solid snake works at taco bell

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i got david hayter to read this out and its fucking beautiful

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Seraphi Grimaldi : Snake, you forgot your change! Snake? SNAAAAAKE!!!

Refik Mehmeti : so he works for kazuhiras burgers now

Justin Y. : It's a weapon to surpass metal gear.

Justin Y. : I have found the reason to exist.

Commando 723 : So this is what happened to the original Big Boss


Vegetarian Soylent-Green : Raiden works at burger king.

AxusHeart : _Why does he look like Dr. Strange?_

et 37 : This is one of my favorite videos on this entire site

びんびんごはんケーキー : Taco Bell Solid Taco Bell Solid 2: Nacho Libre-ty Taco Bell Solid 3: Late Eater Taco Bell Solid 4: Buns of the number Eight Taco Bell Solid 5: The Stomach Pain Taco Bell Survive: Diarrhea

TheAwesomeDarkNinja : God I miss Solid Snake. Can't believe it's been 10 years without him.

jtnachos16 : I love VAs so much. Seriously, what other industry professionals aside from anime and game VAs do this kind of random crap with fans?

Ajoo 129 : *Taco bell* *By* *Hideo Kojima*

Winston McHetz : *"Kept you waiting, huh?"*

The Watermelon Felon : so this is what Snake did after MGS4

Turk : Damn cyborg ninjas cutting onions...

IAM NOTAWEEB : "Boss they are just food,don't overcook it"

Soviet Snek : Hurrr.... colonel, I’m sneaking around in the enemy base, but I’m dummy thicc, and the clap of my asscheeks are alerting the guards

Matt Something : Such a lust for tacos.. Whooooooo...!??

ronyscot : eyyy konami,wanna win 300 millons dollars?make a MGS(1998)remake and put this guy as snake again!


Neoflux Armor : David Hayter as Snake is like Ryan Drummond as Sonic. They're fucking perfect for those characters. :(

Jake Branthe : I can still hear him saying "you tend to twist your elbows to absorb the reecoiyuhl"

SGT Foley : Keept you waiting for this amazing comment

El Rey Mono : We need Snake\David back!!!!!

hellatze : Man. Konami cut his paycheck again.

Pragmatik : You think he hides under all the opened boxes

king k. rool : Snake? SNAKE SNAKE YOUR SURPOSSED TO BE AT SMASH NOT WORKING AT TACO BELL Edit: So when Snake was kicked out of Smash he went and worked at Taco Bell

Knut Kniffte : It sad... he will never be snake again. Oh man... i need a ps3 and mgs collection again. Or a ps4 version. One reason i love this series so much is david hayter. I never heared such passion again in a game. Even the naughty dog games cant hold up to this.

SebiKitty : I can do a better snake voice impression than whoever this guy is

weegee90000 : Where Snake was working before he got called about Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Papa Scorch : I guess Taco Bell hired the D-Dogs.

CLxJames : This is what Metal Gear Survive does to your brain...


Thiên Nguyễn : Psycho Mantis? *YOU'RE THAT NINJA*

FolstrimHori : I didn't tear up

Brandon Watters : the man the legend

Replayxx Doki : How in the world do you just have 584 subscribers?

brokenkibord : Time to leave the gun and live....not as a soldier but as man

Reggie the bunkler : A taco to surpass metal gear

Ivo Iva : Doritos Tocos Tacos

Neo2266 : *_KePt YoU wAiTinG H U H_*

Creepypasta Jeff : It‘s been a while since MGSV and it‘ll be maybe the last words from Snake.. thank you Konami. I hope Hideo Kojima uses his nuclear warheads to blow up Konami productions ! (*Mission accepted, Boss!*]

alexkairas 66 : This is the coolest thing I have ever listened I feel like I don't deserve this.

Quinton the Villain : Dear lord, i didn't even realize how much i missed that voice. I love Kojima and all, but i think it was a massive blunder to not keep going with David Hayter.

S.D. Plissken : wouldn't it be irony if kojima made escape from New York and used Dave to voice Snake Plissken?

Alan. Noséquemás. : Keep you waiting, huh? It never fails.

Nario : That's one *Solid Taco!* Also, Fiery is my preferred Dorito Taco. Living up on that HEAT! 🔥🔥😎👌🔥🔥

Ken Masters : I use to be a manager there, and Snake was my worker.