Realistic Garfield

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McJuggerNuggets : I eat like Garfield.

StevieStyle : I love Garfield’s face this whole time.

aguy654 : Robot Chicken did it better.

Rolando Cameron : no animation needed for Garfield

rajvader : Find a healthier 40-something year old cat... Think he's fat now? Check out his pics form 1978.

CatalystEXE : I'm am hungry I want some lasaga

Person : *_I H A T E A L R A M C L O C K S_*

Taylor Gilliland : Am I the only one that has noticed he hasn't even blinked, let alone MOVE, at all???

RinnePlayz64 : How many drugs has John been on?

Anna Moore : throughout all of this Garfield looks like he wants to die

Dylan Keeler : I eat, john. it's what I do

Surprise It’s a me : *I A T E T H A T F O O D*

Cromilo ._. : *l a s a n I a I s g o o d f o r t h e s o u l y o u t h o t*

pipboy 4000 : Garfield is cuter in this version

dan_dapotato : *L A S A G A*

Heredth : i ate those food

Voice of Reason : -Realistic- "Family Guy" Garfield.

NuGG3Tz _ : *I Want Some* *LASAGA*


Mayson Beegle : Where are the 3 cheese peez-ahs.

Chipio Industries : *_G A R F I E L D Y O U L A Z Y C A T_*

Mr GameBoy : *_wHeRe DiD aLl ThE hAmBuRgEr HeLpEr G0¿_*

mama thiccy : *NOM NOM NOM NOMM NO M NOM NOMMMM* **wiggles arms**

м α т т н є ω : I gotta have a good meal

isaiah kadiri : Jon can’t hear Garfield it was explained in a episode of Garfield and friends only the audience can hear him think and in the comics it’s the same its Garfields expressions tht give Jon a tip on what he’s thinking whenever he says something snarky it’s a thought that’s why in Garfield minus Garfield Jon would look insane in every strip

Ling the Vietnamese Rice Farmer : I love how he’s emotionless the whole time


marf t : robot chicken did this

rarefeline : Am I missing something? Robot chicken already did it and even then it wasn't that funny.

luminizelaura : gotta have me a good lasaga

Fără nume că se fură : I'm a cat who loves to snozze

1000 Subs without videos challenge : I gotta have a good meal

Syrup : *G A R F I E L F*

random channel : Garfielf you lazy cat

Spooneads : You're eating is out of house and home, *GARMFIELD!*

Lee Harris : I have crippling depression.

I want to kill my self : and Garfiled is like: meh....

SuperYoshiFan10090 Studios : *G O T T A H A V E A G O O D M E A L*

Baelfire33870 : false: cats do eat cheese and its completely normal for them to do so just as it is for dogs to eat strawberries

MarsGundam : This felt like a Family Guy cut a way gag. Just as long too.

chiglel : i eat jon, its what i do

Doppelcipher The Triangle : *brup*

Xoi on : Lasagernagabagla and some yummy Pizitatiesoonami

Inkling : All are welcome in Cory the House

woot000 : woot000

RyuuzakiL5 : It's funny but garfield and other animals doesn't "talk", they just think and they somehow know what each other is thinking, but humans can only guess. The only animals that ACTUALLY speak are the Orson's Farm animals.

Demon Sypher : I'm hungry lets get some lazzaga🐱

cosmic watermelon : Lasaga

Tired Link : Garfielf

GregTom2 : Garfield doesn't talk! Garfield thinks.