Could our universe be fractal?

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Phoenix : If you keep making videos you will make a living from this

Nick E : really interesting and well made. This should have a lot more views.

HeadshotDisorder : MAKE MORE

Tarek701 : Just saying, that No Man's Sky was a huge failure and did literally nothing at all. But I get what your point was.

Jeremy Lee : Short answer, no. Procedural games like No Mans Sky are defined by iterative functions, but the real universe is not. It is merely efficiently _described_ by them. Fractals in nature are the result of process, not the generator of them. And they are never "infinite", either in mathematics or in nature. That word does not mean what you think it means.

En människa : Great video! I have been thinking about this alot, but comparing patterns of the universe with fractals are somewhat of ad hoc explanations altough many are strikingly similar. Perhaps fractals appears by coincidence in the universe "superequation" which not nessearily needs to fulfill fractal criterias. Take Pi for example, there are no certain pattern in the digits as we know of today, however you can find small patterns if you search long enough, for example the digits 123451234512345 might repeat itself several times, however they might just be there by a coincidence. It would be amazing if you could make another video taking this into acount.

michael patakas : we do live inside a fractal universe...

xx6lord6mars6xx 17 : What if you add a fourth dimention???

jojolafrite90 : No man's sky as an example for "infinite complexity" HA HA HA HA... One day someone good at programming should explain why no man's sky sucked so hard... Anyway it was simple programming, not as complex as Minecraft with 200 mods (like ftb, or something) for example... Even that isn't "infinite", it has a finite number of possible combinations!!! Actually, I think our real universe could (should?) have a finite number of possible combination of possible interactions between his particles (or the number of possible combination of the bits that makes what we today understand as particles, themselves making what we observe as being our present universe. If you want to think about things as pure information). Anyway, a particle needs to be observed by some form of sentience in order to have the "right" to "exist" because it needs (actually, could it NOT NEED to be observed by something sentient for this to be true?!) to be observed in order to collapse it's "wave function" (meaning the possibilities of it's existence are determined for this plank length (the littlest possible amount of time that can exist before not even being time, we think). When the wave function collapses, then, it means that this particle, with some others, are forming what we understand as an atom (determined as what it is, and what it does by interactions with other atoms. Plus having a "real" (measurable) position in both time and space). Sorry for all this ramblings... XD

Tea Dawg : I reached this epiphany yesterday when I was tripping on 7 grams of dried shrooms. I saw all these complex fractals inside of my ''third eye'' and then I opened my eyes and realized we were living inside of one. Whether they are simple delusions or truth is up to you to decide, but to me it makes more sense than anything else right now.

Daniel Díaz Carrasco : Z to 2 not. Only Z+C is the correct.

NØVA ŠKR!lləX : سبحان الله الله أكبر علم الإنسان ما لم يعلم THAT video change my look into world man I am filling weird

Жавланбек Овчинников : In the chaos of the universe, fractally foamy compositions from quantum buds are formed in an orderly fashion, with the joint "sounding" of these compositions - the Transparent Universe increases .... Passing, in part through chaos from the quantum of buds - quantum fields do not lose information. The carriers of physical energy are quantum buds from quantum membranes, the center of energy in a quantum bud can shift relative to its quantum membranes folded into the sphere when constructing a quantum gravitational field.

Tommy Petraglia : Fascinating mathematical science theory but then it becomes product placement for a couple of video games... What if you never played these games I have no idea what you're talking about I didn't even make it to the end

Aaresch R. Rahmani : yes , it Is

/crash periodic : YES.

Bobbito Chicon : Yea dude are Universe is a Fractal,everything exists within a Fractal System and there is a reason for this...itz called "The Bobbito Theroy" 😎

Richard Davis : I've been working on a study, proving that language is a fractal within itself. I am close to publishing my findings & may have found a way to read the past, present & future all at once

LadyDanielle Zana : There was no big bang...the universe always existed recycling itself

metafis : The problem I see with the fractal universe is yes, we see similar patterns to fractals in nature, but they dont go on forever(unlike a fractal)..once you get down to sub atomic level. However, Im open to the idea that below sub atomic level, there are copies of our universe, in different time frames maybe. and so on...which would mean our universe is actually a sub atomic particle of a bigger universe.

Gaia Light Warrior : Of course, we live in a simulated fractal.matrix. there is only consciousness and energy.

Robert Wilson III : I’d really love to work on a theory of physics that places fractals at the heart of it all. I think it has serious merit. Especially in the philosophy of biology, and perhaps the literal progression of time. The kicker is I don’t find it incompatible with the work Susskind has been putting out in the last ten years.

neonpop80 : Yea. And you are a fractal. A self referencing system referring everything outside of it back to itself creating a loop. The ancients recognized this and presented it as the oroboros. We also live in a holographic reality where all the information is contained in the unit. And you are the unit.

Stormy Fronts : Wow this works very well with the simulation theory

Christian Nunez : Holy moly this is great man. Absolutely loved it. You're voice is really soothing too

M Benesi : Awesome. I can't recall if I saw this before... or said it was awesome before. It's so self similar to other parts of my life.

dakota cree me : The God of the Holy Bible... Yahweh.... is the creator of all this system... amazing... it did not just happen.... impossible... and IF it did?? It would in itself be a Miracle.

dakota cree me : Pretty cool stuff

OpticSmurfable : Top Notch editing

Trevor James Consideracion : We watched this on school.

PsychoPat : Learn binary language, you will see the world with other thought , it's close to the fibonacci sequance actually, good old math :)

Roiben Blitz : Finally, concept acknowledgment.

Nate Truehart : My brain hurts now

dreadthefeds : Yep that's actually the lore behind the game!

LegendLength : I think in the future we need to focus on trying to understand fractals in different ways. For example taking an object and trying to reverse engineer the fractal formula that would be used to create it. Audio and video engineering tries to do this already but I don't feel it's very complete yet.

judgeomega : Stephen wolfram's search within simple formulas for possible realities should be mentioned. He wrote a book called A New Kind of Science that might offer insights.

aimes2 : good fractal video!

Steve Yu : Great great job with this video! It's the best NMS related video I've seen, and the game already had me hyped. Awesome job. Please make more!

sirpaulmcd : It's a shame that you're still so unknown. Don't be discouraged and keep posting your videos to reddit (that's how I found your channel). I look forward to seeing more of your work!

The Sic Gaming Community : You've got something here. A big something. Good luck. Subbed, and I'll be watching.

DM21 Gaming : This is absolutely fantastic! Great work! Awesome content.

Dag Reinbott : Saugeil! Und - abgesehen vom dem tierisch interessanten Inhalt - auch echt gut produziert. Hut ab!

Grandpa Gaming : If math and fractals have designed out universe, then someone else most have created the math and fractals.....

Hans Schmalberger : why is video all messed yp and blocky???

PSI Rocker : "Could mere mathematics create an entire universe?" Of course it can that's physics in a nutshell

Fractalks : Nice introduction video. I hope many people will see it.