A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

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Comments from Youtube

Walktrough Videos : now if you're poor you can say that you're minimalist

Lorraine RL : The beginning though😂😂, I was like wtf, this isn’t possible, is it??

Arielle B : 01:00 they had us in the first half im not gonna lie

shilong lee : Why does minimalist even need a partner? Keep it minimal plz. Lol

Michael Farník : 3:47 When you're a minimalist so you don't have a watch but then realize you need it as a video prop

Edith Noriega : "Wanna talk"...."Nope" Story of my life

Fernando Vieira : This is actually a normal life, but wearing the same clothes every day

Mr Grunge : Why am i getting flashbacks of me playing Sims??

Lenny Mustache : when you spent all your sims money on the land, and don't have enought left to buy furniture.

KØLØOFFICIAL trap : im italian 6:22 I had a heart attack

WaifuShork : "What about things that bring you joy?...............*I got rid of that as well*" Honestly mad lad mood.

Eddie Xiao : This mans dry af humor is the best the intro got me going

RockyRoad Magic : I remember when my mom watched this video and took it seriously

Erik Arnald : Imagine being a burglar and robbing a minimalist, finding absolutely nothing to steal

Jesus Christ : “It’s 6 am I’ve trained myself to wake up at the same time everyday so I have no need for an alarm clock” Looks at alarm clock “Don’t worry, I’ll always need you”

Shayne Donovan : I'm DEFINITELY becoming a semi-minimalist once I have a place of my own

Ragnar Lothbrok : You have a bed? I sleep on a matress on the floor. You captalist maniac! Sad part is its true

deadlock : Him: Average Minimalist Other Minimalist: *WASHES CLOTHES IN A HOT TUB*

Yenji Jem : Waking up at the same time every day without an alarm clock would actually be really nice

Lara Gorcenko : *Day in life of a poor college student*

John Kent : When you wear the same clothes every day, people will start thinking that you are just unhygienic, because no one thinks that you have 30 T-Shirts which look the same.

mr. tolis : In my country this is poverty

Bobs Vagene : Who cuts *oranges* like that???

JDoactive : 3:47 Minimalists don't have watches,they know the time by how many hairs are directed North

Jezreel Ric Lacia : 2:10 Keeps going on circles with the kettle without pouring the water😂😂

MotorsAndThings : *Partner*: Um, what are we gonna do? *Burglar*: Um, there's a bowl... And an oven... *Partner*: Ok...

Chippz : 3:48: **checks wrist for watch** **no watch** “Thats about right now”

Jason Chen : Minimalist with... AIRPOD?!?

Sienna Crippen : You deserve all the views because the beginning got me lol

Mr Jumbo : *sees no toilet paper* Me: and for that reason, I’m out

username didn't found : It reminds of my life, but instead being a minimalist, I'm just poor.

CensoredMercy : Amazing video! Can’t say the same about the Italian accent :p

Gender Neutral : Important question - is minimalist toilet paper 1 ply?

Franka : Imagine going home with this guy and thinking he got robbed

Katie Q : When I saw the no toilet paper I was about to click off XD

Meghan Domning : I’m not that much of an asshole - new favorite quote

sam aldred : I’m 14 seconds in and I _cannot_ go any longer. This man just got out of bed wearing _jeans._ I demand an explanation and an apology.

Pungent Pineapple : *looks at arm and says it’s time for lunch* Me:*hits unsubscribe*

EVE YAD : “You may notice that I don’t have a garbage can” Me: *because I am the garbage can*

Lukas Sorowka : 6:57 not wasting time on time-chasing things (ps4 controller on the table)

Brando Bro : Sounds pretty good actually, no dealing with “social media” is always good


heir flow : Dear cave people, this is not being a minimalist.

cecilia aladore : For the first few seconds I genuinely thought he was being deadly serious 😂😂😂😂😂

Wilson Alyadrian Amat : Can Matt. Pin this comment with no reason?

Mohammad Irfan Kamal : You went to gym in shorts and came to home in jeans 😂 wow that's creative 🤣

bocaJ930 : 3:48 “Which looks like right about now.” *Looks at watch* Oh wait...

kayleigh play's minecraft,roblox, and more : Me: Pretty much minimalist live a life where they dont buy extra stuff. Him: *Puts in airpods* Me: ...?

Jass Hehe : 0:50 this is what happen when you’re level 1 playing Sims