Mr. Maezawa, Would you like to go to the Moon with me? / Dearmoon / Spacex

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PewDiePie : I would love to see this happen!

Nexos : You would fit the spot of Musician / Artist 100%! Huge support and hope to see you in space soon! :)

Dustin Penner : Maker, musician and YouTuber... there is nobody else would would be a better fit.

Julian Gray Media : I can think of no musician or engineer more deserving of this honor.

BernardSandler : A lovely human with eyes wide open, tenacious creativity, and a gentle spirit. An ideal emissary to our lunar dancing partner.

This Old Tony : OMG good luck! Should SO be you. (this is the part of the comment where we cut to the shuttle interior full of floating marbles)

Micha Tadema : please film (if you go)

Deeveeaar : this guy should go! great music and instruments!! i love it!

DerSibbe : I would love to See the Marble Machine X on the moon

Light Games : Your music is from another planet!! You deserve to go to the moon!!

Chandan Sinha : You are truly deserving candidate Martin. Never have I seen any person who redefined an established stream as you did. The story and the imagery you created here is simply breathtaking. Mr. Maezawa, please please please select Martin for this project. Huge respect for entire SpaceX, Mr. Maezawa and Wintergatan team. You guys are inspirations.

Gamer's Bounty : Can Youtube fans catapult someone literally to the Moon? Martin from Wintergatan is certainly the PERFECT candidate for it! Let's get behind him!

Lars Loschwitz : Hello Martin. I simply love your approach to making music and I'm impressed over and over again, by the emotions and feelings that come with your compositions. What would your music be like, after a trip around the moon? I don't know but I would love to find out because I'm sure, that you are able to transform such a journey into music and share it with your audience on a level that cannot be reached with words or even 3D video coverage. That's because I trust you, to tell with music, the journey seen from the viewpoint of your heart. Thank you so much, for inspiring and entertaining me. I wish you the best of luck for your application to Mr. Maezawas project.

Calverin - Commands, Games, and More! : This video is perfect.

sonia sharma : He is the best musician. Take him with you. He is a creator and he deserves to go to the moon. 😍

Adventures in 3d Printing : I think sending artists too the moon is a wonderful idea. And your soundtrack with SpaceX in the background would make the experience as good as twice.

Kasper Heyst : This HAS TO HAPPEN! All my favorite things are aligning!


Coco_EC : Apart from the support everybody gives... Martin Milkyway is a great name

Genie W : If any musician - any artist, any human - on this planet deserves to represent the best of humanity in space, it is you, Martin. Still, being the worrying type, the first thing I thought (and kept thinking) was: what if something went wrong? That said, the video itself is achingly beautiful. It radiates the spirit of Wintergatan, and the essence of your nature and your creativity, more brightly than the brightest star. And, of course, there's your music, which is out of this world magical. I really hope you get to go. Even though a part of me doesn't want you to. Good luck!

LiterallyNick : Somebody should really make Japanese subtitles.

oh0stv : Why is this not trending!

OvAeons : I cannot think of a more deserving artist to be sent to space of the 6500 hours of music in my modest collection, please send martin to the stars #dearmoon

pi or 3.1415926535897932384626 : Is mayonnaise an instrument?

bruchpilot747 : I can't even imagine what space would be able to bring to your music. Your music already feels extraordinarily open, wide spread and huge while being so subtle, exactly how I would describe space. If someone asked me "How's space like" I'd say check out Wintergatan. It's huge and complicated yet so small and simple. It's busy yet so alone. It's solitude yet togetherness. I sincerely cross my fingers and "press my thumbs" four you and wish you the most luck I could because I really think you could be absolutely able to make the perfect soundtrack to the universe.

matt rickard : Who better to literally take radio wave/radiation/light fluctuation data collected during the mission and translate it into actual space music. Not just white noise or background chatter but something that you would actually want to listen to. Fast forward to 2023: Lil Wayne and Ariana Grande hmm? Who saw that coming. Well I guess if it happened to Challenger, with any luck.......

Lego Technic Mastery : Woah ! Inspiring, I'd go to the Moon with You ;)

Yaroslav Bobrov : Очень классное видео, музыкальные инструменты, композиции. Слушая их погружаешься в сказку, ведь это живой звук у которого есть душа.

Nenufae : You may get what you seek and you may not, but man I applaud your initiative. Ask and thou shall receive. Best of lucks, I really hope you get this literally one-in-a-billion opportunity.

Еlоn Мusk : Сделайте сабы. Ничегонепонимаюпоанглийски

Wiktor Karol : I'm sure you can make your own, marble powered rocket engine

Roger Chang : I'm sure that you'll travel to the Moon with Mr. Maezawa. Yes!!!

ChocoCream : A huge support for you Wintergartan!

Adventure Shop : If Mr. Maezawa is going to take a musician to the moon, I can't think of anyone more deserving than you !

Jonas Stoyas : Man! I really hope you get to go :)

Matthew Shapiro : Sending a bunch of artists to the moon... that could lead to an entire awakening to the arts! If you did go to the moon, Martin, I would be grateful to hear the prodigious composition you would make there!

Loh Wen Tao : Who else makes a better music with marbles? Oh wait, there is NO ONE ELSE. I hope u are chosen!

Double A 12 : I like your both marble machine

Jackalovski : As an engineer who believes that there needs to be a closer link between engineering and art, I am in full support of you being one of the passengers onboard the BFR which is itself going to be a fusion of art and engineering.

Godzilla Rider Gamer : It would be amazing for you to go! Especially because you have a YouTube channel! How long would you be away though

Magister700 : I hope you make it to the moon.

Benjamin Hock : I don’t think there are words that could describe how well fit you are for this. You deserve it so very much I hope this happens!!!

Flappymlg360 : You inspire everyone with your music. I wish you the best of luck!

BozGaming : Genuinely can't think of a single musician that would be more perfect for this position, it just works

notproplayer 3 : Now this is crazy

Jake Adamsky : If there was an artist that deserves a trip around the the moon, it is you. You have my support.

UselessCompanion : I hope he will see it

benjorax gameplay : hablas español?

Random Button Pusher : No better choice for the mission.

LiterallyNick : Imagine justin bieber beating out this dude...