Lake City Quiet Pills Explained - Reddit Mysteries
Barely Sociable explains the Lake City Quiet Pills mystery

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Lake City Quiet Pills is a Reddit mystery to top all Reddit mysteries. It dates back to 2009 and to this day has still not fully been answered in its entirety. In this deep dive, we will explore this rabbit hole, discuss theories and hopefully provide some answers to this internet oddity.


SuperK98 : This is one of my favorite internet mysteries, this is a great video. Hope you keep doing stuff like this!

Big Dawg Productions : I live in a city called Lake City so this kinda alarmed me

Alexander QUINTERO Garcia : The quality is amazing, I´m excited to see your channel grow!

EmeraldStarryEyez : Great channel! Loving the issues/mysteries/ that i've never see before.

hayden york : Dude you are awesome, I love your channel keep it up.

Curri-Boi : Fake or not it’s fun to learn about. Well done and you earned a sub keep it goin

Chaos Gaming : This video was amazing man, great editing and analysis. Keep em coming, I subbed already.

Sarah Manana : Never heard of this story before... thanks a lot! You have a new subscriber

sykahh : awesome vid. you deserve more subs dude

J : So this is like down the rabbit hole channel? Digging it. Love this shit. Keep it goin

Squeaky Fat Kid : Blown away by the production of the video, amazing job

Snotty Scotty : Team Nakasone has entered the chat room. Bricking your Ironkey is too late.

TIMExBANDIT : I agree, you deserve more subs, but you need more videos!

jasper booth : This fellow has good videos, I want more already

Farewell Alarms : Great vid, bud. Great quality. Great research. Keep it up.

Greg Kuehner : Hope to see more posts from you! Incredible video for sure.

BingeHD : I personally think this video was well done.

HopeyWanKanobi Grey Jedi Extraordinaire : I'm always on search of something new to listen to & this is the first I've ever heard of this!! So glad YouTube led me here!

Manny Duran : Bravo! This is fantastic!

Better Petter : Hey man, great vid but i would have started with the story first cause if you dont know what the subject is that is the first thing u want to know, u know?

Clint Reeves : Either way glad the dude got murked

Neceros : Imgur: Imager

Beach&BoardFan : I guess bullets are "quiet pills" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gabby Edgar : This video is epic

Randy McAtee : Good narrating voice.

Gravy Nub nub : Great vid

deweys : Damn, this is a good channel!

Brian Sullivan : Heyhowyadoin

Dr Narco The Intelligent Thermos : Nice video. Can anyone tell me what that black churning plastic-looking footage in the background is? How was it generated?

RC Clark : subbed

Brice Seibert : Great video!

Club Corgi : How did I not know about this???? Great vid

Jon Will : Curious

DannonDARKO : I'm gur??

Custardfck : What piece is the piano playing when you're username comes up in the intro?

John : What music was in the beginning?

Shiba Society : Woof!

Gravy Nub nub : Yeet

Reggaeman YO : Before I spend 20 min on this, what are the basic mystery of this subject?

Chris : How about you get to the damn point?

Jimmy : whats with this god awful grammar? 12:55

Nick Wancho : this isnt fake. how do you think the CIA can get things done. now not saying this is specifically CIA just using as an example. but private sector is way different. bad dudes takin out bad dudes.

shyam sundar : Music is louder than your voice. This was very frustrating to watch.

winterrrsea : Are you the person that posted this today? This was debunked long ago. This was a hoax that needs to stop being perpetuated and is actually rather annoying lol.

Telegraph Opera : Here is the pastebin for Team Crystal Wind

n9nebraker : Reddit and Reddit users are for toxic fascist shitters. Fuck reddit and the users.

Brandon : at 05:04 you mention Imgur and pronounce it as [eye-ehm-gurr]. The correct pronunciation is "image-er" (im-ij-er).

SEDANCARTEL : Ayy, I guess I have a new channel to watch. Good shit.

Jhon Lewis-Liborio : Reddit discovered a cult of assassin's. One of which was into child porn.