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Mr Maezawa Would you like to go to the Moon with me Dearmoon Spacex

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I would love to go to the Moon 2023 and share the experience! Mr. Yusaku Maezawa announced something awe inspiring yesterday, he has teamed up with Elon Musk and Spacex and has purchased all tickets to the first commercial Lunar Mission of the BFR/BFS rocket/spaceship, and invites Artists to follow along the ride. He specifically asked for one musician, and I thought maybe I could be that one musician. If you by any chance found your way into this description box Mr, Maezawa, here is my music: SPOTIFY ► BANDCAMP ► ITUNES ► and here is my contacts: All the best!/ Martin Help me get Mr. Yusaku Maezawa to see this video by sharing it with him and the wonderful people at the #dearmoon project: Read more: #dearmoon #spacex #elonmusk ------------------- If you want to support: The fact that you are watching the videos and care about the music and future of Wintergatan is the best support anyone can have, I want to thank everyone who is here for that kind of support, it is really the fuel for the Wintergatan Engine. If you apart from that further want to support the projects, we have these different options set up: YOUTUBE SPONSOR ►Sponsor the Wintergatan Youtube Channel by clicking the blue sponsor button next to subscribe PATREON ► PAYPAL ME ► Why do we accept support in this way? I, Martin, can already sustain myself 100% doing what I love to do. If you want to support artists/organisations who have not yet reached that privileged position, please consider supporting other artists/organisations who need the support more. With that said, I have too many ideas and too little time and with your support I can get more help from people around me to execute the ideas better and bring them out in the world faster. Read a longer statement on this here: ► DIGITAL MUSIC DOWNLOADS ► WINTERGATAN RECORDS ► SPOTIFY ► ITUNES ► SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE ► INSTAGRAM ► REDDIT ► DISCORD ►


BernardSandler : A lovely human with eyes wide open, tenacious creativity, and a gentle spirit. An ideal emissary to our lunar dancing partner.

Gamer's Bounty : Can Youtube fans catapult someone literally to the Moon? Martin from Wintergatan is certainly the PERFECT candidate for it! Let's get behind him!

Deeveeaar : this guy should go! great music and instruments!! i love it!

LiterallyNick : Somebody should really make Japanese subtitles.

This Old Tony : OMG good luck! Should SO be you. (this is the part of the comment where we cut to the shuttle interior full of floating marbles)

DerSibbe : I would love to See the Marble Machine X on the moon

oh0stv : Why is this not trending!

Light Games : Your music is from another planet!! You deserve to go to the moon!!

Coco_EC : Apart from the support everybody gives... Martin Milkyway is a great name

Chandan Sinha : You are truly deserving candidate Martin. Never have I seen any person who redefined an established stream as you did. The story and the imagery you created here is simply breathtaking. Mr. Maezawa, please please please select Martin for this project. Huge respect for entire SpaceX, Mr. Maezawa and Wintergatan team. You guys are inspirations.

sonia sharma : He is the best musician. Take him with you. He is a creator and he deserves to go to the moon. 😍

OvAeons : I cannot think of a more deserving artist to be sent to space of the 6500 hours of music in my modest collection, please send martin to the stars #dearmoon

Calverin Legeis : This video is perfect.

Adventures in 3d Printing : I think sending artists too the moon is a wonderful idea. And your soundtrack with SpaceX in the background would make the experience as good as twice.

Martinzepplin : Marble Machine (space) X

devjock : Listen dude, you already knew you were going to do the whole moon thing, before they knew they were doing to whole moon thing. Your world-tour planetarium kind of proves it already. Somewhere deep down, you set things in motion. The universe always delivers. Always. Elon is part of your plan. You are part of Elon's plan. Everyone is part of everyone else's plan. Let's make some epic music together. You got this in the bag man. Go knock it out of the park! -i mean, stratosphere :D

Wiktor Karol : I'm sure you can make your own, marble powered rocket engine

bruchpilot747 : I can't even imagine what space would be able to bring to your music. Your music already feels extraordinarily open, wide spread and huge while being so subtle, exactly how I would describe space. If someone asked me "How's space like" I'd say check out Wintergatan. It's huge and complicated yet so small and simple. It's busy yet so alone. It's solitude yet togetherness. I sincerely cross my fingers and "press my thumbs" for you and wish you the most luck I could because I really think you could be absolutely able to make the perfect soundtrack to the universe.

Paul O'Neill : better get to work on a zero-g marble machine!

Nenufae : You may get what you seek and you may not, but man I applaud your initiative. Ask and thou shall receive. Best of lucks, I really hope you get this literally one-in-a-billion opportunity.

Jack T-rex : Yes. Enyone that can help him get attention HELP HIM he will be perfect!!

Qam05 : this make me fricking cry that shows how great this is

Diogo Duarte : Thank you for felling my heart with music, I was sad when I started to watch your video and now I fell fulfilled

Pihsrow : Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Soumik Pal : THE BAND IS CALLED THE MILKY WAY! HOW COULD HE NOT PICK YOU?! I'm so glad this week's video is dedicated to #dearmoon - great move, Martin. If Mr. Maezawa wants a marble machine that works in zero gravity by 2023, he better commission you today :D

Richard Gilks : I agree that you would be a good fit for this. But I was disappointed that you didn't offer any suggestions for a project to do while in space. I really hope that you will think of something to compose in that environment.

Felix Urbasik : First, I was like "Aww, he wants to go." At the end I was like "Damn, he SHOULD go!"


George Milkas : You deserve it! I felt in love with your music and the connection you create with people and artists! Thank you for your creativity!

Nexos : You would fit the spot of Musician / Artist 100%! Huge support and hope to see you in space soon! :)

Gadget Deez : Idk why this made me tear up a bit. Very touching. I love this so much.

Dee Eddy : So, now to start CAD on Marble machine that works in 1/6 of Earth's Gravity :)

Yaroslav Bobrov : Очень классное видео, музыкальные инструменты, композиции. Слушая их погружаешься в сказку, ведь это живой звук у которого есть душа.

parusogtz : Me imagino que sera fabuloso escucharte desde la luna, me encanta tu musica

Ramix09 : Dude you NEED to go to the moon. You're truly a stellar artist (pun intended)

Phaze : We need a petition for Mr Maezawa to take this guy with him. I only discover this channel through this video and I can already see that this man will help change society if he goes. Most people who see the Earth from space are forever changed but the moon as well. This will be the one mission that changes the entire planet and social perspective. It didn't get much press coverage but this mission will become a vital point in history for humanity and we NEED this man to go!

FireFox64000000 : Well there's only two musicians I would ever pick for this and that's you and Adam Young. Mainly because you're the two best musicians I've ever heard plus you both have... Something I don't quite know how to describe. Basically you two are the two best musicians for the job I guess is the only way to put it. Anyways Good Luck God Bless and God Speed Martin.

sin nombre : amo tu musica y espero con ansías que tu estés arriba en esas nave a la luna

Supreme Lobster : I just realized I'll be finishing my college degree by 2023 woah

Damien Overeem : Martin, alot of your viewers don't place comments on your posts. They are simply silent admirers of your passion and creativity. I am one of those people. I will remain silent, but in this case I just want to say one thing: You have my vote.

Joecake Gamedev : Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

David Crowley : We need to all tweet @elonmusk with this video!!!

Roger Chang : I'm sure that you'll travel to the Moon with Mr. Maezawa. Yes!!!

3nigm4 : Fly me to the moon plays silently in the background

Dustin Penner : Maker, musician and YouTuber... there is nobody else would would be a better fit.

xXTurkishPizzaXx : I don't think that there is ANY artist who deserves this more than you...

ChocoCream : A huge support for you Wintergartan!

uncle hank : That would be amazing. You just never seize to amaze us do you Martin?

Phil Shearer : You must go! I was devastated when John Michel Jarre missed his opportunity when Challenger took Ron Mcnair to an early end. You need to take music to the stars for us all.