Game of thrones theme

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JTsuits : this song played during the Big Bang

Toasted Fan Art : Someone get this man a record contract

KAzooo : We must protect him at all costs.

Julian Van der Veen : Damn they made a whole television series after this video

xd Swat : Explain this, atheists

kool Kiwi : My last 6 brain cells at 2 Am

Christian Owl : *Suicide rate drops to 0%*

Kirsten Maclean : Can this be played at my funeral

TW3F4TES5 : The hero we need, but not the one we deserve.

MDawg19 : This is so... pure.

GoodTime : i dropped my phone then this plays

Sounak Banik : Is this the third coming of Jesus?

Ethan ‘ : this is what you hear entertaining the gates of heaven

JoJos GameShow : We must protect this boy.

I don't deserve subs : I love this kids confidence and commitment

1000 subscribers with no videos : Doctor : you have 1 minute to live Me : watches video

George Lima : I love how it's not synced

Flumthummery : Scientifically, this song helps you sleep

Steven Hoff : Boy, every time i'am pissed off, you help me out. 😂 dont stop!

Jean Schwambach : A legend is born.

Omar Hisham : my last 6 braincells

TheStonedNoob : I wanna pull his cheeeeks he so cute

jaden torres : Winter has came

CreepyC : The perfect video doesn't exi-

BilimBilin : Better than the original.

Rosamund THOMAS : Me and my 5 personalities at 3 am

Young Meat : This *WILL* be played at my funeral.

Trav Martin : Me after watching the first episode online

Juninatt : Pure 100% talent

cz productions : I can feel my IQ points going up

Zachary Wagner : I’m going to have to tell your mom you watch game of thrones

maria flati : Patata?

James Fagan : Already sounds better than most of today’s artists 🤙

VMiguel Gonzales : Now this is my kind of aesthetics.

Dylan Doran : Thank you for your service, Soldier

Christopher "Paradelton" Brookes : Hello capitalism. THIS is YouTube. Please keep it that way for afterworkburnedoutoutcasts and our morbid take on humor and art. Thank you. <3

Seven Biatch : God is among us. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Mr 22B : New ringtone right there

Sir Shitler : This is me watching the opening of game of thrones each and every time.

basiics : o mein gott da gehen Obi die Bretter aus

Geralt of Rivia : You're to young to watch game of thrones

N.O.B. : What a snack

Nintendo Fan Number One : The best part was the "tata tata"

Anna F : P R O D I G Y

E MAD : Samwell looks so cute

Joku Äijä : My last living brain cells at an exam

Harsha Harsha : Laaalo.. Lalalaaalo... Lalalaa.. Thathathatha... Thathathatha... Pshhhhh...

Polo : I swear I thought jesus was much skinner

InterNational Nomad : And the Oscar goes to Mr. Sweet potato.

PrincessAshley17 : The harmony is exquisite, it's a yes for me thank you