Picard Gets Stabbed Through the Heart (R-Rated Version)

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timefilm : I was like 'did he just call them mother fuckers?' Then I remembered this is the Internet and I laughed out loud

James Johnson : The dubbed noise Picard makes when he gets hurt is priceless!

scotthebruce2 : Nausicaans really are motherfuckers, though.

FireTiger941 : All of his swearing is from the movie "Safe House" where he plays a former DIA agent and is paranoid about being assassinated, so he stays inside his house fortress all the time LOL

thecraziestofalldave : A clever edit, including that one movie with ol' Patrick soundbites.

Jurack Raine : He is laughing because the same kind of thing happened to him as a Cadet, and he has had an artifical heart since.

snidelywhiplash : Hilarious, though I feel like you might've overplayed it a bit.

Joe Hoffman : In your face...

Bruno Reyes : Shinzon shoulda laughed in his last scene of Nemesis

The Supervisor : LOL! I thought "you motherfuckers" was actually his line at first, but didn't remember it that way xD This video cured my cancer.

ghett0bla5t : The cussing is so hilariously random. Well done. :)

Paul Venkman : Seriously?

youtuber : I always thought when he was laughing after getting stabbed, " I would rather DIE than not be successful!"

chrismc410 : They should have made a series on Picard in his early, cadet, junior and senior officer years.

Nicolas Cacace : Bevis and Buthead The Next Generation

Best Anime Hero : 🔪💔😂😂😂

Fart Knocker : LOLOLOLOLOL

speeta : Since he was reliving this moment from his cadet days and knew everything that was coming, all he had to do was hide a plate of armor on his back to act the bad-ass and still keep his heart.

Sharpshire Eddy : It was the first time i heard Picard say "You mother F..cker!!!" in this now. Wow i'm totally shocked by this.

Leondegrance2 : Those other two sucked. I bet they later got killed by Pakleds.

andaikatalah : 0:18 reminds of The Safe House

Gavin Helgeson : My fav. Star Trek bad guys.

The Cat Man : Why did you stretch the video?

Robert Clary : haha - I see what you did here.

jwholp : fail

7Earthsky : lol