A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

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Yenji Jem : Waking up at the same time every day without an alarm clock would actually be really nice

Franka : Imagine going home with this guy and thinking he got robbed

Andy Slye : Awesome video! I’ve always considered myself a “pseudo” minimalist because I’m nowhere near what I thought to be a “hardcore” minimalist so its nice to see that I share many things in common with you. I think practicing minimalism in even the smallest of ways can improve one’s life little by little.

lizzie williams : it’s kinda ironic that you don’t waste time on social media when your audience is (probably) primarily people who are wasting their time on social media lol

☀️ Sunny Days ☀️ : If you want to be a true minimalist try being homeless.

EVE YAD : “You may notice that I don’t have a garbage can” Me: *because I am the garbage can*

Plasmer 10 : So basically the life of a non procrastinator?

Pemdas Media : lol you’re a marketing genius for that intro. 😂🙏🏼

Soggy Bakin : He wears clothes like a cartoon character.

sugarydespair : "You may notice that I don't have a garbage can. That's because I don't have anything to throw away" ~pulls out a box of cereal and carton of milk~

Anton Paulson : Wait till he gets kids.

Zezorak : Fine YouTube. I’ll watch it.

Repent ISeeU : I felt depressed watching the visual life of a minimalist. I’m going to go watch Marie Kondo.

Nichole Tysoe-Short : lol the beggining was the darkest humor I'd ever heard😂

Nate's Film Tutorials : In the first few seconds I was thinking did you get rid of your girlfriend too?

Malika Saha : Geez when he said I got rid of the things that bring me joy gave me depression😂

The wage gap Is a myth : Wth it’s just a normal guy

Raeda Masri : Being a minimalist is easy when you are single with no partner or kids and never ever have people over.

Shakuntala Daga : 3:47 dude you weren't even wearing a watch😂

Symphony Taylor : Omg I thought the beginning part was real

VOTRIX : “I’ve trained myself to wake up at the same time everyday” Me: bs how do you even do that

Rasmus Bro : 1:48 acting level: Oscar

Jackson Chaviers : Everything but wearing the exact same thing everyday seems pretty normal

Freedom Strider : THATS NOT HOW YOU PEAL AN ORANGE!!!!!!!! I’m distressed... :(

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : Putting coffee in a cereal. Yea that's where I draw a line.

Erwin Rommel : Cool video. Very interesting , keep it up 👍. Subscribed

Tanzil Zubair Bin Zaman : Minimalist? That was a DualShock 4 controller at 6:35

Wrath of Vaughn : Is it really "ad free" if you spend as much time talking about your Patreon as an ad would've taken to watch anyway?

WarriorDust : Ok now gtfo of my recommended

Greg Barbosa : According to the comments, Matt isn't a minimalist because he: owns a computer, makes coffee, owns a TV, owns a car, lives in an apartment, has a girlfriend, eats food, wears clothes, breathes.

shaft johnson : A minimalist drinking la croix ? Nice try

Rasmus Bro : 1:48 is this dude pouring air in to the coffee????

beanheadmir : So my mom seen this in her recommended and now its in mine

P T : I’m a maximalist. Could never do this.

Alaa Dwidar : I almost clicked off when u put the coffee on the cereal 😂

alfonso lopez : I’m not a minimalist I’m just broke I work hard and only get what I need. I come from nothing really nothing bro sis and fam born in shacks. My parents had no income just grew food and some land they had

El Pepi : At 6:58 who else noticed the playstation controller just when he was saying nothing distracts him?

Sally F : Some of these things cost a lot: gym membership, fancy pan, Vitamix food processor, fancy furniture like a bed that is $1000 or more, brand new car, state of the art computer, being able to travel easily, etc. As a poor person, I can't afford any of that. True minimalism can be what you CAN afford -- working out on your own, without a gym, having a humble mattress, mixing things with a spoon, taking public transit and not putting emissions in the air with a car, etc.

Golden Warrior : I hope I'm not the only one who sees him @ 3:48 look at his wrist as if he had a watch on and then proceeded to say it was eleven o'clock. Hahaha

Nellah Grace : I'm so glad that first minute wasn't real! Im all for minimalism but i was a little freaked out haha

Merrilie Mary : His life seems so easy

Valantis Garganis : I like you man, but come on, you re not a minimalist. Not even close!

Fizzzn Productions : I aspire to be like him

Lobetec : Lol you should of continued the first part it was entertaining xD

Kronos : Goddammit i fell for that intro. I legit disliked the video so quickly lmao but i let it keep playing and i felt like an idiot for falling for it hahaha

aliB : A day in the life of a privilaged single first world person.

EVA Capri : I laughed so hard when you got out of bed already dressed at first idk y

Vegan Mandem : A day in the life of an attention seeker

MimixLight : My brother lives on his own, he’s s minimalist too...

Ray Mak : You can do this if you're single. When you have a family, impossibruuuuuuuu