Realistic Garfield

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Comments from Youtube

Person : *_I H A T E A L R A M C L O C K S_*

StevieStyle : I love Garfield’s face this whole time.

RinnePlayz64 : How many drugs has John been on?

mama thiccy : *NOM NOM NOM NOMM NO M NOM NOMMMM* **wiggles arms**

rajvader : Find a healthier 40-something year old cat... Think he's fat now? Check out his pics form 1978.

Anna Moore : throughout all of this Garfield looks like he wants to die

Isakvent : "HE IS GOING TO DIE" His face looks like he wants to die tho.

Voice of Reason : -Realistic- "Family Guy" Garfield.

Cromilo ._. : *l a s a n I a I s g o o d f o r t h e s o u l y o u t h o t*

dan_dapotato : *L A S A G A*

RyuuzakiL5 : It's funny but garfield and other animals doesn't "talk", they just think and they somehow know what each other is thinking, but humans can only guess. The only animals that ACTUALLY speak are the Orson's Farm animals.

Surprise It’s a me : *I A T E T H A T F O O D*

Mr GameBoy : *_wHeRe DiD aLl ThE hAmBuRgEr HeLpEr G0¿_*

wrestlingconnoisseur : I always took Jon's dialogue with Garfield as an indication of a serious psychological complex and a bitter expression of Jon's beta malehood.

NuGG3Tz _ : *I Want Some* *LASAGA*

The Average Canadian : Childhood ruined?

Lee Harris : I have crippling depression.

Sp4ng3 : I think Garfield had a heart attack/aneurysm/stroke/liver failure during the entire ordeal. Hence he’s not moving.

Jenny wakeman XJ9 : Garfield can talk with his mind Jon it's all in your head You're crazy

Nolan Smith : and that there kids is how Jon went completely insane

name2 : It's time to kick Odie back in to the void where no mortal being can escape and lives, suffers there eternally.


м α т т н є ω : I gotta have a good meal

Mark hamill Joker fan : In real life he would be a normal cat

homie shogunking : wait (theory) if garf eats so much lasagna, is that how he transforms like in Garfield gameboyed?

marf t : robot chicken did this

it's galaxy flamingo : and Garfiled is like: meh....

Jayfeather and his stick : 1:56 That was when she realized that the problem went much deeper than a man feeding his house cat full trays of lasagna.

Fără nume că se fură : I'm a cat who loves to snozze

Spooneads : You're eating is out of house and home, *GARMFIELD!*

rarefeline : Am I missing something? Robot chicken already did it and even then it wasn't that funny.


[StLr] Lemon Phobia : This is one of the most brilliant videos I've ever seen

Rachel : You know what funnier? I guarantee there are owners who do this exact same thing with cats. Also without hearing Garfield’s thoughts you get a crazy man who overfeeds his cat and just guesses what he’s thinking.

Nikita Nopants : Ow, my childhood.

JustAdam : Suffering your face as usual

red fury91 : pete shoulda played the original jon arbuckle

end me : where are the three cheese pizzas i ate those foods

CatalystEXE : I'm am hungry I want some lasaga

Sky Johnson : Wait, you're not supposed to feed your cat cheese?

Mekhi Freeman : This should be called jhon needs psychiatric help NOW

The Playlister : the only thing im actually laughing at is garfields face

Demon Sypher : I'm hungry lets get some lazzaga🐱

Xoi on : Lasagernagabagla and some yummy Pizitatiesoonami

Mackenzie Burton : i feel like they took this idea from a robot chicken skit

Kuba Sikorski : Its impressive, Garfield can doing dont blink for long time

Ayden Mowry : Garfielf

Heredth : i ate those food

Skeletor 6225 : Garfield doesn’t blink in this video. At all.