COPPERPILLAR | Episode 1 | True Detective meets A Bug's Life
A life of fighting crime has pushed Foley a half manhalf caterpillar detective to booze strippers and strawberry milks

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COPPERPILLAR Episode One SUBSCRIBE for new comedy every week! Weekly episodes and monthly short films on HIRED GOONS. In a world where a minority of the population are half-insect people, Foley prides himself on being a caterpillar - and a cop. He's been in the force for so long, he's numb to the challenges of the job and drinks to forget. When his usual day is turned upside down, Foley is thrown into a mystery of missing children, missing partners and missing clues. Starring: Sam Monaghan, Jay Virgil, Alastair Osment, Emily Gruhl, Kyle McCallion Writers: Sam Monaghan & Ric Kneen Director: Ric Kneen Producers: Sam Monaghan, Tim Goodwin & Pearce Hoskinson Camera: Pearce Hoskinson Ben Secomb 1st Assistant Director: Tim Goodwin Sound Recorder: Tim Goodwin Damon Sheridan Kyra Bellamy Make-Up: Mellissa Johnston Sonja Howard Unit Manager: Kyra Bellamy Wardrobe: Mandi Murphy Police wardrobe: Jeff Campbell Editor: Ric Kneen Colourist: Ric Kneen Music: Michael Drew Stills Photographer: Chris Fagerlund Also starring: Suzanne Webcke, An Nguyen, Tanya Waltisbuhl, Sharon Ali, Tamara McLaughlin, Nathan Kennedy, Kyra Bellamy, Sam Liddell, Dylan Stumer Special Thanks: B Confidential Strip Club (Fortitude Valley) Boulevard Bakery (Morningside) ProCam (Albion) The Duke Apartments (Woolloongabba) 13Cabs A Hired Goons Production Business enquiries only: