Most Dangerous Kid - Ryusei Imai | Muscle Madness

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How to : That hurts by only watching it.... You need to be straight line

Gabriela Rojas : He well never be Bruce Lee,he can be something better

Gabriela Rojas : So the father wish he was his son ,this kid is not going to have a normal life ,daddy it's making him what he couldn't be when he was little,

hub porn : 素直に凄いな

Seba C : Talent

Uri Nation : He’s actually a 35 year old midget

FOOTBALL BEST LEGEND : he is exactly be a king on his school.. , everybody afraid with him

สาย ควัน : แน่จริงมาวัดกับมวยไทยได้เลย

Mazie Lynn Kaminski : This child should be in a movie

Pavlo Galamay : This kid is a legend. True inspiration

Dark Knight 77 : Is he the kid that was doing the same actions of Bruce Lee in an video??

Senoia : This is a legend

Simon Angarita : is excelent boy

wnsbug : it's like.... street fighter

Alimul Islam : This is Bruce Lee's second birth. And the future of Kung fu

κων/νοσ φωτ : I hope parents dont push take stuff just like the little hercules

Heng Tong : Most hardworking kid

Jamie Lee : Stamina is stronger than me

Blood Eagle 88 : This is sad, people in these comments cannot obviously see that this kid is on roids and being pushed by his parents to train like this. This kid is another little Hercules and those little Romanian brothers.

Diego CJ : I still remember to do all that training but no cameras to record it. Now, I have trouble to hold my breath for over 3 minutes.

Christian Fernandez : When I was his age I was running outside playing tag, eating junk food, watching cartoons, playing video games and on occasion would hang out with friends until the sun goes down. Did I miss something here? I feel like I should have been doing what this kid is been doing at this age. Oh well I don't regret my childhood and I'm sure he won't regret his. INSPIRATIONAL. Kudos lil' dude!



Dhyou Bou : جطنظزةلزنتمىظدوظوةموةىىىظزووىىزىزتىاناروا

Ness Uno : New Bruce Lee

Kociadupa : For those of you that think he'll be short remember Bruce Lee was 5' 7" and he is a legend

Juliano Santos : If reencarnations are possible, bruce lee has born again inside this boy.

Deleon Malas : out of all the things he did what impress me the most is his speed

daro raro : if doctor is checking him onse on a 2-3 monts he will be ok

Rudy Barrios : Wow the best,just keep up the good work. ..!

R0GUE ViP3R : I would knock him out in a single kick to his face

Kim jong un : Wouldn't it affects his height

Sam Kenin : Lame kid, my son is stronger

mvn.sar : Брюс Ли.

peter poloan : HE'S NOT THAT DANGEROUS all i need is a AK47 to deal with this kid

kevin kobayashi : Calisthenic kid on future

Raumaan Ali : Wow, that's really cool. I wonder what the future holds for him

Ksenobiasz III : It a panek from poland mr pudzianowski is a fraid him

Muhammad Ali : Kid goku

Austin0 : Incredible, but he better do those one arm push ups with better form or he’ll mess up His shoulder

johnson tsai : Poor kid

Frank Hoog : Stomp to the Face and fights over

kazeki lopez : A real monster indeed

Salam Dangerous.official : Just wow

Abonne toi stp 1000 abo sans video ? : The future Bruce lee

David Slafman : Well hes strong but hes no champion until he fights other kids with skill as well js

Desy Gaming : Little Hercules 2.0

Never Give up!! Dr Dar : who is watching this second time

Steelgrey 69 : He won’t grow tall

Kochise 111 : He did not get here on his own this is the result when you have dedicated parents invested in their kids success. They turned the living room into a dojo with trax and everything. Wish them the best.