Picard Gets Stabbed Through the Heart (R-Rated Version)

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James Johnson : The dubbed noise Picard makes when he gets hurt is priceless!

thecraziestofalldave : A clever edit, including that one movie with ol' Patrick soundbites.

Jurack Raine : He is laughing because the same kind of thing happened to him as a Cadet, and he has had an artifical heart since.

snidelywhiplash : Hilarious, though I feel like you might've overplayed it a bit.

FireTiger941 : All of his swearing is from the movie "Safe House" where he plays a former DIA agent and is paranoid about being assassinated, so he stays inside his house fortress all the time LOL

scotthebruce2 : Nausicaans really are motherfuckers, though.

Joe Hoffman : In your face...

Bruno Reyes : Shinzon shoulda laughed in his last scene of Nemesis

speeta : Since he was reliving this moment from his cadet days and knew everything that was coming, all he had to do was hide a plate of armor on his back to act the bad-ass and still keep his heart.

The Supervisor : LOL! I thought "you motherfuckers" was actually his line at first, but didn't remember it that way xD This video cured my cancer.

ghett0bla5t : The cussing is so hilariously random. Well done. :)

Paul Venkman : Seriously?

DjDialogic : I didn't see the joint lock that Picard bragged about to Wesley.

Jj Chen : Apparently whatever he chooses to do differently would change his future and possibly make it so he would no longer be a star fleet captain. I wonder what wearing plate armor would do to his future.

ryan taylor : I wonder what happened to that nausicaan who stabbed jean luc was he imprisoned for attempted murder of an ensign in plain sight? was he allowed to leave unharmed as it's in their "culture" to be violent?

Best Anime Hero : 🔪💔😂😂😂

Winter Sky : 0:17 When my parents tell us we have to eat the salad that comes with the pizza

youtuber : I always thought when he was laughing after getting stabbed, " I would rather DIE than not be successful!"

chrismc410 : They should have made a series on Picard in his early, cadet, junior and senior officer years.

Fart Knocker : LOLOLOLOLOL

Nicolas Cacace : Bevis and Buthead The Next Generation

andaikatalah : 0:18 reminds of The Safe House

Sharpshire Eddy : It was the first time i heard Picard say "You mother F..cker!!!" in this now. Wow i'm totally shocked by this.

Leondegrance2 : Those other two sucked. I bet they later got killed by Pakleds.

Gavin Helgeson : My fav. Star Trek bad guys.

The Cat Man : Why did you stretch the video?

jwholp : fail

7Earthsky : lol

timefilm : I was like 'did he just call them mother fuckers?' Then I remembered this is the Internet and I laughed out loud

Robert Clary : haha - I see what you did here.

Joel Cortez : OMG!!...I just laughed my ass off!!!..f'n hilarious!!

MarioBrosReborn : YOU MOTHER F_ _ _ ERS!!! Too much rated R for me.