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Steven : This reminds me of that time I stared in the toilet for a really long time.

Filthy Humbuckers : This like an art project?

Vesperin : waiting for clap 3

Bean Squad : The fuuuuck😷😥

Vesperin : could you explain, please?

sofacus 2.0 : looks like a good time

Lenny : .

Buy Me Airpods : You have taken the pills and you are mine now, you will follow the instructions i give you, any deviation from these instructions will result in pain. The instructions are as follows: 1 clap means you obey or die 2 claps mean you need to clean up 3 claps means something needs cleaning 4 claps means its time to go

kiara best : boring content

Jason Larsen : Youre welcome for bringing 1.2k