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BenyQuinonez : I blame myself for not trying to think of more content. Damn you baby face!

SicksRayne : Haha I can only grow a small goatee and I refuse to clean shave, it makes me look like a child.

A Policeman’s Life : Thanks for popping on my channel, ill stay tuned for new stuff from you..Kenny

Sharad Bansode : I was expecting a longer vlog. But good vibes! Peace.

maurieo : Cheers

Arcadia Collective : Now this is real content

gunyup : Ayy lovin the vibes man !!

DonaldBump : is it true you are going to get tai lopez ecom program?

The World Of Snarf : new face who dis

Barry : your sink is kinda gross. AJAX my man

CDM : haha

Sweet Mango Kitchen : Nice video. 57 new friend ,thumbs up 👍 let’s support each other 🔔🔔🔔🔔please be back if you genuinely support me .