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nowakeric : Best short I've watched so far !!! Brilliant acting. I was either him, or her, or sitting at the next table, listening. Thx for sharing !!

gregory brian : Great for my learning French and for learning more about filmmaking. I expected the man, at the end, to reveal that he is the casting director and say "Congratulations. You have the part."

Weronika : excellent!!

Brenden Johnson : This gets me every time I watch it. C'est brilliant.

PapaBear : I don't get it. Pls explain

wowforreeel : Brilliant!

tommyzDad : Would someone clear this up for me: Is "I don't love you anymore" "je ne t'aime plus or "je ne t'aime pas plus"?

fred forcx : OMG Tellement bien joué! J'en pleure xD

Farah Hamdy : Wow, hair raising

gaspesy : Superbe !

Ron Villejo : Brilliant!

-McNulty - : love it!

HELL 0 : est-ce qu'il y a un avec sous-titres français

Classy Queen : This was awseomeeeee!

cabmen1 : ay, French 4 Casa Grande!

Darius Molark : cool, brilliant

Lord Trump : No, get out.

JMCSD : This is amazing.

Pedozzi : Is the girl at the end his real fiance? So will the next line be "No, get out".?

Pedozzi : Can someone explain please? I'm a little slow

samw181818 : To the person below, it's "Je ne t'aime plus." Plus replaces pas when used in this context. Like, jamais or rien. Kind of like the principal of double negatives in English. You could say, for example "Je n'ai dit rien" but not "Je n'ai dit pas rien" some also leave out the pas when doing this (J'ai dit rien) but in proper French, it should be used. 

HELL 0 : is there a transcript in french i can get ? can anybody help me out ?

FAIRY SQUAD MOTHER : Je ne comprends toujours pas pourquoi elle pleurait ...

Spectastic : poor guy got dumped twice in one day.

M&U Antwerp videos : That comment is an ironic critique of modern internet culture.


TrueYears : So he got dump big deal. for all we know he cheated on her or something. People don't stop living their loves ones suddenly. It happens slowly. He wasn't giving her what she wanted. No big deal

Bob Blackadder : I agree. What makes this film so good is that despite the dialogue remaining the same, what we understand and the way we feel, changes, solely because of the actors subtle facial expressions. Putting in the 'real' woman at the end is overkill and ruins the subtlety. I suppose some people need a heavy handed cue to get the point, whether canned laughter to know when to laugh or sentimental music to know when to feel sad, but I suspect that's not this audience.

muddystings : I'd like to watch the next episode if it was available.

Tyler Durden : excellent !

rlfstr : I suggest seeing the film "Certified Copy" if you loved this one.

ruxisophi : I would not ever want to be in his place .. and I would not want to tell anyone what she said..:(

jadedconformist : And when you realize he's giving her acting tips based on something that just happened (reality), it makes it even more so.

TheSpiritOfTheTimes : Few would make the connection without the women at the end and even then it would be conjecture.

TaunWe519 : Dude it's a joke

Duckman1616 : Learn to fucking spell.

William Trow : @spyRG

Ryan MacInroy : Directed by M Night Shamalan

Bushelz : The best part is that he now knows what to say after that. He was looking down in his hands and I felt like he was unsure, but after reciting those lines with that girl, he knows exactly how it's supposed to go. It's so often in life we're not sure of what our next line is, but it landed right into his lap.

Claire Fox : when she smiles, it makes her lines so cruel.

Buttbuttbutt : @ruffunitlm You now hold the title of the best Youtube comment I've seen within context yet.

lou ovcm : @jaywhofan an actress asks a real man to recite the script and thus be an actor. at least she thinks he's acting, she thinks she's acting, but in fact he is not acting, for him it is his real scenario, and so she gets caught up in his realness, stops acting, and the scene becomes real for her too, so in the end neither of them are actors. the script the actress reads is coincidentally the same as the man's real situation.

Heyitsstu : @jaywhofan that she recite the script while smiling, a reason that we aren't given until the last 10 seconds. The gentlemen continues forth his lines but instead gazes into her eyes, appearing as a man disheartened by his spouse's confession, . The dismal expression nearly overwhelmed the actress, bringing her to tears as she recites the last sentences of the scene and thus causes her to act essentially as the character depicted in the script. The reason for the advice? He is living it verbatim

Heyitsstu : @jaywhofan The actress is reciting a play she is auditioning for, she asks a lone gentlemen to act a character in the script where in the the script, the scene begins with her character and his character as lovers conversing on the foundation of their relationship. Her character confesses that she no longer loves him and that her affection for him has been a slow diminish. His character is shocked, not understanding why she doesn't love him. They recite twice before the gentlemen advises

jaywhofan : I did not understand this at all.

rex232 : @tyuobue26 Agreed!

Dwight Shrute : No,get out.

curtawilkerson1 : @abobabobabob I totally agree. The ending made what was already obvious redundant.

Sam Old : aww man i guessed the ending!

superman3384 : yes