Psychic Pets: can your pet predict the World Cup results?
Psychic Pets can your pet predict the World Cup results

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Register your pet at Psychic Pets and start predicting the World Cup games! If you'd like to help out with vetting the pet videos or translating the site, send me an email: You can donate money to help keep the site going via PayPal: Or support me directly on Patreon: Or use this strange base-58 number: 195ucbJHh4NfxdMVjXKwFL9FzFkWFRM5fZ Huge thanks to Steve for bringing Django the Dog along. Do check out Steve's science channel; he also has some plans for the World Cup. And introducing Pablo the Wonder Chameleon (Pablo appears courtesy of Trunkman Productions). The Psychic Pets site has been built by the fine webdevs at Danger Science Group. Send all Psychic Pet media enquires to Music by Howard Carter Filming and editing by Trunkman Productions Audio mastering by Peter Doggart Stand-up Maths design by Simon Wright Psychic Pets design by Adam Robinson MATT PARKER: Stand-up Mathematician Website: Maths book: Nerdy maths toys:


Skovborg Jensen : I guess you could call him... Django Untrained, featuring Matt Parker and Leonardo DiCaprio

Jim Fortune : Django doesn't want anybody to lose.

Dick Johnson : My pet rock is up for the challenge

Steve Mould : Django is a good boy

NIMPAK1 : You could always just use a three-sided coin :P

svsguru2000 : Django doesn't have a leash. I guess you could call him... Django Unleashed.

James Valentine : Sounds interesting, the only problem is we have a cat who is an a*****le. Our best bet would be to each wear a flag and see who gets bitten or scratched first.

Random Internet User : It would be funny if the website was created using Django.

Yuval Nehemia : Getting donations is a good idea, but I think that if you'd have Psychic Pets merch you might raise even more. I mean like, that's a hella cool project, surely you can get a t-shirt design out of it.

Grzegorz Cichosz : how many triangles were there on the carpet? how thick is a three side coin? i need responses... but pets are cute too though :כ

Jako1987 : Now I got a good reason to get a dog

TheSuomi : The guy who invented the idea of changing the football sign (and of course the parker square) has come up with another banging idea

DJ Syntic : My prediction (about the pets, not the games) is that while there may be one pet that can predict all the games, what we really need to do is find out if pets engage in group think predictions. That is to say if 3000 pets all predicted one game, if pets in general are not psychic and do not engage in group think think we would expect about 1000 would say one team would win, 1000 would say the other team, and 1000 would say a draw. If on the other hand pets engage in group think AND are NOT psychic, then we would expect those numbers to be skewed towards one result or another, just not necessarily the correct answer. Lastly if the numbers are constantly skewed toward the correct answer this tells us that pets in general are psychic, but it doesn't tell us if they engage in group think as they might all just be being correct independently.

Ameto : I have to say I find it will be really hard to get traction on this because it's so close to the event start. It's a really neat idea so I hope it works out somehow.

Jim Fortune : So if a reptile eats a country's bug, does that mean the country won or lost?

Munjee Syed : "Small humans you created"

Jepus {Mia : What about a pet python that I keep in in my computer called IDLE?

KD Money : Parker Pets, or Parker Owners?

Jan Klitzke : Whoever registered the dust mite Maggie... I applaud your humor.

Sophie Glück : What if I have more than one pet? Can I add it with a different account?

Taha Ansari CT : I'm Moroccan I have a camel does it count?

Sean Grand : Matt, I can help translate your website in Russian. How do i contact you?

sharev : Oh gosh. It is a requisite to be bald, in order to have the most entertaining videos about Maths and Science.

IIARROWS : Let's see if we found the one who predicts for Italy.

Kasper Guldmann : I like your shirt. Is there any significance to the symbol?

atrumluminarium : Your shiny head was distracting Django

MIMIK : Just brilliant! Essentially: "Yeah, that's stupid, there you go, I have 1000 fish and about 30 of them are psychic! Let's make a tour with my 30 psychic fish around the world of news!"

Lulink : No but he predicted Rex and Pyra in Smash Switch. /s *Waits 2 hours for comment to turn out to be true*

Extrascript662 : 10:30 at night and watching maths. Dope.

Melody Williams : I'm not a science/math communicator, but I am from Russia and can connect (possibly) you with someone who'll do this stuff. And I can translate, too!!

10,000 Subscribers Without a Video : I doubt my goldfish can even predict if he will turn left or right.

Bboy Clickz : Clutching at Random Straws

Smart Guy : I should place bets based on these "psychic" pets and get some $$$

Ratzou2 : I'd be up for French translation if you want

C K : Mistake in description: Huge thanks to Steve FOR, not or bringing Django

Oliver Krause : That is brilliant😂. Unfortunately I really have no pet but I am sure Django will be right👍.

micky2be : You need 3 balls for any team: - win - lose - draw

Aidan Walker : "I take bitcoin" - the sound of a nerd in need

Pineapplefan YT : How many triangles on the rug?

Leverquin : so what was score?

Someone Different : I like The Law of Truly Large Numbers! I always tell people about it when they say they've experienced something extraordinary. It kinda ruins it for them. But it's worth it :p

Quinn Roberts : Did we get an answer for the rug problem or did I wholly miss it?

harleykf1 : A draw most likely doesn't have a 1/3 probability

George Prout : That must be a #parkerfootball, we know that real footballs are only made from hexagons, the government spoke. 🤔

Sobsz : "badger (stuffed)"

TheSpacePirate : Hello Matt. First of all it's an awesome project, so I'd love to volonteer in checking up people's videos. Secondly, I'm French and I'd also love to help translate your website if you don't already have French translators. Lastly, I do think Bruce Benamran from the channel e-penser could be interested in your endavor. You might know him already, he's quite big on the French Youtube science communication scene. Of course I can't speak for him, but that's the kind of project I'd see him being interested in. Thanks for all you do, and cheers. The Space Pirate.

Alistair Shaw : That octopus got 100% right

Toffiklubitoffi : The USA didn't make it? HAHAHAHAHA

TriplePalindromous : My prediction is a bit odd, but I predict, that out of the 32 teams that will compete for the world cup — and this is the interesting part — only ONE of them will win the title. Fingers crossed that I might be correct.