Seinfeld - George likes his chicken spicy

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Docter Zaius : I love it when George speaks in the 3rd person.

todd krager : "George is getting upset"!!

not important : goddamn i want some kung pao chicken right now

TheMGSlow : I think of this scene when ever i eat spicy chicken and let me tell you this, MGSlow likes his chicken spicy. 

clhound : Kung pao is a perfectly sane food to eat. There's nothing wrong with it or you.

Constant Chinner : GEORGE IS GETTIN UPSET!

Velocity : I love the uhhhhgggggggggg man... it's george

dbolt75 : Whoever had the idea of catching the lights in George's glasses was brilliant. It really enhances his look of eating spicy chicken and sweating bullets.


Mike Reed : My god Jason Alexander could act!

VladimirReturns : How can George like his Kung-Pao chicken? This dish has nuts in it!

MorningGlory : he waits till he picks the phone to scream OH MEN ,ahahahaha

JokerHarley05 : Damn good video quality!

Helmut Kruger : I don't know why . But for me Pepsi tastes better than Coke . Matter of opinion . Now I'm going to have my chicken 😂

John Smith : Had to watch this as I'm currently eating extra spicy Singapore Chow Mei Fun PHEW! *slaps table*

Mislav Kirchbaumer : Doesn't George drink Pepsi?

Brett Dorn : I'd love to answer the phone the way George did.

Clark Drew : It's the Kung Pao. George likes his chicken spicy


Trevor Gollaher : Such a good actor!

beani24329 : Why would George steal from the Yankees?

xwarped83 : But the pretzels make him thirsty.

paabs : why is this monetized

DoggoneNexus : Jason Alexander is a brilliant comedic actor. All his nuances as George make the character come alive like no other. See also: the episode where he pretends to be a smoker to call off his own wedding.

willem defaq : Best. Line. Ever.

Anthony Mosco : I love how he answered the phone

Khog Khan : Love this scene

JesusIzAPunkRocker : This is totally me. Food that causes me bodily harm is so good.

uniVoical : "DON'T. TOUCH. JIMMY!"

TheoneandonlyGTA : Excellent video quality!

MunworthCrowell : tfw it's the kung pao

JellyBird12 : ...Hes drinking a Coke...with something That Spicy? lol

cs512tr : great show timeless

NewPScity : i had kung pao the other day, it wasnt even spicy lol.

Riquis101 : something tells me that chicken was REALLY spicy...poor Alexander...

timowthie : omg this scene is brilliant.

ShANe BonDy : Somebody has to use this for their advertisement, like KFC or Wendy's.

strategery101 : George is probably the funniest person of all time!

Tom Crabtree : Kills me every time no matter how many times I've seen it

Mr. kryshtal : These PRETZELS are making me thirsty!!!

DawahLies : " It's like he's no even acting." well he is the author of "acting without acting"

novawolverine : I love hearing Larry David laugh in the background.

James B : I love when he bangs on the table

drakg002 : A George divided against itself cannot stand!

Arjan Luhar : Yep, I'm stuck in the loop of Seinfeld clips again.

Clark Drew : George is one of the only characters on Seinfeld that I really like. Elaine I really could not stand. I just thought she was way too obnoxious. Especially the episode where she took George's hair piece and threw it out the window. Should have thrown Elaine out the window instead. Guess who I really hated on Seinfeld? NEWMAN!!!

Clark Drew : Elaine and Newman were two of the characters that I hated the most on Seinfeld.

Vinnie P1 Russo : How did he not win an Emmy

trdidion : 0:43 i love that laugh

James Smith : Wilhelm hears George talking about selling SHOES and suspects George is responsible for stealing equipment. Yet Wilhelm himself never mentioned shoes being stolen from the stadium when he was in the conference with everyone! Dunno if that's just lazy writing or a deliberate sign of Wilhelm's eventual mental decline (in which case, it would be brilliant writing).