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nowakeric : Best short I've watched so far !!! Brilliant acting. I was either him, or her, or sitting at the next table, listening. Thx for sharing !!

wowforreeel : Brilliant!

Spectastic : poor guy got dumped twice in one day.

Brenden Johnson : This gets me every time I watch it. C'est brilliant.

Weronika : excellent!!

Bob Blackadder : I agree. What makes this film so good is that despite the dialogue remaining the same, what we understand and the way we feel, changes, solely because of the actors subtle facial expressions. Putting in the 'real' woman at the end is overkill and ruins the subtlety. I suppose some people need a heavy handed cue to get the point, whether canned laughter to know when to laugh or sentimental music to know when to feel sad, but I suspect that's not this audience.

tommyzDad : Would someone clear this up for me: Is "I don't love you anymore" "je ne t'aime plus or "je ne t'aime pas plus"?

fred forcx : OMG Tellement bien joué! J'en pleure xD

ClifftonBeach : wow what are the odds that two women auditioning for the same role would happen to practice with him! Second one went through the motions more

PapaBear : I don't get it. Pls explain

Farah Hamdy : Wow, hair raising

gregory brian : Great for my learning French and for learning more about filmmaking. I expected the man, at the end, to reveal that he is the casting director and say "Congratulations. You have the part."

samw181818 : To the person below, it's "Je ne t'aime plus." Plus replaces pas when used in this context. Like, jamais or rien. Kind of like the principal of double negatives in English. You could say, for example "Je n'ai dit rien" but not "Je n'ai dit pas rien" some also leave out the pas when doing this (J'ai dit rien) but in proper French, it should be used. 

Jazza John : that was fucking amazing favourited

YourTango : Wow. Great video!

J&M Films : definitely not!

The Daily English Show : Wow. That was great.

The Daily English Show : I was thinking that too.

CBRA FILMS : GREAT! nice short :) great acting, touching!

VJAZA9T2 : wow that is one of the best shorts i have seen

rlfstr : I suggest seeing the film "Certified Copy" if you loved this one.

drummerseb : trés bon court! les acteurs jouent vraiment bien et la morale me plait assez! bravo pour ce bon moment de cinéma!

dziupdziup : Powalające! Naprawdę świetne! Uwielbiam filmy z zaskakującym zakończeniem. Merci beaucoup!

Benoit Perrier : Excellente scene, plein d'émotions, bravo !

Da Baldaric : J'ai pas compris la chute

superman3384 : yes

Moh D : ah ah aha ah ah ahehewihge lollage that was pwnful :)

Mircea Dunka : Excellent! (cf. Webster, possessing outstanding quality or superior merit; remarkably good.) Bravo!

Spynosaurus : omg, tres bien! i really liked that!

GRAVITY : i dont get it, why did she get all emotional? and then who is that lady that comes from the backroom at the end? the guys wife or something? did she misinterpret their conversation?? someone please explain for me!

Thirteenthdi : Who is she?

Frenchytouch Frenchytouch : quelle performance..! bravo.

Herr Sin : I nearly started crying. Very cool video

ashpod84 : Like it - obviously she was just going on to do that for real with her 'husband or b/f' and so it was not just a rehearsal and the same was true for him- I wonder what it was he said to her having rehearsed just seconds before?? hmm

Darius Molark : cool, brilliant

Velvet74 : Mwahah that is for sure if I knew you, I would certainly be tempted to cheat on you !

Velvet74 : because the guy is strangely connected to the events in the script. It is what is happening to him and so the blond girl feels it, and begins to enter her role.

Velvet74 : It is a short movie :) /grin evilly

badjuk : Czysta poezja.

Whitney Barros : je suis en train d'étudier français, mais je pense que elle a changé la forme de parler. le sentiment et l'emotion sont diferent quand elle souri. la tristesse est grand. =P i hope you understand.

Whitney Barros : it looks like he was passing through the same thing she was describing. that's why he suggested her to do it smiling. maybe the girl at the end said it smiling.

Harrison Ward : Absolutely wonderful

HRPoodersmith : i don't get it

Grotok : @aminesbest you spelled it wrong, it's "awsome"

ayy : I..... didn't get it.

Galactivo : malditos franceses los amo, por esto, es genial, casi chillo yo que soy bien hombrezote, gracias al canal y al director por compartirlo y gracias a mi amigo el betoch por recomendarlo...

DaylightRobberyCA : Check it out... basically, the actress crying had nothing to do with anything (i think). It's just that the dude drinking his coffee was basically experiencing the whole script. Read the script and look at what the guy's girl says to him. She says she's going to leave and asks for a kiss. And we all assume that the guy is going to say "No, Get Out." Shazam.

DaylightRobberyCA : I think it's because she's really feeling it.

james robin mayo : I watched it again and again and it is still beautiful!!!

mlaoun : Alice Carel