YouTube ReRyan FAIL!

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SuperJanGames : The SHADE of it all. So good.

Jill Anjuman : I'm upset this deserves more views...

Astro - Roblox and More! : 11/10 mannn

Sonia's Way : He's the best..I wanna be like him,.I mean I'm making videos but being so creative like him is kinda hard. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Nicole Yap : Lmao the ending

UnPhayzable : Did a somebody touch Ryan's *S P A G H E T T?*

iKON June : You : Hell n- Youtube : Yes. Lol I laugh at this part

mry5621 : That BTS Mic Drop reference thoooo

Charlene Zinampan : BTS. YES.

Uni Pixels : “Cash me outsah hah bah da” “We are outside, young lady” “Oh, hah bah da”

Lizzy : You and your friends are unbelievably talented and smart. It was honestly an honor to watch this, beautifully done.

smol bebo twenty one pilots : The ending made me choke on my waffles😂

Funtime Foxy : Mic Drop by BTS who is in Army

jay talon : This is honestly better than the official YouTube rewind for 2017

Jenny Coulton 8A : omg, BTS MIC DROP was in this! Just one more reason to love this!!!

animosity IV : TEE --- YOUTUBE TEEVEE that ending is pure gold 😂


Alfred Johansson : Insane that Ryan alone with his friends can make a better YouTube rewind than all of YouTubes creative team with almost infinite funding. Just shows how much talent he has ☺

-Suga Kookie- : I love his videos, and Mic Drop bts remix being seen there 💖

Hibbah Yousaf : MIC DROP

Triggered Insaan : omg, this was so fkin awesome that youtube tv ending killed me😂😂😂😂, i have said it time and again, if there is one youtuber who makes the best content on youtube, its nigahiga

Sanjeewa Wickramasooriya : yayyyy

Creative 2.0 : Ryan, all the smaller youtube channels are now not apart of the youtube partnership programme and are demonitizing all our hard work! we need you bro

Ms Alexis Reigns : Holy crap that ending🔥😂😂👏

Sonia Jayson : THAT ENDING😂😂😂

EpicJacoby : This is great 😂

Saya Konohana : Love ya ryan. Everything in it. So true.

Thundafoot Rykcek : Ryan, What happened to Marley?

Captain Kidd : Do a parkourse please i miss those videos . They are surely a wonderful series.

ZtanleyXYZ : I love how Ryan always reminds us that he is in touch with the current trends and problems in the most subtle way, like with Trump in his old Dear Ryan and this video with Logan Paul

Kashish A : Ryan never disappoints.

Fullouse H : His new haircut looks good

Furvie Jerby : I dare you: To wear a skirt/Dress for the rest of the video

Orangentic : Dear Ryan, Do a video how youtube sees things Never-mid it might get demonetized

0 : I just like his 'hey guys' at the beginning. It makes me so happy for some reason T.T

My name is Joey : This is honestly brilliant! :D

Shafi Walsher : dear ryan, make remake of NICE GUYS:)

dank vids nickname : Dear ryan can you recreate bts mic drop

Parveen Seeta : Lol better than YouTube rewind

Shafi Walsher : dear ryan, make remake of NICE GUYS:)

Akshay Sharma : its a calm before the storm right here, starts of with eminem got me goose bumps

Shafi Walsher : dear ryan, make remake of NICE GUYS:)

Shafi Walsher : dear ryan, make remake of NICE GUYS:)

Shafi Walsher : dear ryan, make remake of NICE GUYS:)

JustAGameBro : why couldn't youtube rewind be like this. THIS IS GOLD!!!!!!!!!

Kriloqueen : the REAL youtube rewind

Justin Li : Eh still better than YouTubeRewind 2018 even if it is a *fail*

Youtubeismycity : Dear Ryan, what would the world look like if everyone took everything literally?

Rohan Sarangdhar : Don't your parents live in Hawaii??

smart kidstv : i want mor parkourse like if want more