Dr. Amun, Dr. Amsu & Coach Gessie Talk #KillThePill, Birth Control & HerBalance Hormone Stabilizer

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Miss Spirituality : Interesting hearing a guy say “ cramps are a minor thing”. It’s not a minor thing. Some woman or girls can’t function because their cramps are so bad.

Ce C : The way these men are referring to cramps, as if it's just some little thing. Endometriosis pain is debilitating. Some woman can't go to work or even get out of bed during their cycle. Their tone is offensive and dismissive.

Effervescent1111 : Im sure they got facts and I can do my own research for verification but this interview irritated me. 10:35 DJ envy ask them two times what are the alternatives? No specific answers was given 12:20 they talk about tracking ovulation schedules. I personally have an app. How many people let alone teens realistically do that?! Typically that is for women who are trying to conceive. Some people can’t even remember when their last period started and ended 13:10 chemicals in condoms that are worst.. then what the hell are we suppose to use then? To protect ourself from disease or pregnancy 16:00 They said their are certain herbs and healthier option but didn’t name ONE 17:40 birth control was created to reduce the black population and was tested on minorities. I am pretty sure that probably is true. However What is the alternatives when you can’t afford surgeries ? Having 5 kids when you are making minimum wages is not a GOAL 19:56 immunizations and vaccines are dangerous. Fine, Tell that to the mother who lives in a third world country where their child are at risk for some serious diseases

Mike Smith : If dr oz would’ve said everything they said y’all would believe it with no questions.

where u wanna be : I'd trust them alot more if they weren't trying to sell something.

KingEscoHD : Dr Sebi didn’t have medical degree either they are indigenous doctors using natural resources for different remedies they have cases that are proven you can research for your own before judging

Andre Porter : God! It's great that you all have "informative" guests, but please have experts on both sides. Perpetuating anti-vaccine or detox messages without the converse is irresponsible.

May : This is so misleading and dangerous!!

Heir Born Elite : How are you a "doctor" up there talking about using the pull out method. Come on.

Vicky Powell : This is really misleading... the pill is great for some women, horrible for others - the same as many other forms of birth control. Try it if you want to, but monitor your health and educate yourself about it. The symptoms wildly vary (mentally and physically) per person so it may work for your or it may not. It increases the chances (by a minute amount) for some forms of cancer but decreases the risk of other forms - just like lots of components in our life.

Toi Johnson : We are melanin people and we need to tread lightly when it comes to thess things that wasnt made for our body. FUBU

SUGA SLIM : 10yrs ago I use to cramp so bad in high school,to the point I would vomit every time my cycle came on so I went to the dr...I'm so fortunate to have had an OBGYN that didn't recommend the pill, instead she told me to exercise more, drink hot tea, use the on the go heating pad and take probiotics,eat well and cut out all those damn hot fries and hot sausage, pickled eggs and sodas....long story short it really helped, I only need an advil every so often when TOM comes to visit now lol

Dominique Nelson : For all of you in the comment section saying they're pushing a product. Everything comes with a price nothing in this world is free. And so does your doctor every time the schedule you for another appointment to tell you information they already know regarding your health to collect your $20 copay and a percentage off of your medical insurance or HMO. All of you saying , " they're not qualified to speak on these topics." A lot of the information they're spreading is quite close if not identical to Dr. Sebi's information. And lastly , for those of you saying "who have they helped and cured?" I suggest doing more research before commenting in the comment section. Look up the interview before this one that they did. They had two ladies that also appeared with them in the interview explaining how their products and diet plan helped curing them of the PCOS and fibroids. And one of the ladies ended up having a child☺🙏🏾

Chim Cham : “You’ve got these mothers, they’re taking their daughters to the GYN just for basic small minute concerns you know the heavy bleeding...the pill” I understand what he’s saying and there’s some validity there but I refuse to let a man diminish women’s hormonal and reproductive issues. He has NEVER experienced women’s hormonal issues and never will. E.g. Heavy bleeding and period pain is not something that is minute especially when you get to the point of having to be prescribed the pill. I have a friend that had such massive period pain and heavy bleeding in high school that she had to stay at home during her periods...another one didn’t have her period till she was 17 and had to be put on the pill to manually stimulate her puberty because it’s abnormal for a 17 year old girl to not have had her period so they both had to go on the pill for different reasons but greatly helped their issues. If you’re going to be criticising something that helps so many women around the world, please offer us a medical and viable alternative. How are you gonna ensure people like my 2 friends who were teenagers going through massive hormonal issues have viable alternatives to help them? 🤔 I am so done with these pseudo-medical professionals 🙄😒

Ron G : The hotep "doctors" are back. And I put doctor in quotes for a reason. If you know you know.

Ankh Love : I refuse to take birth control. Not good for your body

Laila Kabongi : OK but there are a myriad of positives from taking the pill. Also what pill? There are many different BC pills people take. Every medication has side effects, but these hoteps don't even provide the other side..? This is dangerous misinformation and people need to consult actual doctors or licensed alternative medical doctors (naturopaths, homeopaths, etc.). Also where is the data or research supporting this ?

Jupiter Seir : Why the men talking more than the women about birth control? 😂

LadyChann Dun Dem Season : What is the ALTERNATIVE??? keep avoiding the question !!!!

Linda A : Why are they advocating no contraceptives? Pull out? Know your body? Get out of here with that.

Kaya P : I appreciate the concern but there are sooo many things that you named that are absolutely false. Such as the pill being a reason you get ovarian cysts. I got ovarian cyst without taking any form of medicine and it is IN FACT the birth control pill that shrunk the cysts bringing me back to health. You have no facts to stand behind these claims. I’m good love, enjoy.

bigtomb : Yall keep saying their not technically doctors because they're neurologist. They still went to school for 12 yrs

Pat : We should revisit this subject when Dr. Oz comes back.

Kendra A : I love The Breakfast Club but I really dislike when y'all have folks like this who are pushing pseudo-science, straight up lies and half-truths. This rhetoric is really dangerous and misleading. We know that everything effects everyone differently, but to call for the outright end of medicine that overall helps most women, is insane. Y'all really have to be careful about stuff like this. It's irresponsible to give folks like this a platform.

RioHasAGuitar : P.S: I’m so happy to see so many people calling out or at least being skeptical of these wannabe doctors. Our community used to be a prime target for snake oil salesmen. It’s good to see that we are becoming critical and asking questions.

wha-where yo mama stay at Vlad? : Gtfoh what agenda are they pushing? They're talking about using condoms while you are married and playing a guessing game on ovulation, trying ramp up all these pregnancies and causing more issues and irresponsibility in our community foh

Angel Nicole : If you’re having sex but don’t want kids, you should be on some form of birth control. Yes, I don’t agree taking it just for health reasons but that same woman is probably eventually goin to start having sex and not want to get pregnant so she’s going to need a form of birth control anyway. This interview is very irresponsible and I can’t believe they even allowed them on their show.

Sabrina Cuadra : Gyno is always trying to get me on the pill and I refuse. I tried it once and I felt out of control mentally.

Bronica R. : This was not thought out well or presented well.

Rain Man : These guys aren't even MD's, and should not be considered Physicians.

stryfetc1 : Yeah so we can have even more unwanted pregnancies in our neighborhoods....smart.

desmund lighten : This is bullshit , if they were trying to sterilize minorities than why was I born to a 16 year old? Why do so many of my friends get knocked up in highschool? And you on here telling them not to get protection ? Teen pregnancy ads to the cycle of poverty. With their being said there is probably some truth to this but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater

Miss Spirituality : These dudes aren’t well spoken. They can’t articulately explain their points. Smh.

Dominique Jasminn : I didn't even want to read the comments because too many of my people don't care to really look into anything... Every noticed how people say black people are easily influenced? Yall believe anything. They are the real deal. They are continuing Dr. Sebi's legacy. DO YOUR RESEARCH! LISTEN AND THEN SPEAK. Say his name!! They are not for the pill because it basically like all other Pills used to "treat" us ,, BUT THERE ARE CURES FOR ALL DISEASES! At the end of the day, if you really want to understand your body do the research, eduate yourself.

Lady Day Dream : I've never trusted birth control provided by doctors.

Meli B, : Preach. Literally ever since I switched to a plantbased diet my period is definitely a happy period. Def kill all pills ! What we consume really effects our endocrine system.

JoJo Pemb : This reminds me of the men in Congress sitting around trying to debate abortion laws and telling women what to do with their bodies. You have 2 male "doctors" who aren't even real physicians along with Envy and Charlemagne discussing PMS symptoms and "small minute symptoms like bleeding". It's hard to even take them seriously to be honest.

Bigboy123 : They're just a company selling a product, that's the first thing you should know. These people are not actual "Dr's". Breakfast Club got PAID to run this segment. Don't stop taking contraception without speaking to your physician.

Elite Clinical Research : Yes birth control has some side effects. But this propaganda is what’s keeping my Nordie’s especially black people repressed in a state of poverty. Having kids too young, is the number one way to ensure financial instability and poverty in my Minority communities.

Tyrone Rollins : Smoke weed... the end.

Ashley Brantley : I understand this completely. I almost died in November because I developed blood clots all over my body because of a side effect of the birth control patch. Then the medication I was on for blood clots had me on a weight restriction and I strained a rib at work, lifting something that was too heavy, because I didn’t know about the restriction until afterwards. It’s almost been a year and I’m still paying for being in the hospital. ID RATHER HAVE A DAMN BABY THEN HAVE WENT THROUGH THAT MADNESS!

gellebelle1 : I'm 5 minutes in and I do NOT appreciate a man acting like menstrual cramps are not that bad. My cramps are painful asf!!!!!! Eff them and whatever they're selling. Angela has 5 minutes to put these idiots in their place.

Cool Rhythms Intl : Not once did they provide a source of data. Not once. Say what you want but be ready to back it up with researched data. At the very least this interview is disingenuous, misleading and dangerous.

Tamieka Augusta : Can these comments be made by real account holders with a real photo attached?! You look like y'all are reps for the pharmaceutical companies sprinkling in these comments to create doubt basically trying to keep us *in these UNHEALTHY holding patterns of being "on the pill"* so that you pharmaceutical companies can KEEP MAKING MONEY all the way from the *doctors office to funeral home* pipeline in "OUR COMMUNITIES". 🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒😒

Chelseyxo Xo : I was on the pill 3 years ago and I was so sick and depressed terrifying heart palpitations , I thought I wasn’t going to make it ( gained 35 lbs ). I learned how to track my ovulation and haven’t looked back. I’m dead on accurate and I feel so much better.

DillonStPepper : Spermicide, Diaphragm, cervical cap, birth control sponge, non-hormonal copper IUD. All alternatives to hormonal birth control and way more effective than the pull out and rhythm method.

nickenzio1 : Ladies, ladies, ladies listen up. In order to stop your cramps the only exercise you have to do is sit ups. I know they are one of the most hated exercises but, thats the only natural thing that's going to help you with your cramps. Instead of flopping down on the couch and vegging out for hours, lay on the floor and just start knocking out sit up. No matter if it's 2 or 3 and you have to rest try implementing atleast 10 to 15 minutes a day that's it all I want in return is a thank you and it's free. I'm waiting to here from you.

Alisha Jones : 75% of blackk women really? Where are these stats done

mrbrainchild76 : Oh god, not again. 🙄

Chelsea Johnson : Just use condoms guys, not that hard.