Weird russian singer - Chum Drum Bedrum

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Typical person : Show me that tongue technology 🅱️oi

High Elven Wisdom And Love : When you take your identity as "starseed" seriously...

Froggy Frog 9000 : Its grown up Mcauley Culkin!

Lucrezia Nardone : 2018?

Justin Y. : So this is what you get when you type "weird russian singer"

NveR : It is 3am, I need to sleep... or am I already sleeping?

Steven Ardianto : This is a hit from year 9002

Supah odyssey : 0:35 When someone you hate falls

Petruse Andrei : I need sleep....

your uncool niece : Is this what my Sims are watching on TV?

ュ艶ぇa e s t h e t i c s : One day the entire world will have seen this song. Then there will be no war.

Vitaliy Cherkasov : Pronunciation: Ya prishou, dat' etu pesnyu. Ya prishou, dat' etu pesnyu. Ya prishou, dat' etu pesnyu. Ya prishou, dat' etu pesnyu. Chandra Brambra Chandra Chandra Bendram... Ya prishou, dat' etu pesnyu Is mira gryos. Ya prishou, dat' etu pesnyu Is khrustal'nykh slyos. Ya prishou, dat' etu pesnyu Dlya lyubvi. Ya prishou, dat' etu pesnyu. Chandra Brambra Chandra Chandra Bendram...

TheWarrior1256 : Not as fun when he does brbrbrbrptrpbp on you girlfriend.

The Negan : When you give weed to aliens

Stephen Budders : This is the most powerful anime character

Supreme brick : Welcome back to your favorite music video

IcyCold456 Second Channel : HOW IT FEELS TO CHEW 5 GUM

Tazmeen Zargar : Listens; 1st time:-That's gay shit. 😏 2nd time:-His facial expressions are so funny.😂😂 3rd time:-Damn,he's got some real talent,should've discovered it earlier. 🔥🔥 Comes back to this song after long time regularly and it's 1:00 AM already. 😂😂

Saigy 77 : First of all, HOW DID I GET HERE?! Second of all, WHY DO I LIKE IT?! Third of all, WHY AM I WATCHING THIS AT 1 AM

bennihaha87 : 1:20 me when I walk into a spider web

Snake Eggs : Why aren’t Russia getting on this and preforming this at Eurovision

I’m ANDZUKK : “I only listen to real music”

OrguzTV : Есть русские?) / who Russian?

UltraWorlds : Russia won against Saudi Arabia, searched a Russian song, got this Will hope for more Russian wins

AlittleFurther AlmostThere : your telling me that there were producers in a studio that had this guy in a sound booth and they were happy that he did the weird tongue thing?? And we're like " now THAT'S the sound we're going for"

Jahin Alam : Final boss of the internet

LILI Wolf : _When U use hard drugs_

Pøöblê : My mother always tells me she used to love this song. Sometimes I can hear her sing it while she's doing work

Life Style : The official world cup song . C'mon we need to make this happen

Atomic Apple : This is what you probably see after death

Justin Y. : Born too late to explore the world. Born too early to explore the universe. Born just in time to experience dankness.

Walid Azizullah : Imagine this would be the opening song of the World Cup 2018

PersonWithAChanne l : No, no..... It's not even 2030 yet!!

Ace The Noob : 0:35 is the part i came for😆

Gurjot Singh : Vitas should have done the opening ceremony of the world cup.

Vegito Blue : art

yellow man : Why is he dressed like a tumble dryer hose

Klaudia SSO : Looks like inside of my brain.

박지민이 잼Charlotte : Who else came from Qpark?

xero : Russia's world cup anthem 2018

Chris Hansen : *God accepts your challenge*

biga studio 33 : Intro of swiss 001

M & M's : His name is Vitas. This song was released in 2001

Fish outta water : My last 3 brain cells ☝️☝️

The Rough Ryan : Weird level: over 9,000

Nigrum Quercu : This dude has some *SICK MOVES*

thechillymaker 101 : When I was little my mom asked me "what do u want to be when you grow up" me: a Russian singer that sings like a god" so my mom laughed and laughed. And boy did I prove her wrong.

Kit Kat : America: The Russians are planning an attack on the US! Russia:

Rheanna Diego : My favorite part 0:47

Damian Bujanda : I think this was brought back from another dimension