Case of Suitcase - Questionable manners by Chinese tourists in Tokyo

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silva geko : mainland chinese should be banned from entering other countries untill they can learn how to behave and learn some manners and morals.

kil koh : Compared to other rude behavior from Chinese tourists, this one seems pretty mild....

Mas Djoedjoer : We had have same issues in Indonesia facing and seeing the tourist from Chinese mostly from mainland is not an easy thing. They’re very rude, no smile, no queue, spitting in public, talking loud.

retchille gil mambuay : chinese tourists manners is a huge problem...

cobar1954 : the reason they dump the suitcases is because they are made in china and they are rubbish, like most things that are made in china even the people are rubbish

First Last : As much as I despise mainland Chinese bad manners, this story is a tad weak in its reporting. I travel A LOT, I mean A LOT and have been traveling to Japan for more than 25 years so I am aware of how bad mainland Chinese are but this is by far the least of their bad manners. Leaving the suit case wide open by the rubbish bins like that actually showed some manners in that one could immediately see that it was empty and not a potential hazard such that it might close down that area of the airport because security/police might think it's a bomb. At least in that story one shop claimed that they take the old suitcase if a customer buys a new one. For a hotel to charge 1000 yen to dispose of an old suitcase is just asking for mainland Chinese to dump theirs at that hotel. In 25 plus years of traveling to Japan I have seen only one suitcase that was abandoned at the hotel and I've never heard of this problem. I visit Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Naha on a regular basis and this really isn't a problem. I'd worry more about their tour bus operators parking in areas where they block traffic or the loud and rude behaviour at tourist hotspots.

Daisy Summer : Luggages made in China... as usual their products don't lasts...

Sean : But where could someone dispose of a suitcase at an airport? The most logical place is next to the bin.

Gwenifar100 : Don't dare to show such a behaviour in Germany, Chinese tourists! An abandoned suitcase at the airport in Europe: a case for the bomb disposal squad. Involving the evacuation of all people and cancellation of all flights.

phil yip : I do think this is a weak story. It seem totally logical to dispose of a broken suitcase next to the trash bin. If a German tourist had done that, I am sure you would have praised him for his logical and appropriate manner of disposing a broken suitcase. As for paying to have a broken suitcase being disposed of , I think ¥1000 is rather reasonable.

damn baby girl : Why are people seriously getting offended over this? Can anybody answer these questions for me? 1) Where else would tourists put their broken bags? 2) In most airports, if you ask security, then they will just dispose of it or put it in personnel anyways. So what's the point? 3) Why is leaving the luggage open of any concern? Most countries will immediately think it's a bomb threat if it's closed. 4) What if an airport does not have a shopkeeper who will discard of the bag? Small airports typically don't. Sure, it's trashy. But is it seriously something to fight over? A lot of people criticizing the Chinese are obviously bias, and they are not focusing on the story.

\\/\// : lmao... seriously, that's an epidemic for you guys? abandoned suitcases? good grief.

A L : What kind of crazy news is this? I travel a lot internationally and I had a broken bag in France. I sure dumped it in the trash at the hotel as I got a new bag. This is what happens. Don't charge money for this.

jcsjcs2 : I guess Japan could tackle that "problem" simply by accepting that Chinese tourists spend a lot of money on new suitcases in Japan and are thus entitled to leaving broken suitcases behind. I would be irritated if a hotel would try to charge me to leave a broken suitcase behind.

MOANA : Self entitlement? Chinese ppl, don't bring your bad habits with you, it reflects on your country and you, the same goes for tourists from any country. Be respectful of the country you're visiting, you're a visitor not a guest.

potter : The Mainland China " ministry of education" should be trained theirs Animals before unleash .

g43654 : Firstly, I'm not surprised since those suitcases were made in China. Secondly, they were packing their bags with too much baby powders and chocolates lol. Greedy? Yeah, definitely so, but it's just the Chinese way of maximizing their profit.

Lindalee Law : Niche market: bag disposal.

darius2n : 1000 yen for disposing of the suitcase? I can buy a new suitcase with that amount of cash

Lindalee Law : Chinese in America: please don't

RPA900 : Chinese mainlanders are taught from an early age to hate and despise Japanese because of the 1937-45 War. This is in addition to the usual lack of internationally accepted manners

Kirito in Japan : WTH! I'm not happy with that manners by Chinese!

Joy Koh : There are many Chinese all over the world,not all Chinese behave badly,so it's better to state Chinese from which country.

Steven Lim : This news isn't worrying. Most priority is they pay for their expenses. All of you earning money is because of the mainland chinese. So what's so fuss about it? Give your staff some work to do. You don't pay your workers for nothing. All i say the mainland chinese have the money.. thats my priorities..

ringpop103 : To all of you saying there's nothing wrong with leaving opened suitcases next to the trash at airports and hotels do understand that probably not all were put next to trashcans. I'm pretty sure that the 50+ suitcases sitting at the lost and found were retrieved from different places within the airport by authorities. And leaving trash in the hotel room is just a no.

Amal Vijayan : 1000yen for each bag. huh

EivenKim ちわ:D : Working una a hotel for 2 years always wonder WTF do they bring so much luggage for 1 day of stay???? Why??? And they have the face to get angry because there is no elevator 😂 if you bring so much luggage from so far I should be able to carry them to your room

bird718 : typical Chinese behavior

ImAlwaysRight YouKnow : whats wrong with dumping the luggage...just throw it to the truck garbage collector no bog deal

bayu afif : Chinese tourists always make problems all over the world

Kuro Neko : Why are Chinese flooding Japan as tourists? I thought they were still holding grudges from the war and hated Japan. Why would they go to Japan to give them their money that they've probably saved for ten years? lol

Nick W : Just blame Chinese for everything, it’s very appropriate now

Hardtechnoboy : What do these Chinese think their suitcases are? Newborn girls?

Commando Inferno : They can piss off thai people very easily, Thai are very nice and soft,this woman was thai and they pissed her off by making 4-5 lines, cutting lines, shoving and pulling her hair the video is called Chinese people have no manners by 11vid

Ross : This is not so much a matter of questionable manners but of clumziness in handling suitcases, unsatisfiable shopping frenzy which results in wrecking the poor things with overfilling them, and too much money, which results in leaving behind even perfectly beautiful and valuable suitcases that have become a burden, thinking: "I am rich enough to buy a new one once I'm back home". The Japanese airport should distribute those beautiful suitcases to the homeless, they'd be overjoyed to have them...

John B : I'll take all those left-behind suitcases. Send them to my hotel room.

Moua Xiong : How do Japanese dispose their suitcase? In America, we threw them in the garbage bin; one that is big alright. It is rude to intentionally leave your junk behind when renting a hotel room because you didn’t want it. You may throw it in the trash can should it fit and if not, find a proper place to throw them. But I guess many tourists , including Chinese doesn’t know how to properly dispose of a suitcase in Japan. I know I don’t.

Kate C : Also same situation occurred in Jeju Island airport, S.Korea. They made the airport to huge garbage. They don't have any common sense.

exon excel : Hmm weird, they could've just asked, even if they didn't know there were services, if they could fix or if not how to dispose of the suitcases.

Ang Su : This cmt is not related to the suitcase or the Chinese tourists. I just want to say the Japanese hotel manager near the end of the video is really cute and handsome. Okie thx bye

Joe L : Ah the mainland Chinese again: Jostling, spitting, shouting uncivilized Third World people. Shame on the Communist government that even considers giving passports to these stone age creatures!

C L : if they need to pay disposal fee, you think the mainland Chinese will pay? dun hold your breath

Ian wallace : Questionable manners?They don't have any manners to start with.

Really : The Chinese government need to make it mandatory for all Chinese mainlanders to take lessons in manners. I actually think the social media credit score if necessary for Chinese.

Kyousuke Martin : " A suitcase is a companion for any traveler" Yes, that could be true if you're deranged like Tom Hanks in Castaway, however, the vast majority of us don't consider inanimate objects as companions.

Revelian1982 : 1) How is this even a news story? 2) Why are they leaving their suitcases behind in such vast numbers? 3) Are you really going to keep vilifying Chinese people, after what your country's military did to the people of Nanjing? You should be on your knees for the next hundred years apologizing for what happened there.

N_Y : chinese is parasite

yourefat andlazy : 0:37 i would never leave a suitcase at an airport but at least this person put it right next to the trash bin.

Kelly ng : All other kind of people included good and bad! Racial discrimination extremely ugly behavior!

phil phil : The chinese's behavior just like the wild.animal without the disciple rule.the uncivilised people often appear in abroad.