Mr. Maezawa, Would you like to go to the Moon with me? / Dearmoon / Spacex

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PewDiePie : I would love to see this happen!

Cody Breeding : Good luck my friend

Ronald Brewer : Best of Luck to you Martin

xaerotoleranx : wintergatan rulz\1!

Deimos 22 : Cant wait

This thumbnail has an impossible Mushroom Island. : Martin, you deserve it. Maybe Marble Machine X will become Marble Machine SpaceX, even if it relies on gravity to work.

Wu Xavier : Moon fits you well. I got this feeling.

shp0ngle : I hope you will be able to go. ;)

Vbot 2000 : He should make it

Kyle Paradise : Please take Marcus!!!

Chris H. : #dearmoon No artist is more deserving, is more creative and has more integrity. And what you contribute now and would contribute after going to the moon would be significant. Plus you are an engineer/artist and that is a valuable combination. Mr. Maezawa, please choose Martin. It will bless the world.

Bianca Moraes : Simply amazing, I wish you good luck ★ from Rio de janeiro, Brazil . By: Eulenilza (I can teach how to pronounce my name heheh) . My son Artur loves so much Escandinavia and Japan he speaks our language (portuguese br), English, Spanish and Japanese and he was trying some scandinavian languages. I had a problem that I can't move the left side of my body he is always supporting me with his love and I now that people like him are full of this love , he use to say that his name is Artos too ehehe I think this is from celtic language like his name, I would like to help him with tehese culture things. Thanks a lot you're incredible . Good luck. I hope you get that

sik 70 hachi : Good Luck if I was him I will take you

Griffin Hough : You sir are an incredible cinematographer and composer! Best of Luck!

The Commander : I don't think a fashion designer and a dancer is needed to be given a inspiration or sculptor or a architect well you could give them inspiration but you'll have to choose wise

LiterallyNick : Somebody should really make Japanese subtitles.

Gareth Fritz : It will be life changing when you realise you can’t re enter Earths atmosphere without burning up and that Americans made it all up to elevate war.

ASoucy181 : You are amazing! I would love to hear what you compose after your visit to the moon!! #dearmoon

Jon Ngwisha : Wow

Julia Crawford : I’d give anything to work with SpaceX, let alone go to the moon on their bfr. However I’d gladly give up what impossible chance I ever had to see someone as talented and wonderful as you experience that journey. Whoever is chosen, this will be a groundbreaking mission.

Wiktor Karol : I'm sure you can make your own, marble powered rocket engine

Alarfin417 : Get this man to the moon!!!

Péter Éliás : Good luck! I hope you'll get on that spaceship! Don't forget to listen to Space Oddity before liftoff! I also noticed that you use LEGO into your instruments. LEGO is my hobby, so it is always good to see some.

baverfjant : Martin should definitely go. He's the Elon Musk of music! Two brilliant minds, too innovative for the rest of this planet to even comprehend, and most likely neither of them are from earth. I'm 100% sure there is noone else who could do what Martin is doing because he is unique and extraordinarily talented. Please let him go to the moon so that he might find his true home among the stars!

LOVE4everSher : Lmao you are the marble guy

Pihsrow : Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Eric Yoerg : I hope he chooses you. You are a great fit. Aim high!

DeadSerpent87 : Omfg that would be so cool, I hope you can go

André carvalho : Are in portuguese the tittle hahshahsh

Cookie Man : TAKE HIM !!

Deeveeaar : this guy should go! great music and instruments!! i love it!

Jason Gatt : Love!! this version of this track at the end of the video!!

Jason Christopher Capps : Jason is m

Mira Cheraa : I didn't invent a thing. I'd love to go to the moon with all of you.

charliebh1 : Good luck man

Jack T-rex : Yes. Enyone that can help him get attention HELP HIM he will be perfect!!

yomz0r : Flawless.

yuuki tanaka : Good luck and best of wishes !

Guyanon TWV : A real musician like yourself would be great oppose to a commercial artist !!!

Phaze Plays : We need a petition for Mr Maezawa to take this guy with him. I only discover this channel through this video and I can already see that this man will help change society if he goes. Most people who see the Earth from space are forever changed but the moon as well. This will be the one mission that changes the entire planet and social perspective. It didn't get much press coverage but this mission will become a vital point in history for humanity and we NEED this man to go!

Light Games : Your music is from another planet!! You deserve to go to the moon!!

Ulyan Khalif : Yes you should. And once you go home, please collaborate with MUSE to make a song about the Moon.

brazinbox : I truly hope you get chosen. Best of luck!!

Jonathon Mattingly : This is a true artist hope he gets chosen to go

sbmphr : Wintergatan although this would be the trip of a lifetime it could quite easily be your last trip, is it worth the risk?

Coco_EC : Apart from the support everybody gives... Martin Milkyway is a great name

Lucas Nichele : Awesome!

Demasturbot : Miley Cyrus should be chosen!

Baycosinus : Hell yeah i'd love to see that happen. Marble Machine in space will not clearly work without a redesign anyways but... you have that idea machine in your skull to figure that out. You're an unique mix of engineer and artist and that's enough to make you eligible for that travel.

Robert Astbury : Best of luck to you; I hope you get a golden ticket. Amazing marble machine btw! That’s spacex style outside of the box thinking!