A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

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sugarydespair : "You may notice that I don't have a garbage can. That's because I don't have anything to throw away" ~pulls out a box of cereal and carton of milk~

Rabkor : So.... A minimalist is basically anyone who's able to maintain a decent schedule?

Jo Montanee : I became a minimalist right after I faced the fire and flood. Fire burnt my cluttered house (they were not my things but my friend and my mom just dumped their shits into my house) and it was quite difficult for the rescuers to sort thru burnt clutters. And because of the fire the sprinkler poured water and flooded my house. Again, due to the clutters tucked under a lot of furniture it was very hard to clean the wet mess. I fixed my house and swore to never clutter anymore. No more things tuck under the bed, closets or sofas. The pathway must be clean to escape easily. Fewer things to evacuate easily if shit hits the fan. Painful experience but enlightening indeed.

Lenny Mustache : when you spent all your sims money on the land, and don't have enought left to buy furniture.

Snackme : This guy re-use condoms I presume

Symphony Taylor : Omg I thought the beginning part was real

Fressh : I wake up watch youtube eat pizza go to sleep

Dandelion : ‘What about things that bring you joy?’ ‘I got rid of that as well.’

blond : "You may notice that i dont have toilet paper.. that's because i don't shit " 💀


Nate's Film Tutorials : In the first few seconds I was thinking did you get rid of your girlfriend too?

Sarsaparilla : People are calling this "boring" or "robotic", but it seems like a normal lifestyle to me.

slimkt : Knowing this guy has a dresser with basically multiples of the exact same outfit like a damn cartoon character just made my day. You do you, buddy!

Derrick Stellar : I'm such a minimalist that I don'

ᚻᛖᛚᛁᛟᛊ : more like A Day in the Life of a NPC

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : Putting coffee in a cereal. Yea that's where I draw a line.

AchillesNYC : You have a bed. Rookie

Beorc : You seem just like your apartment - almost completely devoid of character. You're like a Starbucks advert in human form.

Leo Romanski : A Day in the Life of a Robot

Sara_7771 : It's bad to repeat things as it weakens the brains elactisity.

Nellah Grace : I'm so glad that first minute wasn't real! Im all for minimalism but i was a little freaked out haha

Joel Peterson : I know nothing about minimalism from watching this.

Thomas der Sparkojote : Is it me, or are the comments on this video nastier then usual? @Matt glad you'll having such a success with your youtube channel, keep it up! Greetings from Zurich Thomas

TopangaMatthews : Ahh, minimalism. The smug high horse for people without taste or personality. I totally respect his life choices, but it's incredibly dull and painfully self-congratulatory.

Vicious Unpolite Games : Sorry i am a youtube minimalist cant watch your video for more then 10 secs

Amateur Eater - Mukbang & Travel : That no toilet paper part got me soo bad hahaha

Perk : how boring can a life get??

Ryan Smith : This guy smells his own farts.

Andrew M. Sheppard : (00:43) Fake. Real minimalists use a spork.

Shaun Hagan : Minimalism? Mostly just a day in the life of a random guy. And it looks like it took a lot of time and energy to make. Good practice I guess. . .

Kronos : Goddammit i fell for that intro. I legit disliked the video so quickly lmao but i let it keep playing and i felt like an idiot for falling for it hahaha

lecrab : Not a lot of minimalism going on here. This should be titled "A Day in the Life of a Successful Rich Guy with the Luxury of Working At Home and Controlling His Schedule"


huntakilla1234 : 2 minutes into the video talking about his Patreon. And for that reason, I'm out.

rel 330 : Minimalist with a 2000 dollar camera do people believe everything these days?

Ray Mak : You can do this if you're single. When you have a family, impossibruuuuuuuu

old duffer : Please come and talk to my wife and convince her to get rid of all the rubbish she keeps in our home

Kiekko 67 : Narcissist, not minimalist. 😇

Ryan Collis : I have the same playtime alarm and that scared me.

mrbear1302 : I was good until he said give me money.......

Greg Barbosa : According to the comments, Matt isn't a minimalist because he: owns a computer, makes coffee, owns a TV, owns a car, lives in an apartment, has a girlfriend, eats food, wears clothes, breathes.

Wild Heart : When you look that hot in those T Shirts, then why wear anything else? 😁👍 Seriously though, I watched a few minimalist videos a few years back and did a massive de clutter. It felt great and I plan on doing another one now! Thanks.

mic01 : Your wife is very bland looking

h l : Plot twist: This video was shot in an empty apartment listed for rent In all seriousness, if this is how you live you are paying way too much for the space. Just live on the street


Scott Hebert : 3:47 That's a pretty minimalist watch, almost like it's not there!

manal 1417 : I don't get it it seems to be just a normal day

Gaeldupa : Minimalist? For me you're just normal, I don't live in Usa btw

happy life : I acc thought the beginning was real

juku : u may notice that i dont have condoms, that's because i don't nut