What happened in World War II - Ice age

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psdafuq : Brilliant!

The Patriotic : new WW2 Ice age montage?

Savon : 01:41 Friendly fire

Wieto Meiborg : This is the most accurate WW2 meme I have ever seen.

Unicorn Head : This is much better than what my teacher was explaining

Russian Jew : As a russian: Very very good! (with heavy russian accent!)

Maximillion Billiony : This helped me pass my history exam. Thank.

Lionwoman : History is better explained this way. (I love WW memes).

Gbaron 2018 : Better than any history class ever

HAYPERDIG : I showed this to my history teacher, we both had a good laugh. He even presented it in class and everyone thought it was halirious

Michael Rivera : Me:Whoa whoa whoa a WWII meme about the war in Europe thats not just about the soviets vs the germans whaaaaaat??????

AkagiTachibana : Ice shards should of been katushya rockets xD

Leon S. Kennedy : Maybe i should stop watching History Channel and watch this instead.

MajorJohn90 Pilot : 0:40 when katyusha rockets rain over Berlin😂

Armanduchi 2 : You just created art

Philipp Haberland : This is soooooo good. I laughed so hard

Haf Peeshooterr : Lmfao ill show this to my teacher!

Oumshka : wow this clip actually fit perfectly.

Stegotyrannus Gamer : More memes like this please

Korliyon : Hahahaha!!! This is the best video I've seen in months

Tyler Christensen : After that was the Cold War

MCZOLI3 : This is the funniest WW2 parody XD

Box3r13 : History teacher here, totally going to use this video. Thanks!

Bintang GA : Damn son, that was Amazing im Speechless right now

The Pokécart : This is probably the greatest ww2 meme video ive ever seen


miguel iniguez : Why are these things so funny? Great vid! More historically accurate then the ice age saga saidly.

Meggy : You can learn more from this video than in History! It's hilarious xD

вьетнамский : This video should have more views

the world's most average dude yt : incredibly accurate

Leonardo Silva : This is gold.

KebabS' : Kardesim yemin ediyorum senin videoları gordukce bayrak videosuna başlama isteğim yeniden uyanıyor,discorda gelmek ister misin?

Adolf Hitler : No...

Cscuile : One of the best WW2 Memes on Youtube!

FearTech55 : best part 0:34 Best ww2 montage

Peter Lustig-Deutscher Patriot : This isnt really accurate. The soviets still lose somehow. Did you ever saw how many ressources they lost? They fucked the nazis in no way.

Бодя Копеленд : Ахах, Польша в виде курицы просто убила!

Logoff : А США то тут причем?


Maksimka Show MS : Вот этот сила СССР понемаю 💪💪💪💪

miguelrm10 : Absolutly awesome!

EL INDORAPTOR : Perfect for a history lesson

George Dëmochka : Очень расстроило что америка была изображена как и СССР, у них погибло 200 тысяч солдат, у нас 7 миллионов(если не верить лживым преувеличениям) и на видео обе страны одинаково большие и опасные, просто СССР намного больше заплатила, и больших спасла

Kaiser Wilhelm II : Why did the axis lose wwii Because... of all... THE ALLIES!!

Bảo Stormtrooper : This is art

unknown unknown : Moscow should have been Stalingrad. Apart from that, perfect historical accuracy, 10/10.

Quen King : a very nice and funny parody

adolf hitler : Yenerdikte keyfim yerimde değildi bide Stalin walheck açmıştı

jessica howe : Awesome! Huge WW2 fan here and this is great. I know the nazis were evil, but that is the cutest little nazi I have ever seen! Thank you for this.

AlbaWolf88 : This video is freakin' hilarious. Just one tiny detail though, from a historical standpoint, I think "Moscow " in this should've been Stalingrad. But despite that, bloody entertaining video