Full Metal Jacket - Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

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GsusxChrist : Rest in peace Gunny

MT T : this is hardly reality, it is actually funnier and harder than that!!!!!!

Morgan Myer : I can't wait to enlist.

Rachel Schweizer : Actor and Marine force veteran R. Lee Ermey died this morning due to complications from pneumonia. Born March 24, 1944, Ermey served in the United States Marine corp from 1961, at age 17, until 1972 when he was medically discharged due to injuries he sustained during the course of his service. This also included 14 months in Vietnam starting in 1968. Ermey would go own to act in such films as Apocalypse Now, The boys in company C, and the roll that would forever brand him as the go to hard ass drill sgt, playing Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of "The Short Timers", Full Metal Jacket. Ermey would go on to star in many other films, several TV shows, and become a major celebrity.

MetalModelMF : Press F to Pay Respects

marc dewey : Notice that when Hartman passes by the men at first, Private Pyle is standing 2nd from the end,but when he walks over to find out who did the John Wayne  imitation,pyle  is standing three places down from Joker,just a small bloober I noticed.

Rocky Martin : what's PT?

Greg Schultz : To try and sympathize with the other guys, under all of that adlibbing, I try to watch this with a straight face. It's not going so well....

boarsn13 : Long live a Legend

Kyung Kim : Rest In Peace, gunny

Surge Álvez : Rest in peace Mister Lee Ermey.

jfkn : RIP Gunny. he taught me the importance of giving a reach around. It’s a common courtesy! 😂

john doe : Let's see your warface! Arrrrrrrgh!!

Famous CharactersPlay : Rip Gunny

Zereul : Rest in Peace

Lori Suomi : And now it's kingpin will kick his ass! xD

bakathan : this became my father-figure since i was 10. 2:21 - 2:37, not to mention...

ComixAndCartoonPro : RIP Gunny. Thank you for your service. And may those of us serving in the military and the line of duty be inspired by your courage.

LaeCaKai Yamzon : R.I.P. Gunny!

Gordon M. : "What's YOUR name, fat-body?" That always breaks me. I lovingly call my dog fat-body. It just rings out. Kubrick, you chose well, golden casting!

Christopher McClain : Rip gunny Am i the only one pissed off they are calling the Corp the 'Marine force?' there's Marine Corp Force Recon & Marine Expeditionary Force(mef). but Marine Force????

OberKommando West : SEMPER FI, GUNNY

Joseph Kibbe : Lol that was the greatest moment in Hollywood history (FU AVENGERS)

Claire : 0:14

sonicsanti : this is hillarious

Steven J Davies : I wonder how millenials would react to this gentle chiding

Brian Holder : Why cut the video there?

koo jaba : Rest in peace

Donald Dewar : RIP, what a legendary character and scene. Have to say I only really remember the half of the film he appeared in.

Claire : 0:13 

MrOmegaBeams : I watch this video just to relax.

RON K. : R.I.P. RON you did well and will be missed by all real MARINES  SEMPER-FI.

Robert Horne : Semper Fi Gunney, keep the pearly gate secure until I post on station.

Vincent G : Rest in Peace Sergeant ! :(

Jamie Starr : R.I.P actor R. Lee Ermey dies at age 74

_InsertNameHere_ : Rest In Peace