Gennady Tkachenko Papizh

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Sandra Chung : With all the musical instruments, and synthesizers in the world, people need to be reminded that one of the best musical instruments is the human voice.

Mike Hunt : This guy is so good im seeing little yellow dots run across my screen

alexandra 17 : this guy deserve a lot of respect!! I LOVE THIS 💕💕💕 so calm and fantastic, there's so fantastic humans.

Kaylee Crouse : Does anyone know what I would look up to find more music like this??

Mark Dyble : It actually moved me to tears.. I love all music, every genre there us.. but this is beautiful. More please!

Newguts : This broke me and i'm alive...

Arctic Kat : soundtrack for a movie yes?! amazing!

飛流捏住的鴿子 : Oh my god...what did I just heard? BRAVO...

Israel Boakes : close your eyes

cramoc : My mind quickly drifts off to a far of land where an epic battle has just taken place. This song then captivates the losses on both sides, loved ones departing. This type of powerful voices really echoes through the land and reaches every small corner of the mind! Beautiful

Lisa Indish : I just want a whole CD of this man's voice - for meditation, inspiration, and to share during Reiki sessions with my clients. LOVE this man!

Rui Tang : The best VOCALIST ever!

Cristian Hernandez : Simply an astonishing event.

moksa studio : a short moment from the golden age when human was still human. OUTSTANDING!!!

Zoltánné Kovács : Gyönyörű

Steve Steve : Wow

Tilu Lydia : 👐👐👐👏👏👏

nukebacon876 : Why is Ezio Auditore chatting bare shit?

David Worden : his musical range is insane too, not many men can hit that high of a note, and his voice is actually excellent too, would be interesting to hear him sing a "normal" song

Christof Collof : Pink Floyd Careful with that axe eugene , listen to roger waters doing the same thing on 1982 ..

Ming Shao : Moving in the deep heart soul!

Caty G : incredibil

Vin Ellis : Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict

skla ave : WOW.............. :-)

ChiiChàà Brùùnette : WaaaW magnifique *_* <3

Joseph Hannon : my god what a beautiful voice.

coralreefwave : I want to find on I tunes. love it

Peter Harrison : PinkFloyd should hire him for their next album!

AlphaH3lo : He looks like the winter soldier no ? and he got a great power too what a voice !

jn naz : These is a really good voice

stubs : insane! Love it

Josue Valencia : what is he saying ?? OMG!! He's freaking awesome!