let me get uh

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Ayo Ace : Let me get a uhhhhhhhhhh Liquid free water

Sub Killer : lemme get aaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuujhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

hope : this reminds me of patrick ordering

Awesome Izack : This stuff only happens in America

The Real Gamer : Legend says hes still saying "yes uh let me get a uh"

B A S S G O D : Who just came here just to see 🅱️oneless

YourFired : 🅱️🅾️NELESS

Reality Realized : It's like the guy buying 97 scratch offs at the gas station... Let me get uhhhh one of those and uhhhhh let me get uhhhh...

PVZ Zone : lemme get uhhh... 2 numba nines and numba nine large, a number six with extra dip, a numba 7, 2 numba 45's, and a large soda. Edit: Wow whole lotta likes!

Carlos Nino : When pranks were real and not staged for money and fame.

Alexliftz Style : This guy is goals . lmao

Awesome Izack : Why is this on my recommended?

Oligampla : Meanwhile 50 cars are waiting behind him

Drawn to Life : 2009: "let me get uh" 2017: INSANE DRIVERHROUGH PRANK IN THE HOOD GONE WRONG!!! (Gone sexual?) [not clickbait] ---- Drivethrough challenge

Chris Alvarez : lemme get uhhhh boneless pizza with a 2 liter coke

Auva Stratos : This was made in 2009, it was ahead of its time

Salty Psycho : YouTube use to be good like this 😭

Ryan Ravina : I love the part where he says let me get uh

Utsuro : It was earrape for a second at the end

Pim Smaal : Some say she's still asking for an order

Chester Glock : I recommend getting a uh...

Fadil Nahdi : what's funny is him holding his laughter

SLAYERZ : One day people are gonna get Pissed😂and make a food called UH and it will be the most expensive thing 😂🤣


Bambam : Back when YouTube was pure

ASHEEPWITHSWAG [OG] : Legend says he that got that "uhhhh".

PeabnutPanda : The most random things end up in my recommended from like 10 years ago

Flyzrr : my favorite part was when he said “let me get uh”

i make u triggered lol : oml

Oligampla : The best thing of this video is that this woman did not kick him out or at least say something like "Sir, when you don't make an order, please leave". She is waiting like 30 seconds without getting an answer lol

Paroy Tv : The people behind him were probably so mad.

this person is named HANNAH : Dat girl though she be like huhhhh did chu say somin

Goody 2 Shoes : let me get a uuhhhh BONELESS PIZZA

Tayji : b o n e l e s s pizza please

Some random name : I was in second grade when this came out wth

szvw : why is a 2009 video in my recommended?


Prestige Snipez : Lemme get uh huh boneless like

Mate Bruv : Can we just acknowledge the fact that it was uploaded 8 years ago?

Jacob : if you did this in 2017 you will get arrested for feminism

HarizshahHamin : I went to a McDonald restaurant went to the Drive trough.... I literally drove trough....

Saba The B : When you're baked at burger king like: "Lemme get *uhhhhhhhh* "

Danzo Shimura : Drive Thru First Prank

Yannik Handle : that high pitched noise is killing my ears

Jesus Feeds : Legend has it he's still saying let me get ay uhhhhhhhh 🤤

Lachlan Kell : People day that if you listen closely at a kfc you can still here him to this day

Gunne9 : Rip the people behind him

Ganggangpapi : The way she says "Or u can buy a combo" 😂😂

Risky [WeDoItLive] : The lady thinks he has autism 100%

Adrian Serrano : Can we just take a moment for the insane patience for the people in the back waiting for his uhh order.