Game of thrones theme

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I don't deserve subs : I love this kids confidence and commitment

JTsuits : this song played during the Big Bang

cz productions : I can feel my IQ points going up

MDawg19 : This is so... pure.

iamgudi : this art is so pure

Delano Santiago : The Pope: “We must translate the word of God unto music for the younger generations!” Me: “I have been blessed!”

Titleboxer16 : How are there six of you are you guys all the same age?

gd131 : this is fcking genius. youre really good kid. btw please do africa by toto.

furgoncino dei gelati : Ahahahahh ;-)

Dylan Doran : Thank you for your service, Soldier

Shad0 : This is the last thing you hear before you die.

gregtheturner : You're doing the Lord's work. Keep it up.

Victoria Smith : If he can do it, I can do it as well! This is my new motivation

Vysella : Isn't he a bit too young for Game of Thrones..?

Trezor99 : Musical genius right there

Sofia Moreira : When I grow up I wanna be just like you.

KY SA : better then the original

Fat Tm : Best anime intro

Toasted Fan Art : Someone get this man a record contract

5u5an /\nT0ni ・ω・ : 0:43 Bananaaaaa

Arnaldo Alves : That guy is a genius, look at the upper midle one, he forethinked his editing and acted like there were guys singing around him, he honestly deserves a medal, no joke

GoodTime : i dropped my phone then this plays

Andrew Van Vlear : 😂😆🤣 😆🤣😂

Jordi Costa : Im pretty sure this is what they play in hell

movealongNSA : my new favorite sub

Miguel Susanibar : We all know why he is watching Game of Thrones

Parental Advisory : "Despacito 3: Genesis" C O N F I R M E D

უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ : their mom is a legend

shistar is sinning : The top middle is me tbh

Neil Campos : gods plan

lordofbuns lordhotsos : These comments literally make it 1000 times funnier

Emrecan Kaan Ergüler : what religion is this?

Abhishek Naik : Keep doing what you do kid. Harry Potter them next, maybe?

Chewii H. : Top ten anime intros

Joy Mukherjee : This is what people see when they die

Joel Herl : Goosebumps everytime...

Muhammad Kingson : I honestly don't like the theme song being butchered here, but I like that you tried and did an amazing job for how old you are. Ya got guts kid!

Joshua Helton : This is and we’re counting our top picks of Top 10 Epic Anime Moments!

αLLoКα : never stopped a video so fast in my life

Olaf Keller : This is brilliant! Good work mate!

Stuart Wilson : Subbed 😂👏🏻

KAzooo : We must protect him at all costs.

William Acheson : MAKE IT STOP

Costercc : Wow, this is talent!


jaden torres : Winter has came

Ex Deus : New favourite channel for sure

CheekyDarkey : Awesome

ChronoZero : Masterful

TDB11 : Don’t get it