Koshiya Kumiyumi, Battlefield Archery Demonstration (薩摩日置流腰矢組弓 演武)

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The Third World Kyudo Taikai (Tokyo) 2018 Demonstration 第3回世界弓道大会 演武 薩摩日置流腰矢指矢保存会 Koshiya Kumiyumi https://lightinthecloudsblog.wordpress.com/tag/koshiya-kumiyumi/ #Kyudo #Archery


Frederick the penguin : - stealth is optional for this mission -

Pascal Nielen : Screaming gives a 30% acuracy bonus.

Aden hui : Google Translate Aiiiiiiiiiiieeeehhh = Stick a arrow in his crackhole.

Kommissar Soos : they scream because its not honorful to kill someone silent

kwon harry : Soldier: Sir! Our arrows are too loud when fired! What do we do!? General: I have a plan

Filip Niewinski : Imagine a 1,000 of these guys

Crouching Wombat hidden Quoll : And this is the STEALTH attack.

Güray Kaplan : Wow this ultra hd mode for mount and blade looks amazing.

AstrobumTV : This video is so Japanese my computer kills itself in honor of Dell.

TigerDude333 : "The ancient battles were hampered by poor command and control, as orders often went unheard during all the crazy screaming."

Fane Blackstone : A graphic representation of how YouTube's algorithm works. You: YouTube: AAA! Your recommendations: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Bimmer Won : Sounds like me after Taco Tuesday

Date Mike : When you pick the Chosokobe clan I total war shogun


Some Bloke : When you refuse to become a stealth archer.


axetonamill B : Scream loud enough the first time and they'll never hear you coming the second time

mike reyes : Some may call it a bit extensive. However, that is the correct amount of force needed when encountering a spider.

Alazar : No one: I mean, like absolutely no one in the history of ever: These dudes: AAAAAAAAH

cristopher wong : Japanese master bowman made English master bowman laugh with the power of their dohvahkin shout

ThePartarar : In a fixed battle, imagine how terrifying those shouts would be

slashDRAGON45 : Nobody: My neighbours at 3AM

juan twotree : They scream so their enemies can hear where they are coming from and can return fire. Yup. Sounds about right


TheCrathes : General: "Are the archers in position, we need them to fire on the enemy's left flank" Advisor: "No sir, not yet" *5 minutes later* General: "Order the archers to fire now" Advisor: "Sir, the archers have only moved 50 yards. They honour the enemy by waddle-walking whenever on the battlefield"

Oeht : Nobody : Japanese archer : HEEEEEEYYYYYYY

DrGeneralkumar82 : Leader: Aim!! Rest of them: did he say fire? Fire! Leader: no you idiots I said AIM!!! AAAAAAAIIIIIIMMMMMM!!!! EVERYONE: AAAAAAIIIIMMMM!! (Yet continues to fire)

Turbulent Thrombosis : now imagine a detachment of archers doing this

MSH 9 : The audio from this was later put into a meme with rubber ducks in a cart

Jona Orange : "YAAAAAAAAA i bloody missed again, i'm gonna sneak forward a bit to see if i can get it this time, YAAAAAAA missed again damn it!"

Matt D : I always wondered why Japanese bows were asymmetrical like that. It never occurred to me that they were designed to be fired from a crouching stance, very cool.


marcus : Shoots bow* Looks up* Sees nuke* AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

BearBrigadeTV : Legend has it, This is where the battle cry "YERRRRRRRRRRR" came from

1st Monty : Sekiro is crouching on the roof

peebins123 : The Bannerlord Gekokujo mod is looking great.

Spark Play : There screaming because they all have arthritis

TakeCare OfHim : **When I see a cockroach** 1:12 **When the cockroach flies at me** 1:43

vtrmcs : contact drills for ranged weapons havent changed for hundreds of years then.

Mr CAPS 257 : Well they’re definitely not the guys you want on a stealth mision. 😂

inregionecaecorum : Oh dear, I do not think the French would have been impressed at Agincourt, they would have retreated when they heard the racket. I doubt if this is a realistic depiction of Samurai warfare, they would not have lasted long if it was.

Fancybeats BBX : Why are they killing the string offcenter?

anoccomir : So happy minecraft skeletons dont scream as much.

xXDelta KillerXx : than you come in with AK 47

Rai Salengko : So they scream to boost morale on the battlefield.. That's how the old war happened

Dantick09 : I bet these guys can echolocate their targets

KY : The scream of the second guy on the left omg hahahahah

Johny Barbosa : Abaxei o volume o povo aki de casa ia pensar q era porno gay

mn73211 _ : My archers keep moving up without me telling them to, when are the dev's going to fix this?