Toby Lee (12). The future of the Blues!

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Lefty Laylo : And....Stevie has been reincarnated. Welcome back to the blues...

Roald Jungård : More from this festival:

Ken Gibbens : It is always nice to see kids discover great music, on his way to some great musical years. I really enjoyed the beginning, it showed some restraint and taste... (turned into a Bonnasshole show after that) Lol. Keep playing Toby!!!!🎸🎶 Take the blues somewhere new for the rest of the world!!!

Famous Internet Guy : Amazing.

tsungen33 : just...WOW!!

Donne E : He's. Got. It.

anne duBois : God's gift. Amazing

Brian Weiss : Incredibly gifted guitar virtuoso - Jimi - Stevie - Albert - Clapton - Page, all wrapped into one - BRAVO YOUNG MAN! - Please keep up the great work!!

Trish Ohran : He's got the Gift

Mitchel Evans : Looking forward to hearing this young man as he grows in his skill. Damn, he’s already kickin’ it. Sh**, the guitar is as big as he is! Keep playing, mr. Lee.

Corey Shepperson : This boy is AMAZING. I just found him a few nights ago. Most people never reach skills like this. 👇 I agree, welcome back Stevie 😆

Dilek Keskinbalta : He has a miracle

Damjanovski Bozidar : Bravo! Toby, NICE!

Bill Porteners : --- I can feel the music in my soul.

Adam Coleman : Way kuul Jr.! That's gonna be one pussy gettin kid when that time comes fa SHO!


Pheonix2022 : Even if he couldn't play the guitar better than me I'd still be pissed about his shoe size. Fuck you kid, you can't have all the gifts....