STIs. Also every women isn’t built the same, that’s why their are multiple forms of female birth control and even birth control for men. Trying to posture that there is a one all be all method for all women is dangerous. Also they really need to provide data to prove what they are saying.

1000 subs with no vids? challenge : So who here to find 21 savages dad?

LORD FLACKO : So this 21 savage’s dad?

ptproc : Research and vet your doctors, get a second or third opinion if needed, learn about Your body. That's the best thing you can do for you.

TJBEATS97 : *TJBEATS97 · 4 months ago* I swear this looks like 21 Savage's Dad

JoJo Pemb : This reminds me of the men in Congress sitting around trying to debate abortion laws and telling women what to do with their bodies. You have 2 male "doctors" who aren't even real physicians along with Envy and Charlemagne discussing PMS symptoms and "small minute symptoms like bleeding". It's hard to even take them seriously to be honest.

Tyrone Rollins : Smoke weed... the end.

Heir Born Elite : How are you a "doctor" up there talking about using the pull out method. Come on.

Shayan Ansari : 21 daddy been on breakfast club more time than him

Tayamyre : If something is made to stop the natural flow of your body, it's never good for you.

saiyan DNA : Well let's not kill the pill shii tht mfr saved my life Fr Fr I'm 17 I'd have like 4 kids if we ain't have it lol

Laila Kabongi : OK but there are a myriad of positives from taking the pill. Also what pill? There are many different BC pills people take. Every medication has side effects, but these hoteps don't even provide the other side..? This is dangerous misinformation and people need to consult actual doctors or licensed alternative medical doctors (naturopaths, homeopaths, etc.). Also where is the data or research supporting this ?

Jupiter Seir : "So he lost his breast and got a hairline" - Charlemagne Tha God


cookie w : They never once said he's 21 Savage's father🤔🤔 secrets!!

Ephraim Uchiha : 21 savage dad a doctor and 21 be shooting people his father on the other side saving em...Jizzz

TheAmazingMrMcFlyy : The Fake fast Club. His pops looks like he wanted to be a rapper, maybe he’s not just a doctor, but an international fraudster as well 🤔 I mean healthcare fraud is the biggest and best kind of fraud so I can only imagine....

Chelseyxo Xo : I was on the pill 3 years ago and I was so sick and depressed terrifying heart palpitations , I thought I wasn’t going to make it ( gained 35 lbs ). I learned how to track my ovulation and haven’t looked back. I’m dead on accurate and I feel so much better.

Toi Winner : We are melanin people and we need to tread lightly when it comes to thess things that wasnt made for our body. FUBU

LadyChann Dun Dem Season : What is the ALTERNATIVE??? keep avoiding the question !!!!

Chim Cham : “You’ve got these mothers, they’re taking their daughters to the GYN just for basic small minute concerns you know the heavy bleeding...the pill” I understand what he’s saying and there’s some validity there but I refuse to let a man diminish women’s hormonal and reproductive issues. He has NEVER experienced women’s hormonal issues and never will. E.g. Heavy bleeding and period pain is not something that is minute especially when you get to the point of having to be prescribed the pill. I have a friend that had such massive period pain and heavy bleeding in high school that she had to stay at home during her periods...another one didn’t have her period till she was 17 and had to be put on the pill to manually stimulate her puberty because it’s abnormal for a 17 year old girl to not have had her period so they both had to go on the pill for different reasons but greatly helped their issues. If you’re going to be criticising something that helps so many women around the world, please offer us a medical and viable alternative. How are you gonna ensure people like my 2 friends who were teenagers going through massive hormonal issues have viable alternatives to help them? 🤔 I am so done with these pseudo-medical professionals 🙄😒

wha-where yo mama stay at Vlad? : Gtfoh what agenda are they pushing? They're talking about using condoms while you are married and playing a guessing game on ovulation, trying ramp up all these pregnancies and causing more issues and irresponsibility in our community foh

indonesianpants : Cause what even are facts when you have testimonials.... AM I RIGHT GUYS?

Jonetta Knight : My dermatologist suggested that I take the pill for acne....I've been toning with apple cider vinegar & mixing a little tea tree oil in my moisturizer and my skin has been flourishing...

Cameron Johnson : So what are the alternatives for the pill I didn’t hear them explain that? So i can spread the message to my younger cousins

gellebelle1 : I'm 5 minutes in and I do NOT appreciate a man acting like menstrual cramps are not that bad. My cramps are painful asf!!!!!! Eff them and whatever they're selling. Angela has 5 minutes to put these idiots in their place.

Tiffany cuttinup : I love this idea but the cost is high .. I wish it was more affordable ..🤦🏽‍♀️

seazn furi : Niggaz ain’t making it past 3 minutes in this video 😂😂😂

DillonStPepper : Spermicide, Diaphragm, cervical cap, birth control sponge, non-hormonal copper IUD. All alternatives to hormonal birth control and way more effective than the pull out and rhythm method.

KingEscoHD : Dr Sebi didn’t have medical degree either they are indigenous doctors using natural resources for different remedies they have cases that are proven you can research for your own before judging

Leslie Baker : People are going to end up pregnant listening to this interview lol Balance your hormones so that you know when you could get pregnant? Uh....I don't trust hormones to be that precise. What they're saying could be true, but I don't believe they provided an adequate solution for the people that actually take the pill and IUDs for contraceptive reasons.