Theres a war going on for your mind

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typography I did for my ethics class. I am majoring in Motion Design. Check out my other work. This one is my fave as of late. Love The Flobots message.


Dylan Jared : Its not a song its a poem

AncientWrath66 : Media creators steal away your sunsets, your moon light and your warm moments. Governing celebrities tell us how to dress, act and believe. "main stream" officials put forth ideas in our minds and take over the world of expression. National leaders tell us that being a certain way is wrong and refuse to bring up sensitive subjects. Television shows tell us what they want us to believe we could be. Society blocks out what they don't like and refuse to address the issues right in front of them. Military forces obey without thought or reason and massacre against the lives of innocent people. Whole cities tell us we are not good enough and that we need to infect ourselves with plastic to be accepted. Conservative churches tell us that being different means you are going to hell and discriminate, when all sin is equal. Politicians feed us lies and ridiculous promises to ensure their own success. There is a war going on for your mind.

Dr. Chaos : Unfortunately this is hard truth.

Double RD : nothing can compare

Trey Cain : I was actually hoping someone would make something like this. I love it. Totes subscribing, yo. Would love to see a poster version or something.

Mike Conlan : would love to see the full song

TerribleTrace : this is just amazing.

thomas sagan : over exaggerate will yah

Rick Sanchez : This song needs to be longer.

OneAxis : Nice video, what software did you use to do this?

mermaidmichele : LOVE Flobots but had NEVER heard this one! TY! I subbed because of this! INSPRIING and AWESOME! TY! well done!

rockywrakun : The Flobots - There's A War Going On For Your Mind

rockywrakun : Buddy this is one of the most important videos in the history of humanity. The song does not get nearly enough attention and your type display acts as a conduit for its visibility. Well done. Your grade is irrelevant. You just did humanity a massive favor.

Leighann Davis : this is awesome! great job marco

linxus100 : Why wont they finish the damn song!?

Joe Felice : There is an advertisement before this video.  Sigh...

Haylash : name song? *.*

Haylash : Name songname song?

Kris Pard : Thank you for this!!!

Carlos Vasquez : awsome video

TheMistressLillith : That was more than awesome...

Human 5,630,034,938 : This is great, freaking fantastic. so boss

TheTobiFiles : Holy crap, that was awsome

threevisionsgodpark : Yup, that was just the best thing I've ever heard in my life. End of story lol

TheLaughingOut : This is the best typography I've ever seen.

iamssmedia : I am late. I came here from the video that stole your video. Shame. The other video seemed disjointed, it started ok, then ended with this awesomeness! He or she ought to be ashamed... and THERE IS A WAR GOING ON FOR OUR MINDS... damn that was hot and DEEP!

intrptr : Thank you for helping me to win the war for my mind.

Yuba Medjkoune : This is motherfuckin' awesome. I bet the band would dig it. Great work dude, great work.

Sebastian Danielewicz : i get goosebumps everytime i watch this video ;-;

Mike Stakes : Badass job you did bro liked ALOT

Jessica Kuts : This is amazing! DO MORE!!

Brian Blowings : Yo, i shared this for you on Gathering of thE minds. FB

tknocke : I'm so used to listening to this on the album that I was ready for the next song to start. "BORN IN THE FLOOD"

ReptarSickness : what program did you use??

ncdogtraining : Nice work.

Deaphtones : If you happen to read this what classes are you taking in school? I want to get into computer design, and this would be cool to learn.

Ian Nicely : i am doing this same kind of thing only for a graphic design class. i chose this "poem"/song to do a kinetic montage =) VERY COOL

Marco Cardenas : SHIT HAPPENS ;)

Marco Cardenas : THANKS MAN!

Marco Cardenas : I DID :)

Marco Cardenas : Well thanks! I am for the most part a good person ;) so no worries. A lot of people ask me what i used. Its all after effects with a tiny tiny amount of cinema 4d. This project has propelled my career :)

Clulessness : and out of curiosity who the hell would dislike this video? just send me a message if so, so i can remember to dislike everything you've ever uploaded. k?

Clulessness : i don't know anything about you. for all i know you could be a murderer or a rapist, after all there is a war going on for my mind, nobody can truly believe anything anymore. but you have earned my permanent respect with this project.

Turkeyninjas9329 : NWO. "Find the others."

Turkeyninjas9329 : NWO. "Find the others."

PixelizedProduction : "We are the insurgents" Never get's old XD

BruinsVictory : @oliverjon80 Amen.

keenan waram : he didnt make it

Cade Schultz : This video is awesome. good job man