Peanuts (Riverdale Parody)

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Mr Not That Famous : his hairstyle got me crackin up

Utkarsh Kumar : I want to see this as a movie. With the Riverdale cameos

xX Anime Xx : «Why am i the only black person in this town» best line haha.

Oreo Crumbles : part 2 please

Vitória Coutinho : 5:37 Cole getting out of character was soo funny, look at his face lol

Jamie : The part where he commented about the age of the cast was too real 😂😂😂 they are just too good looking for "teenagers" 😂

Shannon Ranalli : MRS. GRUNDY TALKING LIKE THE ADULTS IN CHARLIE BROWN i actually cackled omfg yes this is great

Pariness : Archie at the end 😂

Anusika Jegatheeswaran : OMG! This is the best!

Shady Mars : "I actually wrote a song about it wanna hear it" The end of the year quote of 2017

Bradley Boy : #WhatthehellRiverdale

Javier Guardado : Omg when the cast of riverdale popped up at the end I had a laughing fit rofl

Allie Frick : The teachers voice I’m dead

Chelsea : As long as we got each other *and my music* 🤣

A J : "You ever seen me without this stupid BLANKET? That's weird!"

Hunter : You can tell Cole trying hard to stay in character and not laugh!! 😂😂😂

Deia McCorkle : ..yes because we're both 16 That part had me dead lol

Itsayyjayy Unicorn lover : 3:58 I’m dead I can’t😂😂😂😂

queefing : Cole holding in his laughter killed me😂

Acey Infinity : I really thought the skit would end with Snoopy carrying around the murder weapon.

# Camden_andrews : Where can I get the new Linus is dead track🔥💯👌👏💰

lunarlena : Linus is dead, and we're all really sadddd

Dragonrider1227 : Charlie Brown having an affair with Ms. Othmar is actually doubly bad when you remember Linus had a thing for her in the comic

Kitten Kay : It’s crazy it’s so crazy I actually just wrote a song about it do u guys wanna hear??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂omg Arch

Quayla Morris : “I wrote a song about it wanna hear it?” *song starts* “No” me 😂😂

chim chimminey : Legit thought that was draco malfoy

Southern Oregon Cat Mom : Jimmy in jeans and his long legs! 💜

Twitchy witchy girl I think you are so nice : Why is no one talking about the song omg it’s hilarious 😂😂

A. Mikey B. : This is literally the perfect metaphor of what I thought "Riverdale" was

musicvida3 : The dancing at the ending was the best!!

Tyree Green : Is it just me or does this really need to be a show

Cactus Swift : better than the real show!!

Cindi Velasquez : The one with blonde hair is humps from orange is the new black 😂😂

Gigi Bergh : This is better than Riverdale lmao

Tales from a tired mind : Man these type of skits usually show up on snl. What a pleasant surprise.

Introvert-Hipster : That curl though

unknown identity : You can tell Cole wanted to laugh so hard

Catarina Bakker : Ok, 1- The freaking hair 😂 2- Everything is so accurate omg and 3- That ending!!!

Ramya P : Everything was perfect to the point. Including the way how they dance!! That's so cuteeeee😍😍😍


Pariness : Amazing

XMyChemx4xLifex : “I actually just wrote a song about it, so you guys wanna hear it?”

Anna G : OMG I love the cast at the end but I love how linus was supposed to be like Jason dying XD

Alina Levin : In case you would like an earrape: 1:18

FRISHR : Next thing you know Archie meets The Flash and Arrow.

MrQuader4 : This is 50 TIMES better than Riverdale. Petition to make this a real show?

xshellyy : The ending had me dyingggg 😭😭😂😂

Giovanni The G35 Fan : Lol this sh*t was funny major 👍👍

Madeline : NOT LINUS

Cait Cunningham : THIS is amazing