Koshiya Kumiyumi, Battlefield Archery Demonstration (薩摩日置流腰矢組弓 演武)

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AstrobumTV : This video is so Japanese my computer kills itself in honor of Dell.

Doctor Lieutenant : "Bows are silent weapons that can deliver arrows at a distance without causing any attention" Japanese archers: **fires arrow** *_AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA_*

DrGeneralkumar82 : Leader: Aim!! Rest of them: did he say fire? Fire! Leader: no you idiots I said AIM!!! AAAAAAAIIIIIIMMMMMM!!!! EVERYONE: AAAAAAIIIIMMMM!! (Yet continues to fire)

Chill and Kill : Sultan Hakim's party is launching an assault against the wall of Halmar. You have 9 troops fit for battle against the enemy's 357. You decided to... Negotiate with the besieger. *Join the battle.* Order your men to join the battle without you. 30 seconds later... ...Khergit Veteran Horse Archer knocked unconscious by Sarranid Master Archer. Khergit Veteran Horse Archer knocked unconscious by Sarranid Guard. Khergit Veteran Horse Archer knocked unconscious by Sarranid Mamluke....

Kit The Potato : Everybody knows screaming makes you stronger. Watch anime

Dantick09 : I bet these guys can echolocate their targets

Da BJ : You know the meme with all the rubber chickens and the noise after the guy squeezes them?

Doctor Jones : And here we can see the kobayashi archer in his natural habitat... *_AIIIEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAEUUUUUUUGHEEEEEEAA_* ...Truly a majestic specimen.

Coinman220 : When you're playing Mount & Blade: Warband and in the midst of combat the enemy/ally AI start yelling.

Spark Play : There screaming because they all have arthritis

Bálint Czuppon : If you close your eyes it sounds like pro tennis players

Meme Machine : How do they resist the urge to shoot the audience Amazing self control

Political Correctness : **turns* *bows* *towards* *crowd**

Eduard BlaBla : Imagine like 500 of these guys instantly screaming while shooting on you. It must've been really scary. You know that each time you hear a voice one arrow is released and it might kill you or wound you. Psychological warfare indeed.

mike reyes : Some may call it a bit extensive. However, that is the correct amount of force needed when encountering a spider.

Will : I never knew archery was so loud.

Mr. Macedon : in the West: Draw, Aim , Lose! ... EAST: AAAAAAAAA!, EEEEEEEEEEEE!, AIIIIIIIIIIIII!

5chr4pn3ll : That is actually very interesting, and not too unlike how modern infantry moves as to be completely alien.

Lbot beenthere : Did not see a single acid or fire arrow launched, the trolls will win this battle

Patch Weaver : Imagine getting hit by arrow while a Japanese man screams at you. Back in the day this was a fear cry. Now it’s just an intimidating cry.

Veetu Heiskanen : I'm cracking up every time they yell EI! Ei means no in finnish so it sounds like they are yelling NOOOO!

naw nope : Maybe they are just shouting to let each other know when to move or fire.. they can't exactly look around to see what everyone is doing

ScytheriaReborn : A shame about all the inane comments. I found this fascinating to watch. It's great that such a venerable martial tradition is still observed, and I can imagine how formidable these guys would have been on a battlefield.

baconman : Me: "I'm excited to see this beautiful display of culture" *fifty seconds later* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUH

John Zero Signal : *This video is even funnier in 1.5x speed*

Ducaso : 3:08 the archers on the ends defending the flank from being outmaneuvered.

Boom Dos : This Archery Dojo needs to be upgraded. What I usually do is pick Chokosabe, upgrade the roads, and make an alliance with the Shimazu. Don't convert to Christianity, and spam Archers, usually a mix of Bow Ashigaru and No-Dachi will keep the campaign in your favor.

gstp : Archer reporting to general : "Sir, we return from our mission" "Good, how many opposing soldier did you take out?" "None sir, but now they're all deaf, sir."

Tayter Sah-Lad : Now imagine 200 or 500 archers all doing the same thing on an ancient battlefield....scary AF

Magnus Modai : Almost as good as American Civil War Reenactments.

Roger Theil : Are the hats shaped like that so you can feel the wind direction and resistance easily? Just a thought...

Casper Orlikovsky : *Nods in Japanese*

GOGOgomes : I imagine if we dind't kill all of our natives, how would their traditions looks like in our modern age. Maybe something like this.

Määx : The two in the front have serious lag issues

Simion Alexandru : And they say rifles are loud...

ShelbyKingNFS : Sneaky, sneaky...sneeeeeeaky... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *enemy* did you hear something fred? ... Fred?

Itz Asian Nick : I wanna play this to someone without showing them what it is and ask them what it sounds like😂😂😂😂

UnclePutte : At the battle of Sekigahara in 1600, the estimated number of belligerents on field ranged from 170,000 to 195,000. Now imagine them all doing this at the same time. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH-

Rob Kohr : It was impressive to see at the end how accurately they hit their targets. Each sheet was a porcupine. They were slow and deliberate, but I expect that in real battlefields they would be faster, but safety and putting on a good show for the audience was important here.

Mikoto Suoh : I love the different mating screams of mother nature <3

BBSツGeneral : Excellent. They pierce not only flesh but also the ears and sanity of the enemy.

AngeredKabar : Armchair commander time: Either a lot more archers to keep constant fire, or split the advancing line into three teams rather than two. There was some decent coordination during the advance with some archers holding back in order to advance with their group. Now having no experience and little knowledge of commanding anything this is fascinating and I appreciate the archers for their dedication to keeping history alive.

Erik Ahl : 1:17 when u see the squad for the First time in a week and everybody screams EYYYYY

peter lustig : my favorite one is the closest to the cam, he just trying to get them 360 no scopes down

SlyBlu7 : Everyone is acting like rolling barrages weren't invented until modern arms. The Dutch and English adopted volley fire like this in the 17th century with their muskets. The Japanese even a bit earlier. What I find odd about this demonstration, is that the Japanese didn't seem to have a concept of these kinds of volleys before Oda Nobunaga turned loosed his gunners at Nagashino. He is credited with inventing the rolling volley in Japan (first rank fires, and then falls back to reload while the second rank fires, rinse and repeat). If this kind of archery had been prevalent, then why did other commanders not think to apply it to tanegashima in order to maintain a constant, rolling fire? This method is also slower than simply having bowmen "fire at will" - keeping a 30x improvement over blackpowder rates of fire. Again; why would commanders continue using bows into the age of gunpowder (which they did) if the bows were firing so slowly? You have to be careful when watching Japanese martial demonstrations. It's a sad fact that over two separate periods of demilitarization and pacifism, the Japanese lost and even destroyed much of their own martial history. Just as every military strategy and martial art in China was "passed down over 2000 years by a Shaolin monk, who first learned it by watching a tiger fighting a rat, blah blah blah" - a great deal of what we're seeing coming of Japan is a mix of romanticism, hypothesizing, and attempts at recreating accurate models from whatever firsthand sources can be found. You have the same problem with HEMA, historical European martial arts. We have lots of books on how people *think* you should fight with a longsword, but some of those guys actually suggest dumb things like unscrewing the pommel and throwing it at your enemy. Did anyone actually do that? Heck if we know, nobody has fought with a longsword in almost 500 years.


Roger Theil : Japanese girl: "You know, I've always had a thing for archery" Japanese archer: "AAAAAAAAAYE"

StiffWood : Listening to this on another tab reminded me strongly of Mount & Blade

Corazzina Tanner : 100 or so of the dudes would be scary. Does their screaming in the first part of this remind anyone else of the rubber chickens that scream when you squeeze them.

biel_zikorions ü : 02:19 quando eu bato meu dedinho do pé na quina da cama