Motörhead Ace of Spades Vs Notorious B.I.G. Juicy - Lewis Floyd Henry Cover (Brick Lane London 2017)

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Ace of spades with a Juicy breakdown mid section performed on Bricklane 2017. One of my all time favourite tracks, Motörhead are a killer band and have always loved Lemmy Kilmisters Rock & Roll attitude. Really stoked that Motörhead would see hear my version let alone repost it. Lemmy Love you man. Thanks to all that have liked, posted and watched this video, lots more to come. For bookings and enquires please contact The video was filmed by "Gigs in the streets"


Benoit Bvg : Another classic Eric André street prank. Love that guy.

Matt Wolfe : Jimi Hendrix had a voodoo child. His name is Lewis Floyd Henry.

fooman65 : At least the film maker is shooting in landscape.

Byte Surfer : The drummer is a bit lame but lead guitar and the singer are doing great!

Jimbojag V8 : Millions of people watch the X factor but people walk past this guy.... What a mad world

freespeechisdead isdead : I would love to see this guy do some Rage Against The Machine. Bulls on Parade anyone?

Brian McHugh : Its like Motorhead, Rage Against The Machine, Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz all rolled into one guy. 😂

howo357 : I can't even scratch my head with my left hand without my right arm scratching my right nut.

The Captain : Can you make a studio version of this and put it on Spotify? I would listen the shit out of that!

Boat Axe : Soon a manager will approach the singer and try to convince him to go solo.

Brian Schaefer : Dentist: Have you been flossing? Lewis: ....

Chickenbeek : Apparently i was walking down the wrong street in the wrong city on Sep 30th 2017.

B. SMILEY III : One of jimi hendrix's love childs... meant no disrespect, but damn what a performance lol

SBF : He’s playing for change. . And Miley Cyrus makes millions. Totally makes sense.

The Colonel : How do people play a drum kit with their foot at one pace and a guitar at a totally different and sing too?!!! I can’t even rub my belly and pat my head!

The FELLA : Poor guys starving. Trying to eat his guitar. Someone buy him a burger ffs. Brill playing fella.

Purmhy : *Eric Andre is so talented!*

Lewis Floyd Henry : He's my dad

Andrewo Mennah ☣ : What if Hendrix was Biggie's brother and was a Motörhead fan

Thomas Comptois : God I love seeing other musicians with so much passion

Waldo Carmen : The Asian lady on the ground is feeling that juicy breakdown

Geraint Thomas : Rarely a line is somehow crossed between busking and entertainment that you'd be willing to see on the stage . This guy is on that line. Great stuff.☺️🤘

james Jameson : Looks like Mungo Jerry. I Wonder if he knows 'In The Summertime'?

NEONGEE BEATZ : Im a kind of a guy that have motorhead, biggie, metallica and wu tang on the same playlist. This is perfection.

AgentMinor ReligionBrigade : Lemmy totally knocked up Jimi Hendrix while he was their roady. This is their child. Raised by 2 pac.

Pablo Riveros : Jesus i did NOT see that mouth playing coming. What a mindblow.

Zorros Petardos Salvajes : Jimi Kilmister!

ghezoi Mr : Yoko Ono already eyeballing him but she has sun glasses this time!

Kerr Prince : This is just awesome !!! I've never heard anything like it from metal to hip hop and he looks like Jimmy Hendrix :O :O :O

Ben Barber : Real music as it should be.

Basketball Ave : Dang! So much talent...I love it amazing performance!

Terry Og : One man who sounds like a whole band. Excellent

Isaac Benjamin : 0:50 holly crap it's Charles Manson.

marek lis : good crazy matherfucker......ekstra.....peace and love....nice one....bless you....

Herk Imer : This man so hungry he's resorted to eating his guitar....and that girl sitting down has already had 4 babies in her mind

James Hoad : Hendrix making a very public comeback right there! Still pulling in the crowds! Amazing! 😂

Mark Garduno : Give that man a band please! Rocknroll needs a comeback!

D. Frank Adams : Dude is BADASS! Pure adrenaline! Skillz! Eat those strings! This is walking, talking, chewing gum, patting your head and rubbing your stomach all at the same time! And, texting while driving! 😂😂👍 You rock, bro!

MightyMischa : 1:17 whoa this BPM drop kinda break down is the badassest thing I've heard in a long while... give this man a patreon. I would be glad to donate him

Lewis Batten : When it drops in to biggie is the dopest thing I've ever heard.

Rob Jontay : You know if Hendrix had lived....this is where he wouldve taken the art. Mixed with his rapping blues rock soul...Jimmy was really the first rap talker on records. He did it a lot. He dispised his own singing voice....

wowerman : A man- orchestra!Great stuff. Location-Brick Lane,London,UK.

ralph persico : This man has heart, soul and motivation. Well done !

charles mayer : What would you play next to keep the crowd around? 🤔 Geez that's a BIG performance to top! 👏

TMSKILZ : Wow what a video, you have Mungo Jerry on the guitar and Charles Manson in the crowd. 00:49

_ musique : Motörhead + Notorious B.I.G. = Jimi Hendrix

drfreshey : How did you make both Motorhead and Biggie sound like Hendrix?

Cal T : Dude's rocking a Teisco SG. My first guitar was a Teisco Del Rey. Absolutely awful guitars, which makes this all the more impressive.

Chris Selgrad : Musical Genius! 👍🏻 Thanks for this great performance!