Motörhead Ace of Spades Vs Notorious B.I.G. Juicy - Lewis Floyd Henry Cover (Brick Lane London 2017)

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Lewis Floyd Henry : He's my dad

Alexandre Maker : This guy's time ship crash landed here on the way to the 80s

Mark Garduno : Give that man a band please! Rocknroll needs a comeback!

Est lhm : Like watching Jimi Hendrix on the street remix rap into rock! Talent in the streets!! This is how you know you are talented when you can stop everyday people in the streets to listen.

Neil Stewart : Dude's got skills to play and keep a beat with his feet. But I'm pissed at the number people standing watching and not coughing up something. If his performance made you stop and watch, you owe him at least a quid! Don't be a stingy bastard.

BlackDogsMatter : If I came across LFH playing on the street, he would get all the cash in my pocket.

Klukluklu Klukluklu : This is a proof of how bad our music scene is nowadays. In the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's this guy with such talent will most likely be a rock star making loads of money.

Mark Sutton : Jimmy, Biggy and Lemmy would be proud!


Minton Racing : Pure sickness....396 dislikes are drummers who think the drums ain't tight enough.🤣

Jimbojag V8 : Millions of people watch the X factor but people walk past this guy.... What a mad world

Terry Og : One man who sounds like a whole band. Excellent

Deyanira Perez : Well done he looks like Mungo Jerry

Rudy Candia : He looks like Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. It’s weird to see a Thin Lizzy looking dude singing a Motor Head song. Cool though.

Larry Lumpkin : 356 people watched this & then promptly went back to their miserable, boring lives.

FredNET : 0:49 Charles Manson reincarnated 😂

Rob hadtoomany : Wow he sounds like Jimmy Hendrix.. you cant hide real talent.. well done

RFS Family Sports : Better stuff than what the corporate music industry comes up with. This is real and raw talent. Those people got a real live show that most modern acts wish they can perform.

Doug DeGrave : Phil Lynott meets Hendrix meets Lemmy meets Biggie. And somewhere along the way Gibson met Fender?

droctagon3k : Im throwing change at my computer screen

oldskool228 : Move over rover let Jimi take over! This dude is awesome!

John Dela Cruz : Yeah. That's why I love metal and hip hop

Beefncoot42 : Damn, this dude just did Motörhead, Biggy and all with some Hendrix style. Very nice my son.

toalopez : I enjoy the watching the Asian girl with the sun glasses enjoying the tunes all the time.

Politicus Rex : 418 people don't know what Rock n Roll is all about...........legend status

_ musique : Motörhead + Notorious B.I.G. = Jimi Hendrix

Jay Young : Give that man an audition already...I hate to see talent wasted.

to be : What is Charles Manson doing there? Minute 0:49

jcm 800 : Looks and plays like Hendrix freaking awesome !!!

DmageCase : Good job. Fast Eddie Clarke would be proud.

Johnny roastbeef : These people should start throwing paper keep the coins in their pocket. This guy is awesome you started playing with his teeth I couldn't believe it. I agree get this guy a band

Javier Mendoza : Reminds of Jimmy Hendrix 🤘😎🤘

Mr Premonition : Give him some Drug and a Good Manager and the rest is History🤟😂🤟

999,999 views : That transition back into motörhead was god damn *perfection.*

A. Lopez : It's late. Just got home from work, bluetooth is still plugged into car stereo, my pizza is getting cold but I can't turn this off yet.. rocker hip hop head!!

Tommy K : Who in the hell would dislike this, his determination itself is worth the like, good shit!!! One man band, classic, good job

BootlegFightVideo : Full body Rock n Roll.

Brandon 954 : How am I discovering this now wow talented needs to blow up with exposure :)

999,999 views : Good to see Jimi Hendrix is amounting to lots these days!

RhinoSavage : Epic. Maximum rating of three flame emojis 🔥🔥🔥

Daniel Connor : You remind me of Phil Lynott & Jimi Hendrix. Bravo!

robert velez : Dam this dude make great guitarist for someone band😊😎

Jacaso Asheland : Kanya West is famous and this guy isn't. cruel world

The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed : Charlie Manson?

Voice of Reason 4u : LENNY KRAVITZ COUSIN .....REGGIE

Mr. Dark-mag0rs : I didnt know that Eric Andre can play guitar.

Sandro Vitale : Best one man band in the world!

GASPARE E GRIMALDI : “ this make”s wonder “ reincarnation is Hendrix back “ “ The vocals voice “ the music style “ playing style w/teeth “ the cloths “ the hair “ England ... where he started “””

Hector Morales : That is some BADASS SKILLLLLLZ BRO!!!!

Zane Smith : He kinda looks like the dude from Zeal and Ardor