Jin and Blind Fury Cypher on 106&Park Final Episode

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Rachel Etheredge : Some of the best Musicians in the world are Blind....Ray Charles...Stevie wonder and Mf Blind Fury!!!!!!!

Flexo : you talking in this video just ruins the whole thing


RodimusPrime77 : Jin did decent on here. Alot of people would probably say Jin lost his edge since he started following Jesus, but it was actually the best thing that could have happened to him. That is all.

nuknuknuk111 : Damn where the hell was I in 2014 when this aired

Motionn Crew : 1:44 --- "Free, come over here and lemme see that bubbleeeeee!" --- Classic example of irony.

Victor Anthony : DAMN!!!BLIND FURY IS A BEAST..that's what you call tahlent.smh. That's a real reaction.😂

DOMINO EFFECTZZ : The dudes voice in the background scared me

Rue Cruz : Fury is the truth. He's capable of attacking the beat with different styles and make it sound hard. Most of ya rappers are one sided. Fury is a rapping phenom. Made Jins verses look like garbage

TheReviewSpace : Jin is from 2001, Blind was a late bloomer & didn't start poppin until 2010 or so. Around 2003, we saw Blind in the MTV thing but he didn't spit like that. In other words, Jin peaked in the early 2000s, Blind kept improving throughout the mid-late 2000s. A lot of people disrespect Jin's style now because they've been saturated with verbal acrobatics & double-time beat-riding flows of the modern era, but in his heyday, Jin had punchlines that KO'd his opponents to the ground.

E.Z. Rainbow : Jin really transformed from "street or underground" to "Faith" , the best transform a rapper could ever achieve in his life.

Imran Ricketts : I swear to God when blind fury rapping here I got goose bumps all over man "WOW"!

Darrell Bell : Free come over here and lemme see dat bubble!

Jesus Torres : blind fury went from fury to emenim real quick

joeydisco1828 : We are so used to calling people because of how they look and the image they portray nice or legends etc . Never a big fan of Jin but blind fury is truly the element of a true mc . A mc who's flow is so versatile and could adapt with ease !!! One of the best hands down!!! Just because he don't look like the typical , makes it even better!!!

r c : man hush man u ruinned this freestyle

Leiflvr : 1:58 Jin is thankful he never had to face Fury

FuXThE 45th : Damn it took me about 15mins to watch a 4:38sec video these boys did the game proud.

Big Kojak : they should bring back 106&Park real talk

Merv Morales : someone needs to sign fury

tony harris : This dude Fury free styles are live!!!!!

Kendall Samuels : Blind fury ripped it

Mohammad Matar : Blind fury is so clever how he began with free the homie bobby shmurda

Jay Vee : Blind fury is a beast!

Fuck You : Dude blind fury killed it one thousandth liker

LoveMeSilly : I had to hit the rewind on Blind Fury 👑

c619cuesta : they got blind dreased like a lesbian from the early 80s

Domonic Robertson : free come over here let me see that bubbbbllleeee....

Detective HoodBruh : 'Free let me see that Buuuuuuble!!" Fury killed it!!"

Dustin Hamm : I'm convinced BF is made of fire

jay kay : Fury killed!!!

Ceaser Mann : In my opinion jin was way off the beat but fury killed it

Nicholas Challenger : Blind fury killed it!!!!!

kenhay75 : My boy, Blind Fury did his thing.

2jz Fox : Puts mumble rappers to shame.

BBW Unleashed : Even blind furry can see the BUBBLE 🍑

T : Can someone recommend any videos of Jin where his lines are impressive and he doesn't suck at rap?

Kawmaine Evans : They both killed the beat.

Jason Delong : made jin look stupid

vinny hernandez : blind fury killed this beat! this was legendary!

Giovanni Lombardi : Jet li is a beast

Derrick Wright : Em need to sign dis Dude Quick 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

Bazooka Joe : Fury the truth..

804186443 : Where is poster boy

Simply Joe : Dang... jinn got his ego hurt.

Emanuel Headrington : i just discovered blind fury wtf lmao cuse of holloo what a beast!!

sharecare333 : Legendary + In The Zone ! ! ! Jin  0:27 Blind Fury  1:22 Truth + Jokes  2:42 Jin Testifying  2:58 Blind Fury Testifying  3:59

The Greek : Jin was like " ...glad he didn't battle me.."

InsomniGamer ! : Bruh stfu if you gon record ya tv dawg

Samuel Burress : That sweater smacking🔥🔥🔥🔥