Junkie in Dublin tries to steal money from Spider-Man street performer

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E.C Dub : I see spidey knows his judo well

Dedrergenert : remember spidey, with great power comes great responsibility.

KeyOfStrife : This is kind of sad

Trish Loughman : Outside Gotham City - I kid you not.

Shaun : Good on the spiderman, but he has a foreign accent. I didnt know you can get a visa for being a street performer.

Howard : Wow that was anti-climactic. I was expecting Spidey to repeatedly kick the guy in the head when he fell.

igor stein : This Just Aint funny

Keith Lynch : Your friendly neighbourhood spiderman

ahmet faruk Altundal : some say its not nice not funny etc. but maybe spidey did right thing showed him how drugs made him weak and vulnerable and stupid .. right?

CANT THINK OF A NAME !!! : Why wont he let him pass ? Does he think hes Gandalf ?

My Lordship, : I know that spiderman, he's only 15


Chris C : Why didn't he shout for the Gardaí?

a carsie : That junkie is gonna go tell his mates later he had a fight with spiderman!

ciaranac : It's a junkie free Zone, no entry here, it's easier to get a man dressed up as spiderman to do the job because he will always make the junkie look like a villain. This happens as a security tactic at many events

robetaza1971 : It was before his training camp

Cyproduction : Can't spidey just use his web on the junkie?

II G1NG3R II : Spider man saves the day again 😂😂 I saw that when that happened 😂

Ameer Khan : he hasn't had his daily cracko pops yet lolol

FrostyClipz : Spider-Man moves like a Chinese person😂

Ibrahim Hassan : Just kick him in the face

G Mc : Weasel picking on a heroin addict

IrishBard : This isn't funny? Jesus you people make me laugh. It isn't easy being Spiderman in Dublin.

Arsebox 1974 : Kenny Everett lol

Michael Davis : Handbags.

fantastic taste : 도움이 되던 안되던간에 이기고지든 나쁜일좋은일이든간에 결론적으로 병쉰같은짓좀 안했으면 좋겠어요 친구들

Sacranie : funny the way it was lol

Francis Condon : Spiderman Spiderman does whatever a spider can spins a web performs in the street beats a thug don t take his money watch out he is the Spiderman

Jamie Mahony : JUNKIE

mister conor14 : I met that Spider-Man guy once and a tourist gave him a fiver and asked to take a photo of his daughter with him and when he Rudely refused he wouldn't give the tourist his money back.

fireball Jenkins : boo

dublinstevie : scum

robetaza1971 : he sounds Brazilian,they are good at jiujitsu

thetwoboyos?? : Jaysus, Spiderman let himself go....

Kaiser Sose : very sad

R2 IN : Spider man spiderman, does what ever a spider can!

Jack Dunne : I seen him loads of times in town 😂

Nada Niet : wow hes got a powerful punch. :P But why this spiderman won't let him go? He should really punch that red spider

Ireland Calling : Surreal is the only word that comes to mind

Darren B : I would have broke that spidermans jaw with a box if I was there who he think he is stopping people

The1Mickonator : That road is off Grafton isn't it?