Barstool Pizza Review - Rico's (Gary,Indiana)

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Dave Himself : Casually drops one of the lowest scores ever

Raff : One shitty quality video, everyone knows the rules.

Looney Bin Louis : They busted out the Hood camera just in case 😂😂😂

Janoy Crevsa : Shit video quality, perfectly suitable for Gary Indiana.

SBow311 : Giving out free pizza in Gary! People are gonna know you got money! Don't get robbed! GTFO of there!

RightGuard417 : Gary Indiana is literally one of the most dangerous and vile cities in America, stay safe dave

Anthony Y : As a Chicagoan, I’m so glad that your Gary, Indiana review had a mixtape and a camera hungry Mom and daughter. Love it. Absolutely love it lol

A Kid From Houston Texas : Gary Indiana is probably the worst place to be in the United States

Caeden Emerald : Do a review with TheReportOfTheWeek

blue cheese : I live 15 minutes away from gary and never been there. That's how sketchy it is

Kyle Fritz : Am I the only one thinking Dave's gotta get this box situation handled, I cringe Everytime 😂

chefsu11715 : “Oh you ain’t gonna turn down no greezy free pizza! We gone have lunch!”

Alonzo Hall : Shit. You could have almost stopped at literally any other city in NW Indiana for better pizza 😂

DAW2ON : lol best pizza in Gary Indiana and it's connected to a smoke & vape shop

R Daley : Way to get outta dodge at the end Dave

Richie Martinez : Lol Gary Indiana so garbage nothing good in that city anymore

0to60in1day : App should be able to record in 720p at least.

Liam Mathew : Special guest should have been Freddie Gibbs

Daniel Towers : 3.4, best in Gary, IN

Breasticles : Shameless hood folk. Government cheese has clearly ruined their tastebuds.

pistol pete : A 3.2, a 9.5, an 8 and a 10 hahah wtf

brian a : I hope you got some shooters with ya

Louis Payan : A disgusting 3.4!!! The Prez is MUFFAKIN ROOFLESS!!😂😂

tay : lol u crushed that little girl's dreams when u gave it a 3.1 lmfao she was like "i gave it a 10...."

Strong Island : Best one yet you got me laughing so hard over here. She jump all over that free pizza . You the man bro enjoy tomorrow.

ryan : Sirius is DEAD without Pat

Ol Saint Lit : Lol how quickly she took that free pizza. I supposed it's okay though because she has polite kids.

Two Hands and a Radio : Drop down to Columbus, Indiana. Zwanzig Pizza. 10 all day everyone knows the rule.

Chiggins : One taste everyone knows the logistics

ILikeJello : Too many rookie scores in this video xD

HardGains : omfgg loll black folk alway hootin and hollering involving themselves in anything and everything just crawlin from every crack lmao jesussss chaos.

Kyle AWIPOD : I literally set up that liquor store he’s in front of 😂

Tyler Clayton : 3.2! Haha. After a 10. No shame. Lol. Haha.

Taylor Shields : If you are white, you gotta know that saying "that shit was hard", is just not necessary. Ever.

Rob : Dave Portnoy, a man of the people

Martin Quin : The man of the people

Finn Green : 1 + 1 + 1ish Everyone knows mayhem and heartburn Bad pie Box requires combination Bad slice dimensions Trapped in recycled plastic bags Toxic grease Bingo bango Zip and dip it is seemingly shit

ramon 2296 : It triggers me how he can never open a box like that right

Matt Attack : I’ve seen him give worse better

Matthew Gariup : Try Stop 50 in Michigan City if you can. Top pizza in the region. Go Irish!

Hager Bomb88 : El pres!!!!!

george iovino : El pres

Not Playing : Dave Portnoy confirmed not against diddling kids

Warheaded Visionary : You buy the disc to get then out ya face everybody knows the rules

G Quinn : Portnoy is for the children

Ryan Z : murder capitol of the world, Gary, IN.....nice stop sir

Tony Saberton : Really you couldn't do a layover in Cincinnati... gEEEEZ ... you will next time HA HA HA

chance hunt : Jesus mix tape monkey smh


Brian Brees : Pres... a man of the culture