solid snake works at taco bell

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Cam Clarke : Dear brother...

Refik Mehmeti : so he works for kazuhiras burgers now

Commando 723 : So this is what happened to the original Big Boss

Pragmatik : You think he hides under all the opened boxes

FolstrimHori : I didn't tear up

Zalen Castillo : Bless

びんびんごはんケーキー : Taco Bell Solid Taco Bell Solid 2: Nacho Libre-ty Taco Bell Solid 3: Late Eater Taco Bell Solid 4: Buns of the number Eight Taco Bell Solid 5: The Stomach Pain Taco Bell Survive: Diarrhea

Genghis Khanghis : Suddenly my skin is clear and I don't wanna die

Grizzly Melon : Dear lord, i didn't even realize how much i missed that voice. I love Kojima and all, but i think it was a massive blunder to not keep going with David Hayter.

GEWB2105 : When that voice acting job you always counted on doesn't go through. Man, they really messed up that series.

et 37 : This is one of my favorite videos on this entire site

Mustafa AbuAmer : *A Weapon To Surpass Metal Gear*

Justin Y. : It's a weapon to surpass metal gear.

Christopher Wilson : Even after losing his spot in MGV and forced to work for Taco Bell, he still does the one thing he does best.

Justin Y. : I have found the reason to exist.

Dungeons &Depression : bless him

Fifi Germanotta : I love David Hayter so much

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : Raiden works at burger king.


kimberly m : this video made me not want to kill myself


RageRacerRiley : Better than Metal Gear Survive, am I right? ;) #FucKonami

Natalie Perez : Brother I am SOBBING thank you for my life

Trackman 92 : Magic

BigBrotherW : That man is a legend!

JayGamerShow : Snakes retirement after 4 lol


Genaro Siles : OPERATION: TACO EATER (Bless David, he's my childhood)

ghostimatic : god is dead and we have killed him

Lily None : this is an actual blessing

Cool Guy : I'm glad he can still do the Solid Snake voice, seeing as how Old snake destroyed his vocal cords.

donduran öküz : Afedersin ama anlamadım

Jack Rainford : A Taco to surpass a Ration..

Jay WalkZ : #FuckKojima He threw this legend away just so he can feed his Hollywood thirst. Smh.

Squishy Toast : The guy was so nervous

Turk : Damn cyborg ninjas cutting onions...

TheAwesomeDarkNinja : God I miss Solid Snake. Can't believe it's been 10 years without him.


i94Rules : Doritos Tocos Tacos

solid snake : Excellent Snake. Age hasn't slowed down a bit!

Luis Alonso 95 : David...I need you

tom lorance : fuuuuuuuck im so horny now lol

The Watermelon Felon : so this is what Snake did after MGS4

Pablo Diaz : It's hard for a vet to get a job nowadays

Huy Pham : Metal Gear Solid: Doritos Locos Tacos Eater


jureg pa mim : DAVID HAYTER!?! You're that ninja...

cloudzack1090 : R.i.p metal gear

Lord tachanka : I shed a tear

A Scorch Main : I guess Taco Bell hired the D-Dogs.