Kids Find A Real Treasure Chest At The Playground! Family Fun Treasure Hunt!
Dad buries a treasure chest at the playground Kids find it with a metal detector and lose their minds

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My kids found a real treasure chest at the playground! We went on a family fun treasure hunt at the park today. The kids weren't so sure that they would find anything.. Until they found the ultimate treasure! Check out more of our family and kid friendly videos below: Fun Outdoor Playground in the Park for Kids: AMAZING and FUN Indoor Playground for Kids and Family: Kids Drive To Playground On Power Wheels Ford F-150 Truck: Kids Visit The Aquarium! Fun Day With Sharks, Jellyfish & Turtles: Thanks for watching!


Tung Dinh Son : *This is an amazing detector.>>>**** First one I've ever bought and I'm very pleased. It's set at a good price too, so if you're not into the hobby, you didn't waste a bunch of money on starting it. I like that the product is waterproof and no matter what batteries I use with it, it lasts a long time.*

Balu : They were lucky the pirates had plastic bags so the treasure chest didn't rot :-)

CuteOrange _FaM : Cool!

worstalentscout : very nice

Silas ofNj : Congrats, you tricked your kids into pursuing your hobby. But seriously, its nice to see the kids excited. #Kudos