Grape Fruit technic

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BrandonCruzDFS : Ah the sound of two wolverines fighting in a suitcase of rusty nails.

Chris : it sounds like she has the microphone in her throat what is this

Bô Mập Channel : sounds like ASMR for Satan

dr fill : sounds like the ticket eater from chuck e cheeses

Lucky0Kitty : Sounds like a vacuum cleaner with a knife stuck in it

Andy Andersen : Tried this technique with my dad, very enjoyable

khujo78 : Ummm... can she get a Nobel prize or something? Key to the city? Championship belt?

C W : Jesus is this on YouTube

Daniel Drake : I could not be more grateful for this tutorial, recently my wife has felt a little distant, we have tried relationship and couple therapy but nothing has managed to mend our once beautiful and rare bond. I remember our wedding night, we were passionate and a little freaky, but three years have passed and here we are, we just about sleep in the same room (I'm on the floor). But thanks to the marvellous information that this tutorial has provided my wife has never been happier. It has sparked life back into our love life. I recall the first night this happened. She invited me into the bedroom, I thought she waring some new Victoria Secretes perfume but now I know the truth. She sat me down and asked to put a blind fold on, when she told me I was getting head, boy did I do it myself. What followed is what I could only describe as the happiest day of my life. Now we have experimented with all sorts of fruit, tonight we are trying a mango. I hope this brings happiness to other couples and I thank this lady for the life changing advice. Amen

Sherman freeze : Thanks, Now I Can Survive In Prison!!!!!

Thoroughly Wet : I'm sorry but if I heard that when I was blindfolded and getting some head, I'd think you're going at me with a shop vac

Cristian diaz Diaz : Anyone from ig that saw the post so they had to look it up

Jack Cash : What. in the hell. is. this

Meemz Mememan : He protecc He atacc But most importantly He Get tha big black

patchmilkk • : this is why I’m gay

Kieran Simmons : I'm a boy that needs to lose weight

Paola de la pena : Very nice, great technique

Saiyan God : 💀she sound like Nibbler off Futurama

Oof_oof 1082 : Time to delete from my watching history

calum harper : wouldn't recommend, stings quite a lot

new sies : Sounds like a broken dishwasher. If anything in my house made that noise, I would replace it.

fliping : whats ur number

Crazy Horse : That’s one minute I can’t get back.

TehFinalBrick : thats the sound of that one final destination movie where the guy got his insides sucked out by the pool. this nibba about to have his organs sucked down her throat damn.

Jordan H : Technique! Technique! Technique! Technique!

Ŕhēţť Ğ : Yeah uh were with the pet hospital down the street and I understand that you have a dying animal on the premises.

vCharlie : 0:50 she obviously hasn't been using the technique then 😂

Greg Seitter : Weird flex but ok

Dogeboi9398 : *_D E M O N O T I Z E D_*

Communism 101 : Succ

Brendan Tilo : This sounds like..... Nevermind

MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! : *Category should've been EDUCATION*

MrAkaalis : That sound though. I swear I could hear golem in there saying _precious_

Rotten Girl : One of the best comments from original is gone now so I’m going to make sure it lives on: “She sounds like noo noo from teletubbies” 😂

Zoli Presentsツ : Ohhh jeeee

Gam3fr3ak : Yall came for 0:24

0 0 : Just give me the mf grapefruit.

Pragnya Konanur : Tiny Meat Gang?

OkTM : legit sounds like donald duck

I go 0 to 011 mike real quick : Why am I here

Philip Åsebø : Remember that most psychoactive substances interact poorly with one of the alkaloids in grapefruit

A.R.M.Y SHOOKALLDAYEVERYDAY : Wtf did i just watch

zsófia babarczi : Thank you random guy who showed me this on Discord

Haleigh Foster : That good *succ*

Haaajer Abdullah : I would rather do the Nutella technique 😍😛✨

KingStorm : Raided by εχω να χεσω 2 μηνες gang

JegHedderBoB : thanks now i can survive jail

Meep : Legendary tutorials from the gods

Spongebob : ASMR