Case of Suitcase - Questionable manners by Chinese tourists in Tokyo

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This week, Chinese tourists have been flocking to Japan for the Lunar New Year holiday. That's been pushing up travel-related spending, but it's also creating a "situation" at the gateway to Tokyo


kil koh : Compared to other rude behavior from Chinese tourists, this one seems pretty mild....

Really : The Chinese government need to make it mandatory for all Chinese mainlanders to take lessons in manners. I actually think the social media credit score if necessary for Chinese.

silva geko : mainland chinese should be banned from entering other countries untill they can learn how to behave and learn some manners and morals.

Deb L : Holy cow. First time I hear about abandoned suitcases. 🤣🤣

Daisy Summer : Luggages made in China... as usual their products don't lasts...

Gwenifar100 : Don't dare to show such a behaviour in Germany, Chinese tourists! An abandoned suitcase at the airport in Europe: a case for the bomb disposal squad. Involving the evacuation of all people and cancellation of all flights.

What are you looking at : Teacher should give every student a handbook for free teaching about simple manners

First Last : As much as I despise mainland Chinese bad manners, this story is a tad weak in its reporting. I travel A LOT, I mean A LOT and have been traveling to Japan for more than 25 years so I am aware of how bad mainland Chinese are but this is by far the least of their bad manners. Leaving the suit case wide open by the rubbish bins like that actually showed some manners in that one could immediately see that it was empty and not a potential hazard such that it might close down that area of the airport because security/police might think it's a bomb. At least in that story one shop claimed that they take the old suitcase if a customer buys a new one. For a hotel to charge 1000 yen to dispose of an old suitcase is just asking for mainland Chinese to dump theirs at that hotel. In 25 plus years of traveling to Japan I have seen only one suitcase that was abandoned at the hotel and I've never heard of this problem. I visit Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Naha on a regular basis and this really isn't a problem. I'd worry more about their tour bus operators parking in areas where they block traffic or the loud and rude behaviour at tourist hotspots.

Mas Djoedjoer : We had have same issues in Indonesia facing and seeing the tourist from Chinese mostly from mainland is not an easy thing. They’re very rude, no smile, no queue, spitting in public, talking loud.

Aahhh!! : Quality is not their strong suit.

Thomas Cervasio : ... And Tokyo used to think that Godzilla and Rodan going at it was bad.

Kate C : Also same situation occurred in Jeju Island airport, S.Korea. They made the airport to huge garbage. They don't have any common sense.

fabulous tones : Are suitcases that cheap there they throw them like that? That hotel staff is pretty gorgeous.

zepertini : fucking retards

\\/\// : lmao... seriously, that's an epidemic for you guys? abandoned suitcases? good grief.

Kyousuke Martin : " A suitcase is a companion for any traveler" Yes, that could be true if you're deranged like Tom Hanks in Castaway, however, the vast majority of us don't consider inanimate objects as companions.

Smug Smugly : The suitcase case. Well for starters, She has a billy goat brain and a mocking bird mouth !

Sean : But where could someone dispose of a suitcase at an airport? The most logical place is next to the bin.

Ming man : New Carry on on I've heard it all.... wow!

C&C Phx : If they stopped using suitcases that were made in China this problem would not exist

yackawaytube : Good luck.. No real Chinese will pay 1000 yen to dispose his/her suitcase when s/he can do it for free. I know Chinese, we are cheap!

Espinosa Isagani : How do you solve a problem like a Chinese?

phil yip : I do think this is a weak story. It seem totally logical to dispose of a broken suitcase next to the trash bin. If a German tourist had done that, I am sure you would have praised him for his logical and appropriate manner of disposing a broken suitcase. As for paying to have a broken suitcase being disposed of , I think ¥1000 is rather reasonable.

FilK79 : Well, charging them 1.000 yen to dispose the suitcases is certainly NOT going to help, just make things even worste and provide them one more reason just to abandon the suitcases and not pay then.

castaway : You are insane. This is like the spaghetti tree story.

External power : Young son?

zondaintheair : Some of the suitcases were abandoned but most of them were lost by the Airlines.

Hexroad Ammo : At the end of the. What does this tells us about China. 'A rich peasant is still a peasant'

potter : The Mainland China " ministry of education" should be trained theirs Animals before unleash .

Amal Vijayan : 1000yen for each bag. huh


A L : What kind of crazy news is this? I travel a lot internationally and I had a broken bag in France. I sure dumped it in the trash at the hotel as I got a new bag. This is what happens. Don't charge money for this.

P P : ...oh no,not again!

Sean B : They treat places abroad like they treat their own country. Like a toilet

John B : I'll take all those left-behind suitcases. Send them to my hotel room.

Kelly ng : All other kind of people included good and bad! Racial discrimination extremely ugly behavior!

Milan Khand : Petty problem. Much bigger problem in this world right now .

Ian wallace : Questionable manners?They don't have any manners to start with.

bird718 : typical Chinese behavior

Alan J : Taser

Jojo Gunne : How about selling them?

Gary Winehouse : Made in China

C L : if they need to pay disposal fee, you think the mainland Chinese will pay? dun hold your breath

exon excel : Hmm weird, they could've just asked, even if they didn't know there were services, if they could fix or if not how to dispose of the suitcases.

Ang Su : This cmt is not related to the suitcase or the Chinese tourists. I just want to say the Japanese hotel manager near the end of the video is really cute and handsome. Okie thx bye

Alan : People should be made aware that the "mainland" Chinese do not represent the Chinese from other regions because the latter are often much better behaved.

AlabasterSmudge : Chinese very rude!

Melody Smith : Yeah this is mild.

yourefat andlazy : 0:37 i would never leave a suitcase at an airport but at least this person put it right next to the trash bin.