How on earth did this raccoon survive a nine storey fall!? 😱😱

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Kerozen : same things with ran over animals... a lot of them walk away but die later of internal injuries... This raccoon just belly floped on sand, he is 100% dead

Gordon Tendick : Definitely died from internal bleeding a few hours later.

Swoost : "this is some real news".....I wonder who that dude voted for lol

Skada : Why did they clap?

idonegotold : that's a dead raccoon running on sheer adrenaline to hide and die in peace away from the crowd of people.

Austin Penn : Not Aerodynamic enough to reach its terminal velocity in that distance. Similar to a cat.

D Way : Was found dead later from internal injuries

Dominator03 : Looks like someone ran out of mats I’m sorry 😂😂

kazanova : My name is Raccoonio and you're watching JackAss

blitzv10 : why didn't he flap his tail and fly away

Arda Sev : Had to have high, high hopes for a living  Shooting for the stars when I couldn't make a killing

Martin Tedder : a bunch of "glass half empty" mfs in this thread!

Flying Spaghetti Monster : A raccoon can easily survive this fall. stfu naysayers

GroundHog Gooners : RIP Raccon Hunt.

Moon glow : You da man(xcuse me.. Racoon) Rocket!( LOLOLOL)

Mark Carlo Gonzales : He will die due to internal injuries. In few moments :(

Young Walrus : “OH MY WORD” 😅