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TeaForce : It's funny if anything.

Eddie Strike : Something tells me it's their parents complaining. Kids love shit like this.

John Wayne : SJW crybabies ruining something good?! No way who could have seen that coming.

Sentarry : Guys, It's just a song. (A killer song) *repeats song*

jason drys : Omg so scary #not

howl : And this is the reason why I know kids today who think The Little Mermaid is 'scary' wtf do parents think will happen if their precious one watches this, are they going to be scarred for life? Highly fucking unlikely....I grew up on horror movies and am so desensitised to them that I rarely feel any sense of fear watching new horror films...especially the possessed doll crap. Expose em young I say.

Harbinger of Damnation : "Havana" is a crappy song

MrRiggyRiggs : People are such pussies these days. Everything is to scary to hard to much work. These pc people make me sick.

Past The Point Of No Return : Kids are such pussies