Realistic Garfield

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McJuggerNuggets : I eat like Garfield.

StevieStyle : I love Garfield’s face this whole time.

Din Dun Dan : The Phantom Retard : Jon: Garfielf where is my will to live? Garfielf: *I aTE ThoSe FoOd*

aguy654 : Robot Chicken did it better.

RinnePlayz64 : How many drugs has John been on?

CatalystEXE : I'm am hungry I want some lasaga

rajvader : Find a healthier 40-something year old cat... Think he's fat now? Check out his pics form 1978.

rolando cameron : no animation needed for Garfield

Taylor Gilliland : Am I the only one that has noticed he hasn't even blinked, let alone MOVE, at all???

Person : *_I H A T E A L R A M C L O C K S_*

Dylan Keeler : I eat, john. it's what I do

pipboy 4000 : Garfield is cuter in this version

Surprise It’s a me : *I A T E T H A T F O O D*

Anna Moore : throughout all of this Garfield looks like he wants to die

Lieutenant Nomad : *GARFELLO!!!!*

Cromilo ._. : *l a s a n I a I s g o o d f o r t h e s o u l y o u t h o t*

Voice of Reason : -Realistic- "Family Guy" Garfield.

dan_dapotato : *L A S A G A*


Chipio Industries : *_G A R F I E L D Y O U L A Z Y C A T_*

WeeGee Kills : Remember kids dont feed you cat *LASAGA*

NuGG3Tz _ : *I Want Some* *LASAGA*

Mayson Beegle : Where are the 3 cheese peez-ahs.

м α т т н є ω : I gotta have a good meal

Heredth : i ate those food

Mr GameBoy : *_wHeRe DiD aLl ThE hAmBuRgEr HeLpEr G0¿_*

Jordyy : I love how he’s emotionless the whole time

isaiah kadiri : Jon can’t hear Garfield it was explained in a episode of Garfield and friends only the audience can hear him think and in the comics it’s the same its Garfields expressions tht give Jon a tip on what he’s thinking whenever he says something snarky it’s a thought that’s why in Garfield minus Garfield Jon would look insane in every strip

marf t : robot chicken did this

Spooneads : You're eating is out of house and home, *GARMFIELD!*


mama thiccy : *NOM NOM NOM NOMM NO M NOM NOMMMM* **wiggles arms**

Dead Pool : I'm a cat who loves to snozze

Syrup : *G A R F I E L F*

MarsGundam : This felt like a Family Guy cut a way gag. Just as long too.

rarefeline : Am I missing something? Robot chicken already did it and even then it wasn't that funny.

1000 Subs without videos challenge : I gotta have a good meal

random channel : Garfielf you lazy cat

SuperYoshiFan10090 Studios : *G O T T A H A V E A G O O D M E A L*

GregTom2 : Garfield doesn't talk! Garfield thinks.

Twitch HDmonumint : I hate *A r L a M* clocks!

Lee Harris : I have crippling depression.

MemeMan : i eat jon, its what i do

Baelfire33870 : false: cats do eat cheese and its completely normal for them to do so just as it is for dogs to eat strawberries

luminizelaura : gotta have me a good lasaga

Doppelcipher The Triangle : *brup*

I want to kill my self : and Garfiled is like: meh....

Xoi on : Lasagernagabagla and some yummy Pizitatiesoonami

Inkling : All are welcome in Cory the House

John Wu : did garfield actually talk to jon in the cartoons? i don't remember. i remember that he did when he was breaking the 4th wall or talking to odie but that doesn't crossover into jon's world, the same way with toy story, right?