Kids Find A Real Treasure Chest At The Playground! Family Fun Treasure Hunt!

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Tung Dinh Son : *This is an amazing detector.>>>**** First one I've ever bought and I'm very pleased. It's set at a good price too, so if you're not into the hobby, you didn't waste a bunch of money on starting it. I like that the product is waterproof and no matter what batteries I use with it, it lasts a long time.*

CuteOrange Dog_Cat_Puppy_Cj_Bat_Ida_DjFlareon : Cool!

Balu : They were lucky the pirates had plastic bags so the treasure chest didn't rot :-)

worstalentscout : very nice

Silas ofNj : Congrats, you tricked your kids into pursuing your hobby. But seriously, its nice to see the kids excited. #Kudos