What happened in World War II - Ice age - World war 2 memes

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psdafuq : Brilliant!

The Patriotic : new WW2 Ice age montage?

Unicorn Head : This is much better than what my teacher was explaining

Maximillion Billiony : This helped me pass my history exam. Thank.

Russian Jew : As a russian: Very very good! (with heavy russian accent!)

Lionwoman : History is better explained this way. (I love WW memes).

Leon S. Kennedy : Maybe i should stop watching History Channel and watch this instead.

Gbaron 2018 : Better than any history class ever

AkagiTachibana : Ice shards should of been katushya rockets xD

HAYPERDIG : I showed this to my history teacher, we both had a good laugh. He even presented it in class and everyone thought it was halirious

Tyler Christensen : After that was the Cold War

Oumshka : wow this clip actually fit perfectly.

Michael Rivera : Me:Whoa whoa whoa a WWII meme about the war in Europe thats not just about the soviets vs the germans whaaaaaat??????

Armanduchi 2 : You just created art

Box3r13 : History teacher here, totally going to use this video. Thanks!

Stegotyrannus Gamer : More memes like this please

The Pokécart : This is probably the greatest ww2 meme video ive ever seen

Half Peashooter RBLX : Lmfao ill show this to my teacher!

Korliyon : Hahahaha!!! This is the best video I've seen in months

Wieto Meiborg : This is the most accurate WW2 meme I have ever seen.

miguel iniguez : Why are these things so funny? Great vid! More historically accurate then the ice age saga saidly.

deathcat : This is the funniest WW2 parody XD

Leonardo Silva : This is gold.

Bintang GA : Damn son, that was Amazing im Speechless right now


the world's most average dude yt : incredibly accurate

Adolf Hitler : No...

Logoff : А США то тут причем?

Коханыч : Ахах, Польша в виде курицы просто убила!

Cscuile : One of the best WW2 Memes on Youtube!

FearTech55 : best part 0:34 Best ww2 montage

Maksimka Show MS : Вот этот сила СССР понемаю 💪💪💪💪


KebabS' : Kardesim yemin ediyorum senin videoları gordukce bayrak videosuna başlama isteğim yeniden uyanıyor,discorda gelmek ister misin?

EL INDORAPTOR : Perfect for a history lesson

miguelrm10 : Absolutly awesome!

George Dëmochka : Очень расстроило что америка была изображена как и СССР, у них погибло 200 тысяч солдат, у нас 7 миллионов(если не верить лживым преувеличениям) и на видео обе страны одинаково большие и опасные, просто СССР намного больше заплатила, и больших спасла

Bảo Stormtrooper : This is art

Spoony Jeff : I love how england step on Germany after america in this video but we were fighting Nazis for 2 years more than the Americans and a year and a bit before the Russians x'''''''D Americans are really butt hurt by this.. X'''D

JJWO1FXXXWOOF44 Ligma : Technically it should be Britain and Russia not America

Ali Abas : Ахуенно!!!! Просто шедевр

Comrade Logic : Why did the axis lose wwii Because... of all... THE ALLIES!!

jessica howe : Awesome! Huge WW2 fan here and this is great. I know the nazis were evil, but that is the cutest little nazi I have ever seen! Thank you for this.

Sovyet Union : *I am here* xD

Larkland Morley : A ww2 meme that has Canada? Thank you!

AlbaWolf88 : This video is freakin' hilarious. Just one tiny detail though, from a historical standpoint, I think "Moscow " in this should've been Stalingrad. But despite that, bloody entertaining video

ItsCizzоrz : All the dislikes are from pissed of germans

Artemis giannarakis : Why not greece but now you tell my the greec its not enough strong country but ok the russia we help as mach thenks russia for help and every vcountry where help 😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🇬🇷🇨🇳🇬🇧🇫🇷😀

SnowBroShow : Автор жжотт ))

Gorkem Altun : yaratıcılığın harika, takipteyim