Game of thrones theme

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Comments from Youtube

Julian Van der Veen : Damn they made a whole television series after this video

E. j : Me: I need so sleep early got a big exam tomorrow My brain at 3 am:

Nintendo Fan Number One : The best part was the "tata tata"

Mr. Hyena : What will he do when he watches this video after 15 or 20 years. God save him.

random name : That top middle one

Zuzu : _A Song of Ice and Fire_

Сергей Калинин : *soundtrack for season 8.*

Blue 16 : First Africa and now THIS masterpiece... I wanna adopt the kid

KAzooo : We must protect him at all costs.

Jayden van Oostrum : Should be played instead of the actual theme song in the season 8 finale

Irgendein Typ : New ringtone😂

Harsha Harsha : Laaalo.. Lalalaaalo... Lalalaa.. Thathathatha... Thathathatha... Pshhhhh...

Dutch OwO : This is me watching the opening of game of thrones each and every time.

Titleboxer16 : How are there six of you are you guys all the same age?

Rozmar Andrgraund : I showed this my dog. Now he is a wolf

InterNational Nomad : And the Oscar goes to Mr. Sweet potato.

Joku Äijä : My last living brain cells at an exam

Curious One : Lord Varys??

cz productions : I can feel my IQ points going up

John Cena : Look how much enthusiasm he puts into it, you just can't hate this little hustler

*Rayvaldi* Dragonus Gaming : Me: typing game of thrones result:

300 Subscribers With 0 Videos? : The best part was when he did that special sound

sangam sharma : *THE PRINCE WHO IS PROMISED*

Christian Owl : *Suicide rate drops to 0%*

bahtiyar ekinci : Doctor: you have 1 minutes left Me: ...

Mikimouse : Guys we found him. The only “human” who can defeat Thanos.

Sreehari : Winter left the chat

bianca balajadia : the part that's on the top middle is my favorite.

kool Kiwi : My last 6 brain cells at 2 Am

Paradelton : Hello capitalism. THIS is YouTube. Please keep it that way for afterworkburnedoutoutcasts and our morbid take on humor and art. Thank you. <3

Geralt of Rivia : You're to young to watch game of thrones

GodHatesEveryoneWhoDoesn'tReadTheBible : That was actually quite... bad.

Scraptilegaming : The day is damned when the Lord takes this global treasure

FlyingIntoTheStorm : Why didn’t they used this for the original intro?

чего тебе : Джордж Мартин-Начало!

SAMMLUNGSWAHN : 0:20 the middle one: hey where is my Car key haha

anemone bianca : this is my mind.

Toasted Fan Art : Someone get this man a record contract

Fernando G3 : Isso que você esta fazendo é manisplainning

aviram perkel : Pure genius. New Mozart? IQ 1000

lunaris : me: searchin theme song for game of thornes and finds this me: ohmygosh this is a legend

Alex Austen : The best part "Lala lala lala lala lala looo" :D

Kirsten Maclean : Can this be played at my funeral

sangam sharma : BTW did you notice "ta ta tata " guy shifted from top right to bottom right.

Repeagle : Remember smooth mcgroove? This is him now, feel old yet?

literally no one : **sees thumbnail** brain: don't me: *clicks on vid* brain: why me: *i gotta*

WG CronYx : The winds collided and my surroundings blurred...She was standing right there... my whole a 5’5 female body...i felt my heart race like a competitive horse...everything felt hazy...i was praying she would saying something to pull me in from the oblivion of my mind... she then said.. 0:00

aggressive : Explain this, atheists

Daniel Bustillo : I don't know why but Suddenly I feel happy. Thanks for this.