Motörhead Ace of Spades Vs Notorious B.I.G. Juicy - Lewis Floyd Henry Cover (Brick Lane London 2017)

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Jimbojag V8 : Millions of people watch the X factor but people walk past this guy.... What a mad world

Lewis Floyd Henry : He's my dad

BlackDogsMatter : If I came across LFH playing on the street, he would get all the cash in my pocket.

droctagon3k : Im throwing change at my computer screen

Mr. Dark-mag0rs : I didnt know that Eric Andre can play guitar.

dja : out of time clapping asian guy is my spirit animal

BootlegFightVideo : Full body Rock n Roll.

Zorros Petardos Salvajes : Jimi Kilmister!

SuperOMARKO : Jimi Hendricks not dead, he just took a break!

twigglykevin : you know the long haired bearded guy in leather grew up to motorhead. he was in his glory watchin

That Guitar Channel : Would love to see him on stage rather than just seeing that stupid yodeling Walmart kid in Coachella

Sagi Vaitzman : 1:31 - 5:20, Record it and I will buy your CD! so talented!

FredNET : 0:49 Charles Manson reincarnated 😂

THESNEAKERADDICT : this guy is brilliant

Typical Dru : Dude, as well as being a very talented musician and performer, your rapping flow is phenomenal...

David Boyd : What I hate most is when a crowd stands around watching an amazing talent like this guy, mopes around with their camera phone and films it before sodding off without giving some money. This guy deserves a thankyou for providing such awesome entertainment, he's worth more than just a passive instagram post ffs.

Brian Zaborowski : Why listen to crap on the radio when you have awesome street performers like this to listen too. Lewis is good!

Anders Juul Rasmussen : Lewis, your mashups are f* awesome! More of that please!

Chip Whackerman : This guys amazing He raps sings, plays drum s check out his other videos I play guitar and sing And I'm blown away by this amazing street performer just wonderful!!!

nash sookan : I came here after discovering his wu-tallica performance on facebook. He makes better music than what we get on modern radio even though it is a mash-up. Simply Incredible!

scaffmadd : I reckon ‘ Biggie’ would be up for this😎

George Specht : I bet being compared to Jimi is an amazing feeling...but dude you got your own unique sound(vocally and instrumental)!

Ezy_Films : He may sound like Hendrix but is it just me or does he kinda look like Eric Andre

Daniel Connor : You remind me of Phil Lynott & Jimi Hendrix. Bravo!

Josla : Better drummer than Lars U. :p

JayoJay : I swear the best musicians are all in Brick Lane and Camden

Bruce Kelly : Holy shit lol

thats what i think : what a rude looking guitar, it has a Gibson SG body style with a Fender looking headstock..... sounds ok though..

André Luiz : Amazing!!! Great performance. Brazilians are grateful!!!

Casey Hup : I'd just throw you my wallet. You da man. This would be a blast to drum to 💥


Klukluklu Klukluklu : This is a proof of how bad our music scene is nowadays. In the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's this guy with such talent will most likely be a rock star making loads of money.

Ice Kold Killa : I fucking live in London! I knew it looked familiar! Now I need to find this dude!!

Darth Djent : Here should be “ the Lewis Floyd Henry experience “

laREAPER79 : What guitar is he using

carlos fernandez : Dude this is lit

backtodafuture1987 : I mean... he’s ok? Not quite sure why people are going ballistic over this.

The Unambiguous : Thought Phil Lynott was dead

Alexandre Maker : This guy's time ship crash landed here on the way to the 80s

Herbert Orendorff : That was legendary

Angelbebe Staley : Please tell me that you’ve been signed & will be touring the US!! Seattle 😊🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

James Laspesa : Yo is that my buddy trip??? I didn't know you played gitbox. Sick bro!

steadyitch : Charlie Manson at :49 seconds in?

Patchuez : If Jimi Hendrix was still alive

Nisemekut Mk : So it was a lie, Jimi never died, but is now mixing some stuff up, love it <3

Epic Krafter : He reminds me of the new singer of Alice in Chains alot

inquisitor 717 : I've been watching you for ages and man you should get that put down on a disc. You are insanely talented

John Doe : Hell yeahhh

slayer 1 : I really wouldn't care about any major corporation paying me at that rate I have a large fan base on a regular basis I make enough money to keep my equipment and me and shape maybe even enough to have a car and a place to some people that's all that really matters especially when your fans are there that's what really matters

Judas Bob : sick guitar! does anyone know what its called?