Failing My Art A levels Episode 2: Fish are Friends Not Food

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Art manifests itself in many peculiar ways. Sometimes in the form of a beautiful 18th century portrait and other times in the form of a shit drawing of a fish based on a much better drawing by Katsushika Hokusai. My apologies go out to anyone who had to view this video but, as always, thanks for watching. also I didn't realise but I do say eeeeeerm a lot so I'll try cut down on that. Subscribe: Previous Art Video: Bob Ross Video: Previous Video: Music: Hatfilms Reaction to my Remix:


Ralph MW : Glad to see you on the 9-5 grind keep it up

Gregory Whatley : I've used window tracing many a time. Work smarter not harder I say Next step is outsourcing all your art work to a sweatshop in china Then you'll be reaching about my level

Just another emo : Yeaaaah buddy