Barstool Pizza Review - Rico's (Gary,Indiana)

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Dave Himself : Casually drops one of the lowest scores ever

Looney Bin Louis : They busted out the Hood camera just in case 😂😂😂

Janoy Crevsa : Shit video quality, perfectly suitable for Gary Indiana.

RightGuard417 : Gary Indiana is literally one of the most dangerous and vile cities in America, stay safe dave

Anthony Y : As a Chicagoan, I’m so glad that your Gary, Indiana review had a mixtape and a camera hungry Mom and daughter. Love it. Absolutely love it lol

SBow311 : Giving out free pizza in Gary! People are gonna know you got money! Don't get robbed! GTFO of there!

A Kid From Houston Texas : Gary Indiana is probably the worst place to be in the United States

Caeden Emerald : Do a review with TheReportOfTheWeek

Elons Musk : I live 15 minutes away from gary and never been there. That's how sketchy it is

R Daley : Way to get outta dodge at the end Dave

DAW2ON : lol best pizza in Gary Indiana and it's connected to a smoke & vape shop

Kyle Fritz : Am I the only one thinking Dave's gotta get this box situation handled, I cringe Everytime 😂

Alonzo Hall : Shit. You could have almost stopped at literally any other city in NW Indiana for better pizza 😂

Richie Martinez : Lol Gary Indiana so garbage nothing good in that city anymore

chefsu11715 : “Oh you ain’t gonna turn down no greezy free pizza! We gone have lunch!”

Daniel Towers : 3.4, best in Gary, IN

Liam Mathew : Special guest should have been Freddie Gibbs

0to60in1day : App should be able to record in 720p at least.

pistol pete : A 3.2, a 9.5, an 8 and a 10 hahah wtf

brian a : I hope you got some shooters with ya

Kev Kowalsky : Shameless hood folk. Government cheese has clearly ruined their tastebuds.

Louis Payan : A disgusting 3.4!!! The Prez is MUFFAKIN ROOFLESS!!😂😂

ramon 2296 : It triggers me how he can never open a box like that right

ryan : Sirius is DEAD without Pat

tay : lol u crushed that little girl's dreams when u gave it a 3.1 lmfao she was like "i gave it a 10...."

Strong Island : Best one yet you got me laughing so hard over here. She jump all over that free pizza . You the man bro enjoy tomorrow.

Rob : Dave Portnoy, a man of the people

Ol Saint Lit : Lol how quickly she took that free pizza. I supposed it's okay though because she has polite kids.

Two Hands and a Radio : Drop down to Columbus, Indiana. Zwanzig Pizza. 10 all day everyone knows the rule.

ILikeJello : Too many rookie scores in this video xD

Tyler Clayton : 3.2! Haha. After a 10. No shame. Lol. Haha.

HardGains : omfgg loll black folk alway hootin and hollering involving themselves in anything and everything just crawlin from every crack lmao jesussss chaos.

Martin Quin : The man of the people

Kyle AWIPOD : I literally set up that liquor store he’s in front of 😂

Chiggins : One taste everyone knows the logistics

Taylor Alexander : If you are white, you gotta know that saying "that shit was hard", is just not necessary. Ever.

Matt Attack : I’ve seen him give worse better

Hager Bomb88 : El pres!!!!!

george iovino : El pres

Matthew Gariup : Try Stop 50 in Michigan City if you can. Top pizza in the region. Go Irish!

Erik Yunker : one video filmed on a potato everyone knows the rules

Uriel Septim : Now that's what I am talking about like good friends. Sharing is caring. Haha!

Uriel Septim : I recall them being good in 90's and early 2000 way back for party because they were cheap or something.

Johnny Cakes : Keeping it real.

Not Playing : Dave Portnoy confirmed not against diddling kids

#TEAM TRUMP : 2 or more out the door

TheENofficial : 3.2 LOL

Greg USMC : 3.4 rounded up to 4 would be a good bet for U of M’s number of wins this year. 😂 GO BUCKS! (I’m just playing Pres. I love ya)

stss95 : Video score 2.1

nebraska corn fed : R.I.P. Pat Mcafee