Aldous Huxley and Brave New World: The Dark Side of Pleasure

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Academy of Ideas : I highly recommend checking out both the novel Brave New World, as well as Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited where he discusses the elements of his fictional dystopian society he thought would prove a threat in the near future. Find the affiliate links below: Brave New World Revisited: Brave New World: You can read the transcript of the video here:

Steph anis : Brave New World is so telling of our times.

DP sombra : This channel is among the few reasons I decide to keep remaining alive.

The Compiler : This is the content I like to be distracted with.

R-Type : Dear Viewer, Truth has been once again smacked right into your face. You can now chose to feel a bit better and superior to others for a moment, give the video a thumbs up and move on to another distraction - Not realizing that this is exactly part of the conditioned behavior which just a few minutes ago was critiqued in the video. Or you can chose to take another route this time - realizing that you, like everyone else around, have been purposefully conditioned to play your role. That it will take a ton of work and pain to free yourself from it, but that you can't act anymore as if you don't know better. Your life, your choice. Have a good day...

1 : Pornography is one of the cardinal "somas" of modern society.

A U S T I N m i k e : It feels like I haven't heard from you in forever

M Ahmad S : Opium (entertainment, social media, pornography etc) has indeed become the religion of masses...

Michael Blair : I recently read the book. And now have the nagging fear I have been a willing slave.

SE9 : all these philosopher in the comment section, keep blessing us with your neck beard wisdom.

Reagan Berry : I can't remember what experiment it is. But when rats are put in a cage and can choose water with or without cocaine, the rat always chose the cocaine. But when the rat was given a park wonderland for rats, almost none chose water with cocaine in it. Drugs are only needed to make you feel content when your inside a cage.

hevquip : Brave New World paints a far worse scenario than 1984 because at least in 1984, the enemy is Big Brother. In Brave New World, the enemy is literally everyone around you. How do you fight that? And I have a theory that it's all about thought channeling: rather than let you develop these ideas on your own and let them proliferate, where they can be more dangerous, they channel and guide your thoughts by putting books like this in front of you, so as to present you with just enough of an idea or concept that it stunts the brains of the masses to where they don't need to develop or think on such ideas any further and teaches them to ignore such things in real life because "that only happens in books"

eclipse : The common citizen doesn't know what truth or freedom is anymore. They are conditioned what they should like, and they believe what they like to believe. People are so enslaved they don't know how to think. They are less human.

Phil Barker : Ted Kaczynsky, aka the Unabomber, also recognized that the ultimate threat to freedom is technology itself. I recently read his 'Industrial Society and Its Future' essay, and I recommend everyone read it. Essentially, he argued that it's not possible to have civilization and freedom at the same time. Civilization artificially forces people together who would otherwise choose not to be together. That is what an empire is and the world if full of them. But because people are forced to be together, their behavior has to be controlled to avoid conflict and instill servitude to civilization. This control is most obvious in laws and government policies that directly limit freedom, but less obvious and more pernicious through technology that creates dependency. Because all technology really does is remove an individual's ability to take care of himself. Even though human beings first used technology to augment their own abilities, eventually it ends up surpassing and replacing human labor to a greater and greater extent. This drives people into service industries, which are merely socially constructed industries that replace work people used to do for themselves. Now we can pay other people to clean our houses for us, prepare our food for us, entertain us, have sex with us, take care of our children for us, take care of our health for us, repair or replace any products we own, and advise us about anything we want advice on. It would be easy to call this progress, but that necessitates a concept of progress that reduces and removes the ability of human beings to survive on their own. Yet humans are evolved beings, with instincts like any other animal species that were created out of the uncertainty of survival. Once food, water, and shelter are secured, then people begin to question their existence, which inevitably leads to a general increase in depression and suicide. The idea that being an independent person means having a job or a business which generates income and allows you to pay other people for products and services is a total illusion. Everyone who exists in civilization is completely dependent on other people and technology for survival, even though that is taken for granted. And because of that dependency, people can be manipulated and controlled. Their freedoms can be removed to a greater extent over time because their dependency grows greater over time. Nobody is willing to walk away, and nobody is really allowed to walk away. And this is great news to those who have authority, because they become like the parents presiding over a group of children. I hope more and more people start to realize this.

Jeff Taylor : Virtue signaling seems to be a drug that leaves the best SSRI in the dust. Slave morality is a helluva drug.

castiel casio : "There is no worse slavery than the one that makes you think you have the freedom to choose." The reason it's the worst one since the masses love their comfort and idolize their self-delusions; so they won't try to go against the system.

Tom Mathew : Don't you think that oligarchy will shut you up if you continue to do such a good job at pulling people out of the matrix ?

HotSkull : Video Games is the most effective, and dangerous, opiate of the masses.

teddy toto : Social engineering always degenerates to tyranny unless it began as tyranny.

John Balfour : Consider, also, the now fashionable idea in intellectual circles that we have no free will. The arguments for it are flimsy, but it is enough that the intelligentsia and pseudo-intellectuals now parrot the belief for the masses to swallow. From no free will, it's not a very large logical leap to having no real responsibilities, no morals/ethics, and, most importantly from the authoritarian view, no rights.

brodude : Orgy-porgy!

Dániel Horváth May : Have you read Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business by Neil Postman? He made the argument in 1985, that humanity reached Huxley's Brave New World instead of the dystopian world depicted by Orwell. Although he wrote it mainly because of television dumbing everything down, it is really a wonderful read, I highly recommend it.

Lee Xiong : There is no such thing as freedom. It is only a feeling.

James Brooks : sounds like communism. with no one staving to death

He Was Fuzzy Wuzzy : Freedom is an illusion. Now slavery on the other hand, well, just open your eyes and take a good, long, look around. Everyone's sleeping with their eyes wide open; some more than other's: and some will never wake.

FromAnArtistsMind : Breaking free from this reality is realizing you need to do what you feel strongly in your heart. What pulls you, and in turn is your happiness. Doing and not just watching others do. The people who make these videos, are doing. They are apart of the system, as we all are. But simply being aware of the bondage’s that bind us is enough to become free from our mental slavery and live life.

Volvox : I don't know if these pleasure things are planned by an evil elite or just different companies who wants to sell their stuff and we buy it because it's convenient. We LIKE to be distracted and addicted to pleasuring drugs. That's why this works. We are not victim of a hidden elite of a few people up there. We are a victim of ourselves.

Alter Ego : (((the upper class)))

The Big Electron Woom Woum : Have you ever considered on making a YouTube video about the illusion that intellectuals tend to fall into?(it's very related to this idea of conceptualizing the masses as brainwashed and slave-like) I will explain it as best as I can. We humans as limited as we are, are surrounded by what appears to be fractal complexity (In the sense that with the advance of technology we have been discovering new levels of order in Nature) And this complexity just completely escapes our cognitive grasp. Intellectuals tend to adventure into this complexity, and end up sort of understanding a very small portion of this inconcievable fractal structure, that gives the intelectual the ilusion of mastery over the world because his ego is elevated. But there are so many things to pay atention to (And i don't just mean inside of science or philosophy, just in life , And human perception itself ) that you can't even conceptualize the amount of things you don't know. Wrapping up: ordinary people may seem simple and self serving to the intellectuals but many of them master levels of perception that are completely invisible to the intellectual. I Will give a simple example : Groove. Many intellectuals don't understand how it really works, or how to achieve it. But it exists and it can be achieved by grasping the complexity of levels that are far below conscious logical thought processes.

David Brunner : I feel guilty watching this video while also browsing hentai

sai : You know too much.

E : Don't you ever make us wait this looong for a video... Amazing work

Declan Hegarty : Its here and now. Our dopamine induced coma through a little box we all carry ( phone ) is doing its job perfectly. We are all too busy taking selfies and desperate for a thumbs up for a picture of our designer clothes to notice the transition to current day tyranny

friedrich nietzsche's moustache : *What do we do?*

Joseph Camacho : Maybe I’m just not as opportunistic but what’s the point of making a slave society? Like maybe I should read Brave New World but why does this upper class want to enslave the masses? Sure having slavery was incredibly lucrative in the past as they provided free labor for use in almost any occupation but I feel like slavery now wouldn’t be as useful in the long run because it halts progress by limiting the amount of people who can freely think and in turn create. I’m probably just really naive but I feel like the point of a utopia or future society is rapid improvement and progress but with slavery things slow down to make things easier for a few individuals/groups. Again there could be multiple ways slavery could be implemented in today’s society that I’m not thinking of but just using slaves as free labor to be manipulated seems too short sighted

Guided Meditation : Right now we live under a shadow constitution and we are run by a handful of people that could all fit on one airplane. Each year the Forbes magazine has a list of the richest people in the world but it is a lie. The multi billionaires are nothing compared to the Trillionaire Banking families. We are born with the right to be free, it isn't something we need to be granted by our government yet we have generations born into perpetual debt and slavery. It is a cage free slavery but one none the less. Your name in CAPITOL LETTERS as you see whenever you go into court is a virtual YOU that carries the debt and is traded on the stock exchange like cattle. Even when you buy a home you don't ever really own it. Yes even with a 30 year mortgage that you paid into all your life on the deed when you have paid it all off you are still only listed at the tennant.


Christopher Bloor : At the start of Zarathustra, Nietzche also wrote about the masses happily accepting servitude if it made their life easier, 50 years later when Brave New World was published, the masses were still the same and it's still the same now. It's been going on way before modern industrial technology, mod cons and "state as parent" politics. There has to be something else going on within us and our society and not just because of these modern environmental pressures. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thor Manfield : My idea of Utopia is people growing food and just the necessary things to survive. There would be no money. Everything is free. There would be no media, no distractions, no religion, but there would be a law and it's main purpose is to protect the people from other people's evil deeds. Our education system would be on survival and learning about the environment and how we can improve our planet and humanity.Technologies only purpose would be to improve or help humanity as well. No politics, no war and no weapons of mass destruction. Just people helping each other out. Utopias might never work, but I dream of a world like this and compare it to our modern enslavement and with these comparisons I begin to see the true evil emerge.

No Name : Well that was depressing

surprise surprise : And today is the day I was aware i am being slow poisoned through modern way of life and social media

Danica Djukic : Volim tvoje videe, savršen tajming- kao i obično :D

W K : Our world is 50% 1984 and 50% BNW.

jhunt5578 : This applies heavily to Veganism Vs. Carnism. There is no logical, ethical, environmental and healthful argument for eating animal products beyond survival. Those who believe so need to be more informed and do so without the bias of taste pleasure from animal products and the constant barrage of social, political and advertisement bias.

D : That pic at 1:46 is how I feel every time I walk around the city

Christian Bechaalani : Man you make my day. Happy summer solstice.

Jeffrey Hawthorne Goines : In fact, although Aldous Huxley has enunciated these facts with genius, there is nothing new under the sun: thought control existed in Sumer, the first civilization which we know of, in Egypt,, in Rome, in medieval times and in modern times: "Bread and Games" is nothing new. Regarding sexual freedom, people are hardly free when all of their thoughts and fantasies, when all their meetings are recorded, watched over, and filed. Elites seek to keep the world going, but their intentions vary immensely from the best to the worst. And eventually, the Human Being has been created with an Essential Freedom which no elite can ever touch. Never

Tyler Rafferty : Give me soma!

kek kek : but at the same time, the arrogance of thinking yourself above others just because they don’t have access to information like this is also incredibly damaging and trapping. in the quote with the happy slave, could we not be compared to the master of the happy slave? how many of your friends and family will you really share this with? and what about all the depraved families in the third world countries in Africa and South America? So, so few have a way to observe or even hear of the topics we’re discussing. are they lesser because they worry more about feeding their families and keeping their home?

Leander Uka : Great video as always. The question I personally raise is, what would this absolute freedom bring as a result. I highly doubt it's going to be something close to that Utopia wallpaper at 3:41. Moreover I think this whole debate is not as binary as these philosophers depict it. Neither totalitarian slavery, nor albsolute freedom are desireable. Western civilizations are the ones who are the closest to achiving a balance, where you are free to do what you want within the rules. What you sacrifice is a piece of everyone's freedom for a shared freedom among everybody. Now while that is not flawlessly executed is a different story, but that's what we're aiming for. You mentioned also the fact that governments use entertainment as a distraction from the slavery the citizens are living in. In a western civilazion you can do so many things other than just simply entertain yourself. You can create a career in something you are passionate about, you can take care of and love your family members and friends, you can pray, meditate, have these essential things readily available on your doorstep. What else would you want more in an absolute freedom? Cause all I can think of is malevolent deeds. I would not accept evil as OK in a society for the sake of being free. I hope I was able to convey my message correctly and I would like to know what you think about this.