Most Dangerous Kid - Ryusei Imai | Muscle Madness

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Amit Physique : This kid is incarnation of Legend Bruce Lee. Inspiration for the youth

FalcoPelle : I suggest the parents to move the TV to a safer place

Leon Yu : I don't know what he wants to achieve, but it's not far...

Sayanz : this kid is a miracle

Frankandfam : I'm sure there is some American mom who saw this calling the consulate say how this poor child has been abused by his parents and he would be better off with her and her children who have access to Xbox, PS4, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Redbox, Snickers, twix, hohos, and Twinkies. His parents aren't allowing him to be a child. 🤯 Keep up the good work kid, you are an inspiration to young and old alike. Someone put this kids parents in for a medal or something

Christian Fernandez : When I was his age I was running outside playing tag, eating junk food, watching cartoons, playing video games and on occasion would hang out with friends until the sun goes down. Did I miss something here? I feel like I should have been doing what this kid is been doing at this age. Oh well I don't regret my childhood and I'm sure he won't regret his. INSPIRATIONAL. Kudos lil' dude!

Akio Wong : everyone stop saying that you could beat him in a fight with one move because the truth is that he can do the moves that bruce lee does perfectly so unless you're bruce lee or better you don't stand a chance plus he's only a kid okay most of you are probably 10-60 and it's dumb to brag also it's bad to hurt kids so yeah if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything especially to a kid

hok 41 : He is not a kid,he is a monster

R0GUE ViP3R : I would knock him out in a single kick to his face

Abdullah : Train harder kid.,I want you to be better than brucelee💗💗

zzz : kids gonna have a hard time growing taller.

SUNNY NAIN : This kids future of Holly wood

Uri Nation : He’s actually a 35 year old midget

Yani Isla : Definitely not the kid that other kids will bully. They can't take his lunch, he'll eat them for lunch.

ontario streets : Salute to you soldier all the way from nigera

Kociadupa : For those of you that think he'll be short remember Bruce Lee was 5' 7" and he is a legend

rymanuel castro : the son of yujiro handa??????

Big Ben : nice chicken legs lol

Extra Wolfie May : Just shoot them with a gun😑

Austin0 : Incredible, but he better do those one arm push ups with better form or he’ll mess up His shoulder

Gabriela Rojas : He well never be Bruce Lee,he can be something better

Dark Knight 77 : Is he the kid that was doing the same actions of Bruce Lee in an video??

Gam4kill3r : I think Chinese people don’t have a thing called “lazy” in their blood

johnson tsai : Poor kid

Susan Basiime : This is me when I am dreaming Lol

HoneyFro : The moment I saw those 2 chairs at the start I got queasy

κων/νοσ φωτ : I hope parents dont push take stuff just like the little hercules

Idrees Ashraf : He is the son of legendry Bruce  Lee I expected nothing less :3333

Zex-Anime : I feel bad for this kid

Abonne toi stp 1000 abo sans video ? : The future Bruce lee

Alimul Islam : This is Bruce Lee's second birth. And the future of Kung fu

Trending News worldwide : its not good .he will not gain height

Amandeep Singh : Future's biggest MMA star

Santos M : 1:52 when you get sent to your room

desi Boyz : A ,,true fan of Bruce lee..

How to : That hurts by only watching it.... You need to be straight line

Clark bar : This is making me feel bad about myself and I am pretty fitt 😭

John wick : Wouldn't it affects his height

Αλέξανδρος Αγοραστός : What is the name of the first song?

Funny Bone : Hope no long term effects

Never Give up!! Dr Dar : the viral bruceeeee Lee.......Cutest piece on earth

william oses keith : Una máquina potente

Cristhian318 : If he keeps training harder, he could become the first real life Z warrior...


Niyyang is a brand : Bruce lee kid

kevin kobayashi : Calisthenic kid on future

David Slafman : Well hes strong but hes no champion until he fights other kids with skill as well js

AlwaysHungry2Win : Thats not good for that boy its dangerous for him to know amd ita not good for health

Valahia : Does he have strabism?

Official Weevil : Hey no offence but when you’re doing those push ups your doing the wrong legs position