James Franco Answers "The Disaster Artist" Phone Number - CONAN on TBS

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Asil Nike : CONAN the BARBARIAN 😂

v1d300 : For anyone wondering, the other guest is Ari Graynor

Consural : Conan is not even acting, he's genuinely so pissed off that that New Zealander guy hasn't heard of him hahahaha

Diana Prince : Conan Barbarian 😂😂😂

Secret Account : Guys, he has a flip phone specifically for this. It would be ridiculous if he gave out his real number

Mike Strider : I think James Franco got himself a flip phone for this cause Tommy would have one.

N J : It's impossible not to smile when looking at James Franco.

wideface : Can't help but laugh at the amount of people that simply don't get the purpose of buying a cheap flip phone for something like this. I hope they're happy, at least.

Itiel López : *c o n a n t h e b a r b a r i a n*

Part One : Connan Mockasin!!!!

Lydia Cole : The New Zealander on the phone said "CONNAN MOCKASIN" who is an NZ musician who I feel like James Franco might enjoy...

Inori : 1:10 Conan’s face 😂😂 “Conan the Barbarian,”

austin warren : Oh hai james

KingTray : Did anyone call ? I want to

Farrel Sagny : Who remember him as Harry Osborn?

ForsakenMadMan : I find it funny how they can't handle a flip phone.

Chiraq G13 : Hi doggie.

MatiZ815 : That new Lisa is pretty damn hot.

Benjamin Jack Kata Finau : Conan Mockassin ! LolZ

toasteeze : whos the babe...for scientific research

Sarah Dohaeris : Ayyeee New Zealand represent!

Jonathan S. : Conan Mockasin is a great musician

Alcaseiver : Didn't the Kiwi say Connan Mockasin, the musician?

indahood1108 : What a great billboard James. I'm so happy to find this phone number. And I love lisa so much

rupman27isback : I've called the number numerous times.. it goes straight to voicemail

subculturenz : He said Conan Mockasin, which is funny he knew a random indie music artist over Conan O'brien.

Really?! : Conan barbarian Conan barbarian Conan barbarian Conan barbarian

ArJayDM : James franco has a flip phone

TheSecondBeef : My brother James Franco

Scorpion : New phone who dis?

ZaX : Am I the only one annoyed that Conan is holding the mic close to the phone mic instead to the phone speaker which is at the opposite end of the phone?! :)

T W : James Franco is sooo CHARMING!!

B BTB : Franco has a flip phone...wtf

Jeff Shands : I've never been a huge James Franco fan but this is pretty cute.

Ivan Sarafanov : He doesn't know Conan Mockasin?! For Shame!

emilyharwood89 : I called the number and it was a long voicemail from "Tommy" saying thanks for supporting "The room" :'( I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA GET TO SPEAK TO MY MAN FRANCO!!!!

Basketball Man : Glad to see this guy back on top, haven't seen him act in anything major since that Spider-Man 3 debacle.

ChatterBell : Connan Mockasin (a NZ musician), not freaking Conan Washington

Dylan Johnston : Conan Mockasin

Naomi Jones : Typical LA type, they know Conan moccasin but not Conan O’Brien smh

Steven Gordon : Did he say Connan Mockasin? D:

Doo Doo Moo Moo : Conan mockasin!!!!! Great musician!

Cash Facts : He said Connan Mockasin! He's a musician.

Bro 123 : Clash of clans players understands who is Conan barbarian

Mariana Ruiz : What's the number!?

Martin Kadlecik : conan mocasin! good choice

Mo : You from New Zealand very coincidence I'm from New orleans

Kim Jong -Trill : Lmao connan mockasin if only they knew

MikeX89 : Ari Graynor

William R Wortham : I know I should have called and asked for a autograph.